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Networks and kinds of NETWORKS. TYPES OF NETWORKS 1.LAN 2.WAN 3.MAN.

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1 Networks and kinds of NETWORKS


3 THE IMPORTANCE OF THE USE OF NETWORKS 1.participate in the use of data and information. 2.A participation in the use of material and programs kunas.

4 FORMS OF NETWORKS 1: Network asterisk 2: Linear Network 3: Hybrid Network 4: web ring

5 KINDS OF CONNECTION CABLES 1: cable scheduled 2: coaxial cable 3: Fiber optic cable

6 THE DEFINITION OF THE NETWORK the network is a communication system that connectsseveral computers and peripheral equipment associated with each other in a similar manner somewhat m of the telephone network to provide computer services to variousMtttmaren.

7 SPECIES COMPUTER NETWORKS 1.Local Area Network 2. Wide Area Networks 3. Metropolitan Area Networks

8 SECTIONS OF NETWORKS 1.Peer-To-Peer 2. Server-Based

9 1.PEER-TO-PEER Always known that in all networks there is the so- called server Server, but in this kind ofnetworks there is no server and therefore all devices are equal Each user is responsible for his computer (the data available - the level of insurance..) and knows all of the devices connected to the network Balnd.

10 2. SERVER-BASED This kind of networking needed for a strong server who is the director of such a network, which can be controlled. It is one of the advantages of this type of networking is the level of secured high, and one of the features the other is the possibility of control of the system so that it make a backup copy automatically every period specified by theserver. and this network can consist of hundreds of users have considered as-fightingover Peer to peer.

11 NETWORK TOPLOGY 1.Star Toplogy 2. Ring Toplogy 3. Mesh Toplogy 4. Hybrib Toplogy 5. Bus Toplogy

12 1 - TOPOLOGY ASTERISK STAR TOPLOGY It is one of ways Alcbik old and that yum plug in all of its agencies Clients configured for the network server Server Core is the simplest of networks and are easy to add or remove any person Net network without affecting performance, but of reducing the main drawbacks of is that in the event of any defect in the Server Server Lead to the collapse of the entire network

13 2 - RING TOPOLOGY RING TOPLOGY And the devices are configured for the network in the form of the loop (circle) arereached each device to the device, which are followed by the device first and the lastserver Server. Wim arrived appliances cable circular one, and in the event of any malfunction in thedevice on a network affect the performance of the entire network.

14 3 - NETWORK TOPOLOGY MESH TOPLOGY And which is linked to all devices connected by several cables, so can the continuedwork of the network in the event of any malfunction in any part of the When there was a flaw in a cable data to be sent via cable to another, and so it is costly to some extent, touse a large number of cables

15 4 - TOPOLOGY HYBRID HYBRID TOPLOGY This is the kind of mix networks, or a mixture of two or more species of stunted the other(with the exception of Mesh Topolgy) and is done by connecting a number of the Hubscomponent of the other networks to configure the network

16 5 - TOPOLOGY LINEAR BUS TOPOLOGY And is connected devices in the form of a straight line cable and one called Trunk - Segment - Backbon and data to be sent that are on the network in the form of electronic signals, return to send such a file to the device are sent to all the devices, which on theweb in the form of electronic signals with the address Aljhlz Or receives an encrypted filethat only the device that corresponds with the title encrypted.

17 CABLE TYPES 1.Coaxial Cable 2. Twisted-Pair Cable 3. Fiber-Optic Cable

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