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ICE RINK, WINTER DECORATION OF YOUR SITE !. We dont dare to forecast a cold winter, but we surely guarantee you a hot winter pleasure !

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2 We dont dare to forecast a cold winter, but we surely guarantee you a hot winter pleasure !

3 5 REASONS WHY HAVING ICE RINK IN YOUR TOWN ? Winter decoration and holiday variegation of a location Social meeting point for the young and the old Location where sport and fun unite Popularization of ice skating Business opportunity and advertising possibility for local companies, bars, restaurants, …

4 5 REASONS WHY HAVING LUCKY LUKA ICE RINK IN YOUR TOWN ? New technology that enables quick installing and dismantling Quick first preparation of ice and ice endurance in high temperatures Energy efficient ice rink Environmentally friendly ice rink TURN-KEY PROJECT offer: from initial idea and installing an ice rink to providing additional services, animation programmes on the ice and ice shows with figure skaters

5 HOW TO START ? Maybe you have already read or heard about hiring an ice rink, someone told you or you have come to this idea by yourself. Although everything seems very easy (and with right steps it IS), dont let you slip on thin ice!

6 Preliminary steps before realizing the project : Setting the project team to realize the project and to find financial solutions involving cooperation of local companies and individuals Defining location, where ice rink will be installed Getting permits for setting an ice rink Defining the period of ice rink operation

7 With years of experience and proffesional team we make the hardest part easier. From initial idea to realization of daily animation on the ice, ice skating school with proffesional ice skating teachers and big events with figure skating shows. Your ice rink will become the most attractive point in holiday time. Providing quality rent skates, its sharpening, ice maintenance, decoration, light and sound equipment are just part of organizational package that we provide according to your needs and wishes.

8 LUCKY LUKA OFFER According to our previous business experiences, needs and wishes of our clients, we have prepared three different offers:

9 Hiring ice rink system equipment Hiring a wooden fence Installation and dismantling First ice preparation Education about ice maintenance 24/7 service for the whole period of ice rink operation

10 PACKAGE 1 + Special rent skates (appropriate number according to ice rink quadrature) and advising Walking surface Special snow boards for cleaning the ice Skates sharpening Warning tables, singns Advise for decorating an ice rink + PROVIDING ADDITIONAL SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT FOR REALIZING THE PROJECT: Hiring an expert/adviser on a location for the whole period of ice rink operation Tent roof Mobile snack bar Skate-rent cabin Light and sound equipment hiring

11 = TURN-KEY PROJECT The offer includes realization of the ice rink project in your town from planning to the final image, icluding programme on the ice. By mutual agreement Lucky Luka provides: Preparation of a location Hiring all ice rink system equipment (chiller, aluminium pipes, fence) Additional infrastructure (electrical cables, light and sound equpment, skate-rent cabin, walking surface) Rent skates and its sharpening Creating and performing in daily animation programme on the ice Organizing bigger events and ceremonies (opening, becember programme, skating programme for schools and kindergardens, carnival on the ice, …) Installation, dismantling, transport and regular maintenance of the ice rink Organization of promotional activities with sponsors, clients of a project

12 Allow us to help you turn your ice rink into an attractive meeting point for the young and the old!

13 NEW TECHNOLOGY OF ICE RINKS Classic rubber mobile ice rink systems require winter temperatures when installing, high energy consumtion, high operational costs and work up to max. 12°C.

14 Aluminium ICE-WORLD system assures: Many years experience The newest ice rink technology 24/7 service Ice guarantee (up to 30°C) Competitive price (due to novelty on the market we improve the best offer of competitive companies) Low energy consumtion (you can save up to 40% of energy) Environmentally friendly ice rink

15 Aluminium ice rink advantages compared with classic rubber ice rink are shown in a table below: Alu-System EPDM-Rubber system Ice guaranteeYESNO Ice insurance Up to + 25 C° / Wind 1 m/s Up to + 12 C° / wind 1 m/s Installation 450 m²4 h1 1/2 days Conducting coefficientAluminium 234 W/mkRubber 0,04 W/mk Energy savingsYes, up to 40 %NO, 0 % Average energy cost 450 m² 5 weeks, + 5 C° 3.397 6.070 Coolant Polypropylenglycol of animal origins, WGK 0 Excelent exploitation! Monoethylenglycol Water containance 1 Bad exploitation! Quick ice preparationYES, in 12 hNO, in 36 h ISO-Certificate, envir.friendlyISO 14001NO

16 WHO ARE WE? Lucky Luka agency is leading slovenian company in the field of ice skating, rollerblading, animation and organizing programmes for general population and companies. Lucky Luka is also official dealer for ICE-WORLD, the world-leading company in the field of revolutionary aluminium ice rink systems.

17 Our references are: Technical installation of mobile ice rinks and organization of animation programmes across Slovenia (Šoštanj, Bovec, Novo mesto, Portorož – plaža in Avditorij, Nova Gorica, Litija, Kranj, Čateške toplice, …) Animation programmes and guardianship of all Mercator (slovenian trade chain) ice rinks in season 2007/2008 Own mobile ice rink in Tivoli park in Ljubljana (size 800 m2) – with interesting animation programme we attract up to 2.000 visitors per day Many years cooperation (programme or/and technical) in almost all mobile ice rinks in Slovenia

18 Dont hesitate, contact us! Lucky Luka d.o.o. Rimska cesta 16 1000 Ljubljana T: 01/ 43 77 333 F: 01/43 77 332 M: 041 713 333 E-mail: Spletna stran:

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