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1 Amber Colvin Racing LLC THE OBJECTIVE OF THIS PROPOSAL IS TO FIND THE RIGHT PARTNERS AND TO FORM A RELATIONSHIP THAT WILL ALLOW FOR GROWTH AND INCREASED REVENUE FOR BOTH ACR AND ITS PARTNERS ACR strives to build partnerships with a strong foundation that is based on Trust, Morals, Performance, and Positive Representation. Our ultimate goal is to grow our partners bottom lines while rising through the ranks to the upper levels of NASCAR.

2 Having raced from the age of 10 Ambers demeanor on and off the track has always made her a fan favorite at every track and every level she has raced at. Amber is a true ambassador to the sport and to the fans that support her. Amber can be a true ambassador to your company as well!

3 Why You Should Support A Development Driver ~ While buying your way onto an existing and already successful race team seems enticing, it is very expensive and you have little or no control over the direction in which the team goes. Besides, once you are at the top the only place to go is down. ~ Getting in at the lower levels is much less costly and allows you to have a part in the growth and expansion of the team. ~ You have the opportunity to build a relationship and brand with the driver and team from the ground up. ~ You have the luxury of deciding at what level you want to participate and staying at that level at your discretion. ~ Your brand, reputation, customer or client base, and bottom line revenues grow with the team and driver as they continue to succeed. ~ You have the privilege of being a part of something that you can watch mature to the highest levels, each step of the way. ~ With time and effort stronger bonds and relationships are made and grow from a solid foundation. Making an investment into a development teams future is making an investment into you own future as well.

4 A Leader In Driver Development Amber Colvin started racing at the age of 10 in a go-kart hauled in the back of a pick-up. Amber didnt get out of the go-kart and go play like most of the other kids did. Amber stayed at the tent and helped to work on her car. Amber gave up week nights to prepare her car for upcoming races and weekends with friends to go racing. It seemed that that was all she wanted to do. While remaining a straight A honor student Amber lived and breathed to race. But more than that Amber never complained about the work, or getting beat, getting wrecked, or the cheating that went on. Amber simply focused on being better, racing clean, passing tech, and always kept an up-beat attitude… even when things went bad. These traits made Amber a favorite among the fans and the other drivers and teams alike. After racing on dirt and asphalt tracks throughout the state of Florida and winning 42 races in two years along with 5 track championships Amber moved up to Bandoleros. Amber promptly won her first 4 races and finished the season 2 nd in points by 1 point. At 14 years of age Amber moved up to legend cars and won the first night. In 2008 Amber ran 39 races in the legend car with 34 top 10s, 30 top 5s, and 6 wins on one motor and three sets of tires. Due to a lack of funding, Amber didnt race much in 2009 and 2010 but when she did she accomplished many top 3 and top 5 finishes. Amber ran 18 races in 2011 in legend cars with 1 win, 4 2 nd place finishes, 13 top 5s, and 15 top 10s. She also ran 5 Late Model races with 4 top 10s and 1 top five at the famous Hickory Motor Speedway against top rank competition. Amber finished 2011, 10 th in national points and as the top ranked Female in the Nation. Amber was also the Florida State Champion of 2011 legend cars. Having come from a meager background and having worked for what she got every step of the way, Amber has learned that the only way to truly be proud of yourself is to go out and earn it. She does that be driving smart, clean, legal, and keeping a great attitude. Over the last 10 years Amber has gained the respect of many very influential people in the sport, her fans, the other drivers, and has been referred to by many as the best female driver they have ever seen. Amber currently works with 5 or 6 different charities and loves every minute she spends with them. All of these things combined with Ambers ability to miss wrecks, keep her equipment in one piece, and the way she represents herself and her sport to the people and the media make Amber Colvin a leader in driver development as she heads into what promises to be a very bright and long future in the NASCAR racing world.

5 The Power of the NASCAR Brand 75 Million Fans, representing 1/3 of the U.S. adult population. More Fortune 500 companies rely on NASCAR to build their brands than any other sport (currently over 100 of them participate). #1 sport in brand loyalty NASCAR fans are three times more likely than non-fans to purchase NASCAR team sponsors products services. 10 month racing season is one of the longest in all of U.S. major sports, creating sustained marketing opportunities. #1 in Fan Loyalty and exposure to the drivers and stars of NASCAR. One reason for those strong relationships is the accessibility to and personable nature of the drivers. As the relationship between fan and driver grows, so too does the relationship between the fan and the sponsor. The driver becomes the brand, and this results in loyalty- based purchase decisions by NASCARs 75 million fans. Race teams and their sponsors are the most visible part of the NASCAR community. While NASCAR fans show a strong affinity to the sport as a whole, the fan driver relationship solidifies and galvanizes that affinity. To NASCAR fans, drivers and race teams are what make the sport real – and NASCAR fans are proud to proclaim their favorite drivers as theirs, making them a part of their extended families. NASCAR fans live the brand. Its more than a sport; its a lifestyle thats an indelible part of our fans identities. Fans, race teams, and sponsors are all closely interconnected in this lifestyle and depend upon each other.

6 The Power of Branding Brands position themselves within the sport to incorporate and benefit all facets of their business. Ranging from customer loyalty programs, employee incentives, acquisition opportunities, B2B programs, and traditional B2C marketing programs companies see a consistent return on investment. Amber Colvin Racings partners can tap into the inherent loyalty of NASCAR fans, who view team sponsors as a vital part of the teams success. Their affinity can be leveraged and reinforced through a number of the following opportunities. 1. Advertising / Promotions. Many team sponsors incorporate their sponsorships into their general marketing programs. Promotions, sweepstakes and targeted communications all enable team sponsors to attract fans in new ways. 2. Alternate Paint Schemes. Primary teams sponsors leverage their promotions, sweepstakes, line extensions and other marketing initiatives through the use of alternate paint schemes. 3. Show Cars. Bringing cars to retail locations, charity events and other points of consumer contact provide sponsors with a way to connect with consumers. 4. Victory Lane. When a team wins a race, Victory Lane puts team sponsors in an exclusive spotlight, giving sponsor brands valuable added exposure and prestige. 5. Charity support. When drivers and teams support, volunteer, and help fund multiple charities the Sponsors gain exposure through those functions as well. 6. Media Coverage. Drivers and race team get a exponential amount of media coverage from TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Magazines, both Locally and Nationally. This give the sponsors a large amount of exposure as well. Social Medias. In todays world of social media the drivers, teams, and sponsors gain a plethora of exposure through websites, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, forums, and web based TV and radio.

7 Demographics Below Are The Up To Date Demographics Of NASCAR

8 National Exposure Through Television Coverage


10 Levels Of Sponsorship And Location Of Decals Primary sponsors logo on hood and top of rear quarters $200,000 to $350,000 Associate Sponsors logo on rear spoiler $15,000 Associate Sponsors logo on rear quarter panels $25,000 to $50,000 Associate Sponsors logo on rear deck $25,000 Jr Sponsors decals on side panels $5,000 to $10,000

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13 Why Amber Colvin Racing? Amber Colvin has grown, matured, and succeeded exponentially over the last 10 years in every aspect. Amber Colvin has gained the approval, respect and recognition from such people as; Bill Elliott, Ken Ragan, Sammy Maloof, Graham Baker, Brett Bodine, and many others in the racing world. Amber continues to impress everyone with her drive, determination, focus, skill, judgment, and representation both on and off the track. Amber has the personality and the look that makes her a great representative for any potential sponsor. Amber has the ability to fit in almost anywhere. But more than all of those things Amber has been successful at every level she had raced at and there is every indication that she will continue to be successful as she rises through the ranks of NASCAR. Amber has the ability to help her sponsors rise through those ranks as well, expanding their customer base and bottom line revenues along the way. We at Amber Colvin Racing LLC. Look forward to your participation as you join our team and rise to the top with us. Contact Information Phone: 850-508-9873Marketing Phone: 850-524-0577 Website: www.ambercolvin.comLinkedIn: Amber Facebook: Amber Colvin (fan page: Amber Colvin Racing)Twitter: @AmberColvin01


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