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Tele-Fonika Kable S.A. The Group. 1 HISTORY was established in 1992 in Myślenice, Poland as a private telecom cables factory. We reached.

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1 Tele-Fonika Kable S.A. The Group

2 1 HISTORY was established in 1992 in Myślenice, Poland as a private telecom cables factory. We reached our current position after acquisitions of other cable producers in Poland – and Elektrim Kable in 2002Cracow Cable Factory in 2000

3 2 Polands and CE Europes largest producer of cables and wires Fourth largest producer of cables and wires in Europe in terms of sales volume (3,5% market share) Annual sales 2005 in excess of PLN 3bn (~ 729mln ) 2006 consolidated – in excess of PLN 4.55 bn (~ 1200mln ) Forecast for 2007 - > 1.38bn Over 20 thousand product codes of cables and wires in database, approx. 7,000 in yearly production Five production plants with a total headcount of over 3,570 employees in Poland, 177 abroad Sales otside Poland account for around 70% of total sales Tele-Fonika S.A. Key figures More than 1500 active customers

4 3 Tele-Fonika is led by a proven and committed management team President of Management Board Position Chief Financial Officer Vice-President of Management Board Tadeusz Zając Pawel Bak Piotr Mirek 14 years Years with Tele-Fonika 5 years 13 years Management Board Colin McKay Vice-President of Mangement Board, Sales & Distribution 11 years

5 4 Tele-Fonika Kable S.A. - Group Structure Tele-Fonika Kable S.A. Distribution Companies Production DivisionsOther SubsidiariesWisła Kraków S.S.A. Tele-Fonika Kabel Handel 100% Copper Cable Company Ltd 100% Tele-Fonika Kable GmbH Central Europe - 100% Tele-Fonika Cable Americas 100% TELE-FONIKA Kabely 100% TELE-FONIKA France 100% JSC TF Cable 100% UAB Tele-Fonika Baltic 100% TELE-FONIKA Slovakia 100% Myślenice Plant Kraków Plant Bieżanów Plant Szczecin Plant Bydgoszcz Plant Bukowno Plant (metal scrap processing) Tele-Fonika ZIS Sp. z o.o. Bydgoskie Kable Sp. z o.o. CCC Nordic 100% TELE-FONIKA Slovenia 100% TELE-FONIKA Hungary 100%

6 Factories

7 6 Production Facilities Myślenice (1992) Szczecin (1957) Bydgoszcz (1920) Kraków (1928), (headquarter) Kraków-Bieżanow (2000)

8 7 Krakow-Biezanow Plant: Most Recent Addition to the Group Biezanow plant is a sales head office built in 1999 2001, represents the most recent addition to the Companys production facilities. It is one of Europes most innovative cable production plant Biezanow specialises in processing of copper and aluminium rods and in manufacturing of semi- products, such as copper wires and cords, including tinned cables, aluminium sections and cords; these are either used for production at the plant itself or at other Tele-Fonika production facilities. Krakow is Tele-Fonikas headquarter and the plant itself was founded in 1928. In December 1998, Zakłady Kablowe Tele-Fonika s.c. of Myślenice acquired a majority stake in the plant, which later merged with Tele-Fonika upon the acquisition of the remaining shares Krakow plant is continually being enlarged and upgraded. The on-going process of modernisation and overhaul of the plant and equipment as well as the launching of new products and new technologies is closely correlated to market demands. Its wide range of cables includes power cables (including mining cables), control and signalling cables, and special-purpose cables may be used in many sectors of the economy Biezanow and Krakow Plants Specialisation: Value of Production in 2006

9 8 Founded in 1923 Specialising in the production of power cables (medium- and high-voltage), self- supporting and suspended cables, as well as fittings for power cables Sole producer of high-voltage cables in Poland. In 1995, it launched a production line for cables up to 400kV The plant has a research laboratory fitted with state-of-the art equipment, for testing high-voltage insulation for power equipment of up to 420kV Bydgoszcz Plant: World-Class Laboratory and Producer of High-Voltage Cables Bydgoszcz Plant Specialisation: Value of Production in 2006

10 9 Specialises in the production of enamelled winding wires, building and flexible cables, special cables for the automotive and shipbuilding industries The plant also markets halogen-free and halogen-free fire resistant cables Szczecin Plant: Specialisation in the Production of Enamalled Wires Szczecin Plant Specialisation: Value of Production in 2006

11 10 Myslenice Plant: Continously Expanded and Upgraded Facility The Plant specialises in the production of all types of telecommunication cables including copper telecommunication cables, data cables (Cat. 5 and 6.), fibre-optic cables Established in 1992, equipped with state-of-the-art fully-automated process lines, allowing the Companys products quickly came to comply with top international quality standards Plant is the youngest and most innovative cable producer in Poland. Since 1995, all processes have been ISO 9001 compliant As part of its strong commitment to environmental protection has Tele-Fonika implemented an environmental management system which complies with the ISO 14001 standard. The system was certified in 1998 Specialisation: Value of Production in 2006 Myslenice Plant

12 11 CONSOLIDATION Strengthen the current position – cleaning the asset portfolio, improving efficiencies and cost savings GROWTH Pursue a strategy of organic growth on existing markets and phased entry into new markets FOCUS Focus on core business – production of cables and wires Strategic Approach: Core Pillars Supporting Enhance of Shareholder Value

13 Sales organisation

14 13 Major Distribution Centers TELE-FONIKA Kable Central Europe Hilden, Groeden TF KABEL JSC Kiev TELE-FONIKA Kabely Zabreh Copper Cable Co. Leicester TELE-FONIKA France Dijon TELE-FONIKA Kable Handel Warsaw, Bytom Copper Cable Co. Malmoe TELE-FONIKA BALTICS Kaunas TELE-FONIKA Hungary TELE-FONIKA Slovakia TELE-FONIKA Slovenia

15 14 Major Distribution Centers Copper Cable Co. Dubai TELE-FONIKA Cable Americas Chicago Las Vegas

16 15 Certificates: ISO 9001: 2000 and 14001 Tele-Fonika holds quality certificates issued by leading certification institutions for the majority of its products We manufacture our products based on: VDE, UL, BS, NFC, HD, CSA, SABS, GOST, MSHA, cUL, CE and other standards. Since Poland has joined the European Union, the standards and certificates in the cable and wire industry are more unified which make Tele-Fonikas products more transerable Compliance with International Standards and Certifications

17 Sales results

18 17 Main Markets – sales by value –2006 1198 mln

19 18 Product split by value – 2006

20 19 Product split by value – 3Q 2006 – EXPORT sales

21 20 OFFER Low voltage Cu and Al power cables including armoured with tapes and wires Medium voltage 10-35kV cables in XLPE insulation as well as paper insulated MV cables High voltage systems (cables & accessories) up to 220 kV

22 21 Magnet wires - enameld and glass insulated Overhead bare conductors, ACSR, AAA OFFER Control and signal cables, screened and armoured

23 22 OFFER Cu telecom cables including indoor, armoured, selfsupported Fibre optic cables including indoor and loose tube up to 288 fibers Building wires, flexible wires in PVC, LSF, LSOH and rubber

24 23 Shipping cables Mining cables, power - up to 30kV, control and telecom, in rubber and PVC OFFER Cables for oil, automotive, railways and other industries

25 24 Certificates ISO 9001:2000 and 14001

26 25 Wide asortment range Short delivery period from factories Daily cables deliveries from stocks in Poland, Germany, UK & Ireland, Czech Republik and Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, France, Baltic countries, Sweden, Ukraine, USA Flexibility and special arrangements for long term contracts OUR STRENGTHS Modern technology & big production capacities

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