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Tonga Cable Submarine Fiber Optic Cable System

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1 Tonga Cable Submarine Fiber Optic Cable System
by Laupoini Manu

2 Presentation Overview
Tonga Cable Limited background Market Positioning Tonga-Fiji Route Optical Infrastructure Backup and Redundancy Southern Cross Cable Network IP Transit Network TCL Services Offered

3 Tonga Cable Limited Public Enterprise
Wholesaling ISP services to local ISPs and Telecom operators Tonga Cable project funded by World Bank ADB TCC Supplier of the system was Alcatel Lucent

4 Market Positioning

5 Tonga submarine fibre cable
Cable length – 827kms 1 fibre pair System Capacity – 320Gbps Initial capacity configured – 20Gbps System lifetime – 25yrs Wet plant + Dry plant

6 Submarine fibre optic cable system
TCL Station Fintel Station

7 Cable Laying PLOW ROV

8 Cable Laying on Seabed

9 Cable landing in Tonga

10 Tonga Landing Station

11 Landing Station equipment
SLTE Power Feeding Equipment (PFE)

12 Landing station backup power

13 Backup and Redundancy Terminal Equipment are duplicated in both stations. Hot Standby Cold Standby

14 Tonga Cable – Southern Cross Equipment Interconnected

15 Southern Cross Cable Network

16 Southern Cross Cable Network


18 Service Technical Description
Service Features Premium IP Transit Carrier - Ethernet Layer 2 Layer 3 IP/MPLS and BGP-4 Routing IPv4 IPv6

19 Thank you !!!

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