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11.21.11. First Things First Standards Where they come from…

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1 11.21.11

2 First Things First


4 Standards

5 Where they come from…

6 Different Types

7 H.320 - ISDN

8 H.323 - IP

9 SIP Universal Resource Identifier (URI) for calling

10 Standards


12 Audio Coding

13 Frames

14 Resolution

15 Format

16 Standard Definition Quarter Common Intermediate Format

17 High Definition

18 So thats what the i stands for in 1080i Draws the image field every other line or "odd numbered" lines during the first image refresh operation, and then draws the remaining "even numbered" lines during a second refreshing

19 Video protocols


21 Microphones

22 Where to Put the Microphones

23 Audio Science Mic

24 Speaker Placement

25 Echo Echo Echoooo



28 Lighting

29 Optimization




33 TRC Remote Control

34 Navigation


36 Cables/Connectors


38 What is needed?

39 C90 Codec


41 Network Connectors



44 Audio Inputs

45 Audio Outputs


47 Video Inputs

48 Video Outputs


50 Precision HD Camera

51 Daisy Chaining












63 Setting up a MS call from your endpoint

64 Setup a MS Call

65 What to look at

66 Controlling the layout



69 Quiz review

70 Practice Question 1 The main source option in the settings menu allows you to choose what content you are sending to other participants (either remote or local). Which of the following options is not offered on this menu? A. Main Camera B. Secondary Camera C. Voice Recorder D. PC E. Document Camera Answer: C

71 Practice Question 2 How are the arrow buttons used for on the remote control? A. They are used to open Applications B. They are used to navigate through the menus C. They are used to close applications Answer: B

72 Practice Question 3 The remote control cannot be used to perform a video call A. True B. False Answer: B

73 Practice Question 4 Where is the Do Not Disturb option located? A. In the Call Menu B. In the Presentation Menu C. In the Settings Menu Answer: C

74 Practice Question 5 Which is NOT a part of the H.323 standard? A. Universal Resource Identifier (URI) B. H.264 C. RAS D. G.729 Answer: A

75 Practice Question 6 How would you switch from number mode to alphanumeric mode using the remote control when the Call menu is open? A. HOLD the # (pound) button for three seconds B. Press the # (pound) button three times C. Press the Home key D. Press the OK button Answer: A

76 Practice Question 7 Every cable is made up of four components. Which of the following components is NOT one of those four? A. Frequency B. Connector C. Insulation D. Conductor Answer: A

77 Practice Question 8 What is the most common analog video cable named? A. The composite cable B. HDMI cable C. DVI (Digital Video interface) cable D. VGA Cable Answer: A

78 Practice Question 9 Which of the following menus can be secure with a password? A. System Information B. Call Settings C. Advanced configuration D. Sounds and Alerts Answer: C

79 Practice Question 10 How can you configure TelePresnece, via what methods(Choose all that Apply) A. FTP B. Web Interface C. Remote control D. VISCA Answer: B, C


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