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NEWLINK FO Termination Cabling Systems NEWLINK Copyrights 2003 h2.

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1 NEWLINK FO Termination Cabling Systems NEWLINK Copyrights 2003 h2


3 NEWLINK TECHNICAL SUPPORT GROUP Cabling Systems NEWLINK LOOSE-TUBE FIBER OPTICS ENTRANCE M.S. / JCLR0204.ppt2004 TSB-420 V1.0 Loose-Tube FO Cable FO Terminations Wallmount Box OUTDOORS AERIAL: ADSS, Fig-8 DIRECT BURIAL: armored cables Loose-Tube FO cables are not intended for Indoor/Riser installations INDOORS Demarcation Point Fiber Optics Patch Panel / Box Tight-Buffer FO Cable

4 NEWLINK TECHNICAL SUPPORT GROUP Cabling Systems NEWLINK LOOSE TUBE TERMINATION PRACTICE M.S. / JCLR0204.ppt2004 TSB-211 1/1 Loose-Tube FO Cable NEWLINK #94xxxxx Rackmountable Fiber Box NEWLINK #2670010 SC-SC Couplers Strip NEWLINK #2880047 SC Fiber Optic Connectors NEWLINK #321175M Buffering Kit NEWLINK #1012506

5 NEWLINK TECHNICAL SUPPORT GROUP Cabling Systems NEWLINK OPTICAL FIBER COLOR SCHEME – TIA/EIA 606A M.S. / JCLR0204.ppt2004 TSB-603 V1.0 1Blue 2Orange 3Green 4Brown 5Slate 6White 7Red 8Black 9Yellow 10Purple 11Rose 12Aqua Same scheme is used for the external tubing in the loose- tube cables. Tube Fiber 1 - Blue 12 - Cyan 3 - Green 7 - Red

6 Cabling Systems NEWLINK TERMINATION PRACTICE Order / Space Time/ Patience Right Tools Working with Chemicals Waste, particles FIRST OF ALL : THINK SAFELY !

7 Cabling Systems NEWLINK FO Termination Check List Prepare the Work Area Prepare Cable according to type of Connector Prepare Fiber Terminate the Epoxy connection Mechanical Crimp Cut Fiber Polish Fiber Verify finished work

8 Cabling Systems NEWLINK ST Connector Parts

9 Cabling Systems NEWLINK SC Connector Parts stress relief boot 3mm dia. mechanical crimp ferrule SC cartridgecovercap socketspring

10 Cabling Systems NEWLINK Cable Preparation 32mm 16mm 9mm for SC connectors

11 Cabling Systems NEWLINK Cable Preparation 38mm 20mm 10mm for ST connectors

12 Cabling Systems NEWLINK Cable Preparation Put the protective boot and crimping piece accordingly to cable diameter. DO NOT crimp at this time. Remove the amount of jacket required for that connector. Cut the protective Aramid fiber if exists following the recommended lenghts. Use special scissors to cut the Aramid / Kevlar

13 Cabling Systems NEWLINK Prepare Optical Fibber Remove required jackets section using the 205 um grade precision stripper. Proceed slowly to avoid fiber damage and breaks. When some practice is obtained it is possible to remove the acrylate and PVC buffer in the same operation. Remove PVC buffer in small 8mm segments to avoid fiber breaks.

14 Cabling Systems NEWLINK Prepare Optical Fiber If the acrylate remains over the fiber, remove it using the special stripper. Avoid torsional or flexion over the fiber, stripping movement must be slow and uniform. Strip it in small segments of 8mm If Fiber is broked you must begin again…

15 Cabling Systems NEWLINK Epoxy Application Prepare epoxy in small quantities. Once hard it must be discarded. Press slowly to introduce the glue inside the connector. Verify that glue appears at ferrules tip to assure all the fiber channel is full of epoxy. Introduce the prepared fiber into the ferrule, rotate it slowly for proper epoxy distribution around the fiber. Yes, this is the time to align the connectors properly. Mainly if you are building a patch cord. Epoxy glue

16 Cabling Systems NEWLINK Assembling Be sure that Fiber Optics exceeds about 10mm Proceed to crimp the metallic piece over the connector. 1st Press – 0,190 2nd Press – 0,128 Continue crimping over the cable Finally insert the protective boot over the crimped end.

17 Cabling Systems NEWLINK Scribbing Fiber Connector Ferrule ½ mm Hardened Scribe 1 DISCARD FIBER WASTE PROPERLY !! 3 Remove using the pliers 2

18 Cabling Systems NEWLINK By Hand Polishment Use coarser polishing film with grade 3um or 5 um Make circles softly without to much pressure or speed. Hold the polishing film in the air using your hand. Avoid support it on a hard surface until all remaning epoxy has been removed. This procedure safely eliminates the protuberances from the optical fiber and remaining epoxy.

19 Cabling Systems NEWLINK Finishing 1.Inserts the connector in the correspondent polish disk. 2.Put a new polish film with a grade between 3um and 5 um over the polishing surface. 3.Press slightly making an eight-shape figure. Repeat around 5 to 10 times. 4.Clean tip with alcohol lint-free towels and dry the ferrule using canned air. 5.Check the finishing each 3 cycles using the microscope. 6.Use the small-grade polish film (1 to 0,3um) moistened with water to proceed with the finishing. 7.Look for a semi-gloss homogeneous face. DO NOT OVER POLISH

20 Cabling Systems NEWLINK Comparing Results OPTIMAL RESULTS 1.Semi-Gloss surface without scratches. 2.Neat dark core surrounded by a well defined epoxy ring. 3.Avoid over-polishing because it raises the Reflection Losses. Ideal Broken Core Scratches on Core Over Polished

21 Cabling Systems NEWLINK OK Alcohol DryingDirty Core Finger tracesToo dirtyScratched Connector Examples

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