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Text Structures Esquemas de la secuencia expositiva.

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1 Text Structures Esquemas de la secuencia expositiva

2 Why Do Authors Use Different Text Structures?
To organize and present information in order to affect readers in various ways To make texts coherent and clear Por que los autores utilizan las diferentes estructuras de texto? Para organizar y presentar información con el fin de afectar a lector de varias maneras. Para hacer textos coherentes y claros.

3 Chronological order Orden Cronológico
Definition: The writer presents ideas, series of events, or a process in the order in which they occurred. Definición: El escritor presenta las ideas, de la serie de eventos, o un proceso en el orden en que ocurrieron. First Then Next Finally Signal Words (also time) Chronos means time

4 Semejanzas y Diferencias
Compare and Contrast Semejanzas y Diferencias Definition: The writer presents differences and similarities of two or more objects, places, events or ideas by grouping their traits for comparison. Definición: El lector presenta las semejazas y diferencias de dos o mas objetos, lugares, eventos o ideas mediante la agrupación de sus características para la comparación. Back to school Venn Diagram Signal Words: In comparison, by contrast, similarly, but, on the other hand, on the contrary, yet, however, despites, as opposed to, unlike.

5 Cause/ Effect Cause y Efecto
Definition: The writer organizes information into a series of steps that lead to a specific outcome. Definición: El autor organiza la información en una serie de pasos que conducen a un resultado especifico. British taxed the colonies Colonies declared independence United States became a country Signal Words: For this reason, thus, since, in order to, as a result, therefore, consequently, because, due to, for this reason, in account to.

6 Problema y solución Problem and solution Action Taken Problem
Definition: The writer presents the problem and then explains possible solutions. Definición: El escritor presenta el problema y explica las posibles soluciones. Problem (Explain the challenge) Action Taken (explain what needs to be done, or was done) Results (if available) Signal words: problem, solution, because, cause, since, as a result, in order to, so that, method. Offering advice

7 Children paid for their chores
Proposition/Support Proposición/Soporté Definition: A viewpoint is proposed. A logical argument is proposed. Definición: Un punto de vista que se propone. Un argumento que se propone. Children paid for their chores Allowance Responsibility Savings A great way to receive allowance. Learn that to receive money they must work. Learn to save money Used to convince people Signal words: clearly, logically, surely, in conclusion, therefore

8 Description/List Descripción/Lista Step by step
Definition: The writer presents information in a structure that resembles an outline. Each section opens with its main idea, then elaborates on it, sometimes dividing the elaboration into subsections. Definición: El autor presenta la información en una estructura que se asemeja a una esquema. Cada sección comienza con su idea principal, y luego profundiza en el, a veces dividir la elaboración en subsecciones. Classroom Library Tables Computer Promethean Board Help visualize the topic. Use descriptive adjectives. Explain the characteristics of the topic. Step by step

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