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Halloween and Firework Night Mid Suffolk Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

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1 Halloween and Firework Night Mid Suffolk Safer Neighbourhood Teams

2 The PRIORITY for Suffolk Police is for everybody to have a SAFE and Enjoyable Halloween & Firework Night.

3 Halloween When is Halloween? What is Halloween? What traditions do we associate with Halloween?

4 When?

5 What? Our modern day celebrations originate from the Celtic marking the end of the harvesting season. The ancient Celts believed that on October 31st, the boundary between the living and the dead dissolved, and the dead become dangerous to the living causing sickness or by damaging crops. The Celts would dress up as the dead in order to try and fool them into not destroying crops and livestock. From this practice our modern day Halloween traditions originate…

6 Traditions? Horror movies Pumpkins Trick or treat Wearing costumes House parties Pranks Ghost stories Sweets Which of these are acceptable behaviour?

7 All of them… As long as you are considerate to the feelings and wishes of others and of course dont break the law.




11 Trick or Treat ? Only go to house where you or your friends are familiar with residents. Dont call on households with a No trick or treating sign. Groups of 3 or 4 are about the right size. Dont enter any of the households unless invited. Be aware of the elderly and vulnerable. The conception that Halloween is an excuse to vandalise, damage or terrorize is not true and what can be a fun filled night could become your nightmare.


13 Fireworks Night

14 The Rules It is illegal for an under 18 to have or use any form of adult firework. It is illegal to set off fireworks between 11:00pm and 7:00am. It is illegal to sell fireworks without a license.

15 Therefore it is illegal for persons under 18 to do anything with fireworks (Possess/Throw/Discharge)....... Apart from; Sparklers, Party poppers and Throw downs. Offenders will be dealt with by way of Fixed Penalty Ticket.

16 Firework Curfew (The Exceptions) The first Day of Diwali (0100hrs – 0700hrs) New Year (0100hrs – 0700hrs) The first day of the Chinese New Year (0100hrs – 0700hrs) November 5 th (0000hrs – 0700hrs)

17 The best thing to do is find a fireworks event you want to go to, stand back and enjoy the work done by either the professionals or responsible adults!

18 If accidents do happen on either of these nights and you require police or medical attention please call: 999 Or if it is less serious you can call our switchboard on: 01473 613500 We look forward to seeing you all out enjoying a safe,and enjoyable Halloween and Firework Night.

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