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Ваша семья Your family Mother (Mummy, Mum) Father (Daddy, Dad) Son Daughter Grandmother (Granny) Grandfather (Grandpa) Granddaughter Grandson Мама Папа.

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2 Ваша семья Your family Mother (Mummy, Mum) Father (Daddy, Dad) Son Daughter Grandmother (Granny) Grandfather (Grandpa) Granddaughter Grandson Мама Папа Сын Дочь Бабушка Дедушка Внучка Внук Brother Sister Cousin Husband Wife Mother-in-law Father-in-law Брат Сестра Двоюродный брат (сестра) Муж Жена Теща (свекровь) Тесть (свекор) My (first) name is… My second name (surname) is… I have a family of four. Im married. Im single. My uncles name is John. My aunts name is Anna. Im an only child. My parents are divorced. I have a step-father (step-mother).

3 Ваша профессия Your profession Surgeon Architect Accountant Designer Insurance agent Estate agent Lawyer Stock broker Fireman Хирург Архитектор Бухгалтер Дизайнер Страховой агент Агент по недвижимости Юрист Биржевой маклер Пожарник HR manager PR manager Chef Engineer Vet Programmer Electrician Специалист по кадрам Специалист по связям с общественностью Шеф-повар Инженер Ветеринар Программист Электрик What are you? (What do you do? Whats your job?) I work in a bank. I work for IBS. What does that involve? Im in charge of (Im responsible for) deliveries. How much do you earn? My salary is $1000. What are your working hours? I have a nine-to-five job. I work overtime.

4 Ваша квартира Your flat Block of flats Country house Flat / apartment Room Two-room (three-room) flat. Ground floor First floor Living-room Многоэтажный дом Загородный дом Квартира Комната Двух(трех-)комнатная квартира. Первый этаж Второй этаж Гостиная Bedroom Kitchen Stairs Balcony Central heating Light / dark Huge / tiny Спальня Кухня Лестница Балкон Центральное отопление Светлый / темный Огромный / крохотный. How much is the rent?. How many rooms are there in your flat? There are four rooms in our flat. We have a wonderful view of the city. The flat overlooks the street. We rent the flat. How much is the rent? We own the flat. The flat is in good condition. The flat needs decoration. The flat is quiet and cosy.

5 На уроке At the lesson Theme of the lesson To put it down Important To explain Blackboard / whiteboard Notebook Knowledge of the subject To ask a question Тема урока Записать Важный Объяснить Доска Тетрадь Знание предмета Задавать вопрос To repeat To revise the material To answer a question To write a test Experienced teacher Practical skills To set the home task Повторить Повторить материал Отвечать на вопрос Писать контрольную Опытный учитель Практические навыки Дать домашнее задание Whats the theme of the lesson? Please put it down, its very important. Could you explain it once again, please? Lets have a look at the blackboard. Open your notebooks and copy the words. The knowledge of the subject will help you in the future. May I ask a question? Could you repeat it, please? I didnt hear. You should revise the material before the test. Hows your new teacher? Hes quite experienced, he gives a lot of practical skills.

6 В гостинице At a hotel Receptionist To check in To book / reserve a room Single / double room Room with a bath / shower Full board Half board Breakfast board Администратор Зарегистрироваться Заказать номер Одноместный / двухместный номер Номер с ванной / душем Полный пансион Полупансион Только завтрак Maid Porter To tip High season To arrive at the hotel To check out Room key Горничная Носильщик Дать на чай Разгар сезона Прибыть в отель Выписаться из отеля Ключ от номера Do you have any vacancies? What kind of room would you like? How would you like to pay? Do you accept credit cards? Ill pay cash. Please complete the guest registration card. Sign here. Put it on my bill. Whats the check-out time? Is dinner included?

7 Кафе самообслуживания Self-service café Hungry Tray Queue Starter Soup Main course Vegetables Dessert Голодный Поднос Очередь Закуска Суп Основное (второе) блюдо Гарнир Десерт Plate Fork Spoon Knife Glass Cup Napkin Тарелка Вилка Ложка Нож Стакан Чашка Салфетка Im starving. To stand in a queue What do they have for a starter? Theres vegetable salad. What would you like for the main course? How much is it? Im a veggie. Have you got a veggie option? What vegetables have you got? Lets sit by the window.

8 Место, где вы живете The place you live in City Town Capital Industrial area In the country Detached house Semi-detached house Block of flats Город Городок Столица Промышленная зона Загородом Отдельный дом Дом на 2 семьи Городской дом Village Ecologically clean area On the outskirts Close to the park Near the city center In a suburb In a quiet street Деревня Экологически чистый район На окраине города Рядом с парком Около центра В пригороде На тихой улице Where do you live? Its a twenty minutes walk from the center. We live near the sea / in the mountains. How long does it take you to get home? It takes me half an hour. I live in the downtown / uptown. Its an agricultural area. My house is far from the road. How do you get to work? By car / train.


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