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Bridge Building 101 Presented by KEEN.

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1 Bridge Building 101 Presented by KEEN

2 Day-to-Day Lives Engineering touches every aspect of our lives.
Roads you drive Bridges and overpasses

3 Transportation Cabinet
Design Roads Design bridges Traffic Construction Maintenance

4 A Balancing Act Support its own weight.
All forces must be in balance or bridge will fall. Two major forces act on the parts of the bridge. Compression – pushes on or squeezes bridge parts. Tension – pulls on or stretches bridge parts.

5 Types of Bridges Suspension Cable-Stayed Truss Steel I-Beam
Concrete I-Beam Covered RCDG Bridge

6 Suspension Bridge A bridge with overhead cables supporting its roadway. One of the oldest of engineering forms, suspension bridges were constructed by primitive peoples using vines for cables and mounting the roadway directly on the cables.

7 Suspension Bridge Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

8 Suspension Bridge George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River.

9 Suspension Bridge Suspension bridge across the Ohio River at South Shore, KY.

10 Suspension Bridge Maysville, KY

11 Suspension Bridge Bridge Anchor

12 Cable-Stayed Bridge Follows the cantilever method
The tower is built, one cable and a section of the deck are constructed in each direction. The process is repeated until the deck section meet in the middle where they are connected. The ends are anchored at the abutments.

13 Cable-Stayed Bridge

14 Cable-Stayed Bridge Cable-Stayed bridge across the Ohio River at Maysville, KY.

15 Cable-Stayed Bridge View looking North at KY Tower.

16 Cable-Stayed Bridge Stay Pipe Anchor – Ready for Deck pour.

17 Cable-Stayed Bridge Stay Anchors looking South.

18 Cable-Stayed Bridge South face of KY Tower.

19 Cable-Stayed Bridge Final 120’ span – Looking North.

20 Truss Bridge A Truss is a structural member usually fabricated from straight pieces of metal or timber to form a series of triangles lying in a single plane. (A triangle cannot be distorted by stress)

21 Truss Bridge Astoria Bridge over the Columbia River, Oregon.

22 Truss Bridge 13th Street Bridge over Ohio River at Ashland, KY.

23 Steel I-Beam Bridge KY 32 Bridge over Little Sandy River in Elliott Co.

24 Steel I-Beam Bridge

25 Concrete I-Beam Bridge
Bridge in Fleming County.

26 Concrete Box Beam Bridge
Hancock County

27 Concrete Box Beam Bridge

28 Covered Bridge A timber-truss structure carrying a roadway over a river or other obstacle, popular in folklore and art but also of major significance in engineering history. The function of the roof and siding, which in most covered bridges create an almost complete enclosure, is to protect the wooden structural members from the weather.

29 Covered Bridge Covered Bridge, Mount Union, PA.

30 Covered Bridge Goddard Covered Bridge, Fleming Co.

31 RCDG Bridge Fleming County

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