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1.R&D for HTS cable and FCL 2.Grid application Program - Outline Hyun, Ok-Bae IEA THS ExCo Meeting/18 May 2009, Tampere.

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1 1.R&D for HTS cable and FCL 2.Grid application Program - Outline Hyun, Ok-Bae IEA THS ExCo Meeting/18 May 2009, Tampere

2 AMERICAN SUPERCONDUCTOR RECEIVES WIRE ORDER FOR FIRST SUPERCONDUCTOR POWER CABLE TO BE DEPLOYED IN KOREAS COMMERCIAL GRID - LS Cable to Manufacture and Install 22.9 Kilovolt Superconductor Power Cable System in Korea Electric Power Corporations Grid Near Seoul - Worlds Largest Commercial Order for Second Generation Superconductor Wire to be Delivered in 2009; Cable to be Energized by End of 2010 HANNOVER, Germany – April 20, 2009 – American Superconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: AMSC), a leading energy technologies company, today announced at Hannover Fair 2009 that LS Cable Ltd. (LS Cable) has ordered approximately 80,000 meters (50 miles) of 344 superconductors, which is AMSCs proprietary brand of second generation (2G) high temperature superconductor (HTS) wire. LS Cable will utilize the wire to manufacture a 22.9 kilovolt (kV) cable system that it will install in Korea Electric Power Corporations (KEPCO) commercial power delivery network near the city of Seoul in 2010. Founded in 1962 and based in Anyang, South Korea, LS Cable is Koreas largest power cable manufacturer with nearly 8,200 employees worldwide and annual sales in excess of US$6 billion. This is the single largest commercial order for 2G HTS wire in the world.LS CableKorea Electric Power Corporations With the ability to carry vast amounts of electricity in a small right of way,

3 Test application of HTS cable and FCL) at the real grid under KETEP - KEPCO program R&D for HTS cable and FCL R&D under DAPAS and ETEP program 1.Development under 21C Frontier Program, DAPAS 1.22.9 kV, 1,250 A HTS cable 2.22.9 kV, 630 A HTS FCL 2.Operation test at KEPCO Gochang Test Center 1.2 HTS Cable Tests, 22.9 kV, 1,250 A, 3 phases 1.KEPRI – Sumitomo cable 2.LS Cable 3.Each installed and operated at isolated power system 2.1 HTS FCL, 22.9 kV, 630 A, 3 phases 1.Installed and being operated at an no-load power line Performance test Operation skill Reliability test Commercial Operation at an real power grid

4 KEPCO Gochang Test Center Gochang Test center Daejeon

5 Electrical Operation Characteristics : 22.9 kV, 1250 A, 50 MVA Manufactured by Sumitomo Electric Physical Characteristics : 100 m long, Cold dielectric Three phase in one cryostat Three in one termination LS HTS cable KEPCO HTS cable KEPCO HTS cable test system

6 HTS Cable Acceptance Tests have been done 1.Factory Witness Test 2.Long Term Rated Load Test - 1250 A rated current was loaded continuously for approximately 32 days 3.Load Cycle Test Cryogenic System Response Dielectric Properties During Load Cycle Test 4.Thermal Cycle Test 5.History of the Critical Current 6.Heat loss dependence on Thermal Cycle Test 7.Simulated overload cooling test 8.Unbalanced 3Φ Load Test 9.And more

7 Evaluation of 100 m long 22.9 kV 50 MVA HTS Cable System HTS Cable and Test by LS Cable HTS Cable System Cold Dielectric 22.9kV (Nominal), 13.2kV(Phase) 3 Types of cryo-coolers incorporated for comparison HTS Cable Diameter : 145mm (Nominal) Aluminum Cryostat PVC Sheath ~ 35kV Insulation level (Nominal) 3 - phases in one cryostat FC Stabilizer incorporated Physical and electrical layouts

8 Ground level Joint box Tunnel (55 m) Pipe Duct [15 m] Termination (Power source)Termination (Load) Joint box U-bend Termination (Load)Termination (Power source) On the ground [30 m] Configuration of system installation ( Fully simulating real grid conditions ) 100 m Configuration and thermal layouts

9 HTS+Cryostat Fast Switch CLR Control & Monitoring Parts H 1.2 m × L 2.4 m × H 2.5 m Development Fabrication and short-circuit test of a SFCL (22.9 kV/630 A 3 ) Line commutation type, small size and low cost Satisfying local requirements (ratings, size, reclosing, limitation time, etc) itemrating Rated V25.8 kV Rated I630 A Ic900 A Rated withstand V 50 kV, 1 min HTS recovery< 50 ms Reclosing Less than 0.1 s, next event ready CL2 Vacuum Interrupter 15 kV, 1,250 A, 31.5 kA Cryocooler220 W at 80K Operation Temp. 70~72K( T: 0.5K) Development and operation test of HTS FCL

10 SFCL development and tests

11 Operation test facility

12 Test itemsContent Short circuit test and protection coordination 1.Short circuit tests 2.SFCL - CB – recloser coordination Long term operation1.Long term operation, remote control 2.Operation assessment, Operation cost, etc Emergency case1.Handling emergency 2.Bypassing the line in emergency Load test1.Short term load test Maintenance practice1.Part (HTS, …) replacements 2.Cryocooler maintenance w/o bypassing Operation test – to be done

13 A project for HTS cable and FCL application in the real grid 1.Planned and approved in 2008 2.Project started by Nov. 2008 (SFCL starts by Nov. 2009) Project Goal : 1.Grid application of 22.9 kV, 50 MVA HTS cable (500 m) and 22.9 kV, 630 A SFCL – O & M technology 2.22.9 kV, 150 MVA HTS cable and 22.9 kV, 3,000 A SFCL Grid application program

14 Title : Development of O&M Technology for Applying 22.9kV HTS Cables and FCLs to the Commercial Power Grid Sub1 : Power System Analysis for Applying 22.9kV HTS Cables and FCLs to the Commercial Power Grid Sub2 : Development of O&M Technology for Applying 22.9kV HTS Cables to the Commercial Power Grid Sub3 : Development of 22.9kV SFCL Fabrication and Operation Technology for Application to Commercial Power Grids Period : November 2008 ~ October 2013 (60 Months) Sub3 : Nov. 2010 ~ Oct. 2013 (48 Months) Fund : 24.28 Billion Won (Government : 12.12 BWon, KEPCO : 8.66 BWon, LSC : 3.50 BWon) Project Overview

15 Targets Phase 1 (Nov.08 ~ Oct. 11) 22.9 kV, 50 MVA 500m HTS cable design, fabrication, installation Development of O & M Technology for 22.9 kV, 50 MVA, 500m HTS cable 22.9 kV, 630 A SFCL grid application and 22.9 kV, 3,000 A SFCL design, fabrication and test run Phase 2 (Nov.12 ~ Oct. 13) 22.9 kV, 150 MVA(100m or longer) HTS cable design, fabrication, installation Development of O & M Technology for 22.9kV 150 MVA HTS cable 22.9 kV, 3,000 A SFCL real grid application Project Targets

16 Prime Contractor KEPCO HQ Y. J. Won Ministry of Knowledge Economy, MKE KETEP (Korea Institute of Energy and Resources Technology Evaluation and Planning) System Analysis KEPRI Co-worked with KERI, CBPC HTS FCL KEPRI Co-worked with LSIS HTS Cable KEPRI Co-funded by LSC Co-worked with LSC, KERI, CNU, KBSI * LSC: LS Cable Inc. LSIS: LS Industrial Systems Co. KBSI: Korea Basic Science Institute KERI: Korea Electromagnetic Research Institute CNU : Chonnam National University CBPC : Chungbuk Province Colledge Project Team

17 [Location of HTS cables] 154/22.9kV MTR DS CB load HTS Cable 500m HTS cable installation schemes - proposed

18 D/L 154/22.9 kV M.Tr SFCL 3,000 A SFCL 630 A SFCL DS CB D/L SFCL installation scheme

19 HTS Cable 1.AMSC 2G wire (AMSC 344) by October 2009 The largest contract of 2G wire To be delivered till October 2009 2.HTS cable system Cable system to be completed by December To be installed in 2010 SFCL 1.Operation test will continue through 2010 2.SFCL system (upgraded) to be completed by upper half of 2010, and to be installed by the end of 2010 Installation by 2010

20 Icheon Incheon Seoul Icheon S/S Icheon substation


22 Simulated duct on a breast wall slope On the ground Manhole, joing box (on the surface) Duct (Off-Set) Terminals 2 Sets Cooling & Control On the ground Cable layout – One of the 3 proposals

23 1 A underground feeder surfaced to connect the SFCL near the fence SFCL layout - A proposal

24 22.9 kV HTS cable and SFCL have been developed and operation- tested Real grid application and test-commercial operation of 1.22.9 kV 50 MVA (500 m) HTS cable 2.22.9 kV, 630 A and 3,000 A SFCL 3.To be installed in 2010 in Icheon S/S Summary

25 Demand for 22.9 kV line protection – SFCL proposed KEPCO is seeking a solution to control the increased fault current associated with the system upgrade in the 22.9 kV grid 1.Background Increased power demand Upgrade the 154/22.9 kV substations Replace the 154 kV/22.9 kV MTR 60 MVA 100 MVA 2.Problem Increased fault current at the 22.9 kV side Fault current > the Max. allowed value 3.Search a solution Upgrade all feeders, %Z increase, … : No! 4.SFCL proposed at MTR 22.9 kV side Cost effective Simple procedures For MTR protection or bus-bar connection I rated 3 kA, To be developed Y MTR 154 kV/22.9 kV 100 MVA Y SFCL CBCB For feeder protection

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