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Tel : +27 11 251 8300 Fax : +27 11 462 5423 FISHERMANS DELI 158 Northlands Business Park No.29 Newmarket Road Northriding P.O.Box 901 Ferndale 2160 Next.

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1 Tel : +27 11 251 8300 Fax : +27 11 462 5423 FISHERMANS DELI 158 Northlands Business Park No.29 Newmarket Road Northriding P.O.Box 901 Ferndale 2160 Next About Us Application

2 CONTENTS Fresh Fish Frozen Fish Fish Portions Kingklip Soles Hake Fillets Calamari Mollusks Lobster White Prawn Tiger Prawns Shell Fish Smoked Products Home Made Elite Products Poultry Supreme Poultry Meats Processed Meats Vegetable Dairy Snacks Pastries Specialties Home Next Slide

3 1013Line Select PremiumS.A - Mozambique 1009Cape SalmonS.A Cape 1039KabeljouS.A Cape - Mozambique 1087Rock CodMozambique 1108Slingers LargeMozambique 1111Slingers MediumMozambique 1463Tuna Yellow FinS.A. Cape 1144YellowtailS.A. Cape 1204Salmon Trout *South Africa 1207Trout D-Boned South Africa 2202Salmon Scottish *Imported 0000Salmon Norwegian *Imported 1944Line SelectS.A - Mozambique 1006BarracudaMozambique 2320Reds Mixed *S.A. Cape 1033Hake GuttedS.A Cape 1048Kingklip GuttedS.A Cape 2331Soles 200g *S.A East Coast 2332Soles 250g *S.A East Coast 2334Soles 350g *S.A East Coast Fresh fish is subject to availability FRESH FISH Packaging Random Weight Sold As Whole Weight\Kg Availability Seasonal Service Filleting Contents Home Next

4 1004BarracudaMozambique 1242Butterfish H&GSouth Africa 1112Cape SalmonS.A Cape 1172Hake BabyS.A - Namibia 1071KabeljouS.A. Cape 1251Maasbanker 16+Namibia 1335Monk TailsS.A Cape 1256Ribbon FishS.A Cape 1088Rock CodS.A. Cape 1258Salmon CanadianImported 1303Snoek Mild CuredS.A Cape 1259Salmon NorwegianImported 1297Sardines Portugal 1484Tuna FrozenS.A Cape 1148Yellowtail S.A Cape 8020Chilean SalmonImported FROZEN FISH Packaging Boxed 10kg 20kg 10x1kg Sold As Weight\kg Whole Availability Seasonal Fish is seasonal and subject to availability Contents Home Next

5 1244Butterfish250 - 280g 1245Butterfish 280 - 320g 1046Cape Salmon 250 - 280g 1047Cape Salmon 280 - 320g 1044Kabeljou 250 - 280g 1045Kabeljou 280 - 320g 1051Blue Nose 250 - 280g 1049Blue Nose 280 - 320g 1332Salmon Canadian 250 - 280g 1336Salmon Canadian 280 - 320g 1042Yellowtail 250 - 280g 1043Yellowtail 280 - 320g 1324Dorado 280 - 320g 2609Cardinal 280 - 320g O113Cardinal 110 - 130g O127Red Snapper 250 - 280g O128Red Snapper 280 - 320g O131Rock Cod 250 - 280g 1053Tuna 280 - 320g LINE FISH PORTIONS Packaging 15 Portions Sold As Each Availability Seasonal Service Individually wrapped Portion cut at 45 Contents Home Next

6 KINGKLIP KINGKLIP WHOLE 1054Kingklip Baby500g - 1Kg 1050Kingklip Medium 1 - 2Kg 1052Kingklip Large2 Kg+ KINGKLIP PORTIONS 1058Kingklip Dressed200 - 300g 1055Kingklip Dressed300 - 400g 1425Kingklip Portions110 - 130g 1313Kingklip Portions180 - 200g 1315Kingklip Portions200 - 250g 1314Kingklip Portions250 - 280g 1316Kingklip Portions280 - 320g KINGKLIP FILLETS 1185Kingklip Fillets Large600g - 1Kg 1231Kingklip Fillets Medium350g - 600g Packagin g Boxed 10kg RDW 15 Portions Sold As Weight\kg Each Availabili ty Seasonal Limited Service Individually Wrapped Portion Control Subject to availability Contents Home Next

7 EAST COAST 1124Soles Small100 - 200g 1126Soles Medium200 - 250g 1123Soles Large250 - 350g 1120Soles X Large350 - 450g 1139Soles XX Large450g+ WEST COAST 1134Soles Small 170 - 250g 1121Soles Medium 250 - 350g 1122Soles Large 350 - 450g 1125Soles X Large 450 - 550g 1131Soles XX Large550g+ SOLES SOLE DRESSED 1385Sole Portions180 - 200g 1386Sole Portions200 - 240g 1380Sole Portions240 - 270g 1391Sole Portions270 - 300g 1510Sole Portions300 - 330g 1511Sole Portions330 - 360g 1512Sole Portions360g+ Packaging Boxed 5kg 10kg RDW 15 Portions Sold As Weight\kg Each Availability Seasonal Limited Service Individually Wrapped Contents Home Next

8 HAKE HAKE FILLETS 1180Hake Fillets Jumbo12 + onz350g+ 1178Hake Fillets Large 8/12 onz240 - 350g O580Hake Fillets Medium 6/8 onz160 - 240g 1175Hake Fillets Medium 4/6 onz115 - 160g 1183Hake Fillets Petite 2/4 onz 55 - 115g Skin On HAKE PROCESSED 1179Hake AA Portions Battered110g - 130g 1176Hake Portions Crumbed150g 1676Hake PortionsPlain110g - 130g 1171Hake Fillets TempuraBattered 115g - 160g 1430Hake Fillets Pub Style Battered115g - 160g 3024Fish CakesPlain50g 8003Fish Cakes Thai Flavored50g 1065Fish FingersCrumbed 1198Sea TreasuresBites 1273Fish Roe **Hake Roe Skin Off Packaging Boxed 5kg Sold As Weight\kg Availability Seasonal Service Individually Sleeved Contents Home Next

9 SUPREME FILLETS LINE FISH 1803Butterfish Fillets 1Kg Skin Off 1961Cape Salmon Fillets1Kg Skin Off 1041Kabeljou Fillets1Kg Skin Off 1446Line Fish Fillets350g Skin On 1333Monk Fillets200g Skin Off 3537Salmon Canadian Fillets1Kg Skin On 2205Salmon Norwegian Fillets1Kg Skin On 4002Bream Fillets350g+ Skin Off 1301Skate Wings280g Trimmed 1182Yellowtail Fillets *1Kg Skin On 1132Tuna Loins350g Skin On Subject to availability VALUE ADDED 5114Kingklip & Salmon Kebabs4 x 125g 5110Seafood Kebabs4 x 125g Packaging Boxed 10kg RDW Sold As Weight\kg Availability Seasonal Service Individually Sleeved Contents Home Next

10 CALAMARI PRODUCTS CALAMARI WHOLE 1217Falklands C5 5 - 15 cm 1252Loligovulgaris 15 - 30 cm CALAMARI CUTS 1365Rings 60 - 80 P\Kg 1504 Ilex Rings 40 x 125g 1261Rings Crumbed16 x 500g 1367Strips Crumbed10 x 500g 1367Strips Plain10 x 500g 1371SteaksI8 x 2 P\Kg 1378TentaclesLarge - Small CALAMARI TUBES 1364Ilex Tubes Medium 0 - 18 cm 1363Ilex Tubes Large18 - 23 cm 1373Tubes Indian 20 - 40 P/Kg 1375Tubes Indian 40 - 60 P/Kg 1007Tubes Indian 60 - 80 P/Kg 1377Tubes Indian 80+ P/Kg 1379Tubes I.Q.F * Packaging Boxed 5kg RDW Sold As Weight\kg Availability Seasonal Service Retail Packaging Block Frozen I.Q.F Contents Home Next

11 MOLLUSKS RANGE OCTOPUS WHOLE 1285Large Tenderized 1288BabyImported MOLLUSKS 2405Clam MeatIQF 1503Clams In Shell Mozambique 1752Seafood MixVerity Of Mollusks MUSSELS 1603Mussel Meat Imported130 - 160 P/Kg 1593Mussels Breaded Garlic 50 - 55 P/Kg 1592Mussels Half Shell NZ 35 - P/Kg 1534Mussels Half Shell Local 35 - P/Kg 1807Mussels Live Allow lead time for live products Packaging Boxed 5kg RDW Sold As Weight\kg Availability Seasonal Service Retail Packaging Block Frozen I.Q.F Live Contents Home Next

12 LOBSTERS RAW GRADED 1551Lobster Rock28 count340g - 380g 1560Lobster Rock32 count300g - 330g 1881Lobster Rock36 count270g - 300g 1554Lobster Rock40 count240g - 270g 1884Lobster Rock44 count225g - 240g 1557Lobster L.MUn-Graded 200g - 1.5kg 1564Lobster Natal Graded 250g - 280g STEEMED GRADED 1555Lobster Rock24 count380g - 450g 1552Lobster Rock28 count340g - 380g LOBSTER TAILS 1582Lobster Tails31 - 35125g - 140g 1570Lobster Tails26 - 30140g - 170g 1579Lobster Tails L.MUn-Graded150g - 500g Packaging Boxed 5kg 10kg RDW Sold As Weight\kg Availability Season Peak Nov - Dec Service Nitrogen Frozen Purged Individually Wrapped PRODUCT IS SEASONAL Contents Home Next

13 WHITE PRAWN L.M PRAWN 1648King14 - 25 P/Kg 1651Queen26 - 40 P/Kg 1654Small39 - 50 P/Kg 1657SS51 - 70 P/Kg 1660SSS 71 - 90 P/Kg 1642Tiger Giants U - 13 P/Kg 1645Tiger Medium14 - 25 P/Kg L.M HEADLESS 1897Headless LargeShell On 1952Headless MedShell On 1015Headless SmallShell On Scientific Name Penaeus Indices Packaging Boxed 2kg 10kg X 2kg Preservative aqueous solution of ascorbic acid reducing sugar compound ratio 0.1-1 Sold As Weight\kg Availability Season Peak June – Sept Limited Service Graded Sea Frozen Headless Contents Home Next

14 1894Black Tiger 4/6 4 - 6 P/800g 1871Black Tiger 6/8 6 - 8 P/800g 1858Black Tiger 8/12 8 - 12 P/800g 1869Black Tiger 13/1513 - 15 P/800g 1810Black Tiger 16/2016 - 20 P/800g 1671Black Tiger 21/2521 - 25 P/800g 1674Black Tiger 26/3026 - 30 P/800g 1681Black Tiger 31/4031 - 40 P/800g 1632Black Tiger 41/6041 - 60 P/800g Easy Peel 1816Black Tiger 10 - 20 P/800g 1823Black Tiger 20 - 30 P/800g 1824Black Tiger 30 - 40 P/800g BLACK TIGER PRAWNS Scientific Name Penaeus Monodon Packaging Boxed 1kg Gross 10X1kg Gross Preservative aqueous solution of ascorbic acid reducing sugar compound Sold As Weight\kg Availability Season Peak Nov – May Seasonal Service Graded Glazed Frozen D-Veined Contents Home Next

15 SHELL FISH PRAWN TAILS 1664Tails 16/20 16 - 20 P/Kg 1665Tails 26/30 26 - 30 P/Kg 1667Tails 31/40 31 - 40 P/kg 1630Tails 40/60 40 - 60 P/Kg 1844Pink Tails Avg 150 P/Kg PRAWN MEAT 1659MeatLess 20 P/Lb 1655Meat 20 - 40 P/Lb 1698Meat 40 - 60 P/Lb 1677Meat 60 - 80 P/Lb 1821Meat 80 - 100 P/Lb 1749Shrimps Cooked LANGOUSTINES 1542X/LargeLess 10 P/Kg 1540Large 11 - 15 P/Kg 1543Medium 16 - 20 P/Kg 1548Small 21 - 25 P/Kg CRAB 1515WholeMozambique 1513SectionsMozambique 2408MeatImported 1517SticksProcessed Crab Packaging Boxed 1kg Gross 10X1kg Gross Sold As Weight\kg Availability Season Peak Nov – May Seasonal Service Graded D-Veined Contents Home Next

16 SMOKED PRODUCTS CANADIAN SALMON 5043Sides Trimmed Un-sliced 5045Sides Reformed Sliced 5039Cater Pack500g Sliced 5034Portion Pack80g Sliced 4351Snack Pack250g Shavings NORWEGIAN SALMON 5053Cater pack *500g Sliced SALMON TROUT 2208Cater Pack500g Sliced 2218Portion Pack80g Sliced GRAVAD 5050Gravalax500g Sliced GAME FISH 5013Butterfish Smoked500g Sliced 1896Marlin Smoked500g Sliced 5012Tuna Smoked500g Sliced Packaging Boxed 10 Units 30 Units Sold As Unit P/KG Availability Seasonal Service Smoked And Processed In House Allow Lead Time Contents Home Next

17 HOME MADE PRODUCTS Packaging Boxed Individually Pack 5Kg Bucket Sold As Unit P/KG Availability Seasonal Service Smoked & Processed In House HOT SMOKED 5000Mackerel Fillets Peppered 3119Snoek PresentationOak Smoked 2118Snoek PresentationOak Smoked 2246Trout Fillets Smoked 2247Trout FilletsPeppered 3113Haddock FilletsMedium 5009Kippers CateringScottish HERRINGS 2012Danish2.5/kg Bucket 5082Bismarck3.2/Kg Net 5088Roll Mops3.2/Kg Net 1962Pickled Fish3.2/Kg Net Contents Home Next

18 ELITE PRODUCTS CAVIAR 1975Salmon CalgaryBlack 100g 1948Salmon CalgaryBlack 50g 1979Salmon CalgaryRed 100g 1949Salmon CalgaryRed 50g 1964BelchevBlack 100g 1965BelchevBlack 50g Extensive range of caviar available on request PRESERVED 2043Capers In Vinegar 2.97 Kg 2458Snails In Brine60 - 68 Cnt 1485Tuna Chunks In Brine 1.7 Kg SALTED & DRIED FISH 5080Herring Salted FilletsImported 1851Bacalhau 16/20Dried/Salted 4006Salted SnoekDried/Salted KNYSNA/LUDERITZ 1819Oysters Large 9 - 11 P/Kg 1818Oysters Medium 12 - 13 P/Kg 3032Oysters Medium Topless 12 - 13 P/Kg 1893Oysters Large Topless 9 - 11 P/Kg SCALLOPS 1732Scallops Shell-less Roe On 1214Scallops ½ ShellRoe On Contents Home Next

19 POULTRY PRODUCTS WHOLE CHICKEN 2699Whole1.3 - 1.6 Kg 2601Springs.700 -.800g 2600Petit.500 -.600g CHICKEN CUTS 2604Leg ¼ CutDrumstick & Thigh 1867SupremeDrummet & Breast 3535BreastBone In & Skin On 1509Breast FilletsBoneless & Skinless 2314DrumsticksCatering 3016Mixed PortionsVarious Cuts 2315ThighsCatering 2312WingsCatering 2311GibletsCatering 2931LiversCatering SMOKED PRODUCTS 2935Breast Fillets 2934WholeLocal Contents Home Next

20 SUPREME POULTRY VALUE ADDED 1830Buffalo Wings Marinated 4210Buffalo Wings +/- 46Kg 3040Crumbed Burgers 50 x 100g 2546Kebabs 50 x 100g 3605Cordon Blur 37 x 135g 1898Schnitzel Crumbs 48 x 125g 2547Kiev Garlic 37 x 135g 2548Kiev Lemon Pepper 37 x 135g 2549Steaks Crumbed 80 x 75g 3017Chicken Bites100 x 25g 3107Chicken Nuggets227 x 22g 3028Cheesy Chicken Bites143 x 35g 3108Chicken Chickels200 x 25g 3074Onion & Pepper Kebab100 x 25g 3552Chicken Cordon Blue100 x 25g DUCK 1744Peking Duck1.6 - 2Kg 9503BreastsSkin on 1740Breast SmokedSkin on QUAIL 4587WholeDressed 4589De boned400g 1887Eggs450ml TURKEY 1232Whole4.8 - 8Kg 3078Breast200g OSTRICH 2602FilletsWhole 8115Medallions400g 8155Kebab MeatCubed Please allow two to three days lead time Contents Home Next

21 MEATS GAME 9008Blessbock Loins Local 1905Crocodile TailsLocal 8126Crocodile LoinsLocal 8127Impala LoinsLocal 8128Impala ShanksLocal 8122Kudu LoinsLocal 1879Springbok LoinsLocal 8148Springbok Leg ¼Local 8145Springbok ShanksLocal 8125Warthog Loins Local 8124Warthog Super cutLocal SMOKED 8140Crocodile TailsSmoked 2608Ostrich Capriccio 80g 1085Springbok Capriccio 80g VEAL 8119Neck RoastBoneless 8149LoinBoneless 8120Super CutBoneless 8123FilletsTrimmed 8139Osso BucoBone In 8141Veal BonesMarrow PORK 1188Ribs Pork Belly Imported 2930Ribs Pork Marinated 3109Gammon Boneless1.8 kg Contents Home Next

22 SMOKED AND PROCESSED BACONS 3186Back Catering+/- 25 x 40g 2937Shoulder +/- 25 x 40g 2940Streaky +/- 35 x 30g 2941Prime Cut+/- 25 x 40g 2933Bits80 - 20 Diced 3106CateringRound Pack VIENNAS 1495Foot long6 x 1kg 1492Cocktail6 x 1kg 1498Vienna's 6 x 1kg 4015Cheese Grillers Long6 x 1kg 3104Cheese Grillers Cocktail6 x 1kg 1493Russians Long6 x 1kg 3103Russians Cocktail6 x 1kg SAUSAGES 3102Beef 55g 9 x 500g 4000Beef Cocktail 20g 6 x 800g 3101Pork 55g 9 x 500g 1474Pork Cocktail 20g6 x 800g 3027Budget Burgers 50X100g COLD MEATS 2092Sandwich Ham Sliced 1500Sandwich Ham Whole 3114Salami Sliced 1876Parma Ham Sliced 1874Parma Ham Whole 4526ChorizoPeri - Peri 4525ChorizoPlain Contents Home Next

23 VEGETABLE PRODUCE FROZEN POTATO 994Chips12mm 973Chips 10mm 975Chips 7mm 977Chips Crinkle Cut11mm 1870Rosti10Kg 1857Wedges8 P/Cut 1855Croquette25g 4600FlakesMash 980Hash Browns50g 888Garlic Crushed5Kg/Net 3026Olives Calmat Large3.2Kg/Net 1276Avocado Puree10 x 1Kg FROZEN VEGTABALE 1544Beans Sliced 6 x 1kg 1524Broccoli Cuts 6 x 1Kg 3010Brussels Sprouts 6 x 1Kg 1597Butternut Chunks 6 x 1Kg 1589Carrots Baby 6 x 1kg 1246Cauliflower 6 x 1Kg 1257Chunky Mix 6 x 1kg 1236Corn Cut 6 x 1kg 1235Mixed Vegetables 10 x 1Kg 1011Marrow Roundels 6 x 1Kg 1234Peas 6 x 1kg 1596Pumpkin Chunks 6 x 1Kg 3015Spinach Catering12 x 1Kg 3014Sweet Potato 6 x 1Kg 1598Stir Fry 6 x 1Kg 1599Country Mix 6 x 1Kg Contents Home Next

24 DAIRY CREAM 3005Meadowland Cream10 x 1Ltr 4601Qimiq12 x 1Lt 3602Vanilla On Top10 x 454g 3606Choc On Top10 x 454g YOGHURT 1146Yoghurt FlavoredAssorted 1145Yoghurt NaturalPlain 5060Yoghurt MiniAssorted MAYONNAISE 1211Hellmanns Tangy2.5 Kg 1213Hellmanns Tangy20 Kg 1218Hellmanns Fine Whip20 Kg 1212Hellmanns Fine Whip2.5 Kg BUTTER 3050Butter Bricks Salted10 x 500g 3000Butter Mini Pats2 x 125 x 8g 1010Butter Mini Tubs250 x 8g MARGARINE 101Marvelo Medium Fat30 x 500g 104Marvelo Full Fat30 x 500g 3002Mini Tubs 8g x 600 CHEESE 3069Cheddar Loaf 1093Cheddar Grated 5 x 1kg 3076Cheddar Easy Slice20 x 30 x 20g 3007Feta 3.4 Kg/Net 3084Gouda Loaf 3075Gouda Round 3008Mozzarella Loaf 3001Mozzarella Grated5 x 1kg 3151Blue Cheese Wedges125g 3073Brie Cheese Wedges125g 3041Camembert Wedges125g 3087Cocktail Party Cubes5 x 125g 3083Kiri 10 x 120g 3086Laughing Cow24 x 140g 3155Baby Bell12 x 100g 3080Bon Bell12 x 100g 3095Melrose Wedges12 x 18g 3100Cream Cheese230g 3079Cream Cheese5kg 3082Halloumi Cheese3.6 Kg/Net Contents Home Next

25 COCKTAIL SNACKS SNACKS 1461Sausage Rolls 25g 1526Pita Pockets 46 x 25g 1462Samoosa Chicken 60 x 22g 1455Samoosa Vegetable 60 x 22g 1454Samoosa Chicken 60 x 22g 1453Samoosa Cheese/Onion 60 x 22g 1452Samoosa Beef 60 x 22g 1459Springroll Vegetable 50 x 22g 1481Springroll Assorted100 x 25g 1457Springroll beef 50 x 22g 1456Springroll Chicken 50 x 22g 1620Spinokopita 36 x 40g 1527Spinach Filo 36 x 35g 1468Rissole Cheese/Jalapeno 40 x 45g 1483Rissole Chicken 40 x 45g 1521Rissole Shrimp 40 x 45g 1619Chicken Kebab 50 x 40g 1479Meatballs 60 x 25g 1450Greek Meat Balls 60 x 30g 4155Cheese Beef Dog 36 x 45g 1625Kofta Lamb 50 x 60g. 3048Beef Samoosa Large 50 x 90g 3051Springroll Vegetable Lrg 90g 3125Samoosa Vegetable Lrg 90g PIES & QUICHES 1614Pies Mince60 x 40g 1519Pies Chicken/Mushroom48 x 45g 1899Pork Pies60 x 100G 3559Quiche - Savory60 x 28g 1451Quiche – Spinach/Feta60 x 25g 1528Quiche - Asparagus60 x 29g 1616Palmiers Italian90 x 25g 1470Palmiers Mediterranean 90 x 25g 1617Palmiers Mexican 90 x 25g FISH SNACKS 1198Sea Treasures25g 1065Fish Fingers25g 1675Prawns Crumbed55 - 65 9175Torpedo Prawns26 - 30 Contents Home Next

26 PASTRY RANGE PASTRY SNACKS 1846Croissant Plain240 x 30g 1491Croissant Plain 50 x 60g 1535Croissant Chocolate 50 x 80g 1536Croissant Oats & Honey 50 x 80g 1537Croissant Spicy 50 x 80g 1538Croissant Cheese 50 x 80g 1478Danish Apple 50 x 85g 1885Danish Custard 50 x 85g 1499Danish Cheese 50 x 85g 8081Dipping Icing White 20 Ltr 8078Donut Round 84 x 60g 8079Donut Long John 60 x 64g 1624Pancakes120 x 70cm 1269Brownie Choc/Fudge 10 x 750g 1272Milk Tart 40 x 38g 1487Cashew Nut Tart 40 x 33g 1623Apple Strudel Filo 40 x 40g 1531Baklava and Syrup 40 x 30g 1494Waffles 12 x 4Unt 4209Muffin Mix Tubes 6 x 1080g 1488Muffins Ready Bake 48 x 1 1469Pizza Bases 10 x 22cm 1849Mini Pizza 24 Units 1580Pita Bread ±10cm 3604Tramazinni 5 Units 1216Tortillas 10 x 25g 8080Par Baked Bread Plain 20 x 290g 482Filo Pastry 20 x 500g 1449Puff Pastry Cases 50 x 85g 1480Puff Pastry 6 x 2kg PIES UN-BAKED 3053Feta & Spinach24 x 100g 3061Pepper Steak24 x 100g 3046Cornish24 x 100g 3037Chicken & Mushroom24 x 100g 3036Steak & Kidney24 x 100g 3034Sausage Roll24 x 100g 1856Vegetable Curry24 x 100g 1254Mutton Curry24 x 100g 3048Beef Sausage Rolls Large60 x 90g Contents Home Next

27 SPECIALITIES DIPS 1486Dolmades *5 Kg 3614Humus *5 Kg 3615Taramasalata *5 Kg 3618Tzatziki *5 Kg 1989Tahina Sesame2.5 Ltr 3355Pesto Basil *1 Kg SUSHI 5661Sushi *Assorted 5658Sashimi*Assorted Allow lead time OLIVE OIL 2509Crismona Pomace5 ltr 1635Seasoned Olive Oil5 ltr VEGETABLE OIL 8113Crispa Gold20 ltr 1720Royal Cuisine20 ltr 9223Super Crisp20 ltr TERRINES 8130Chicken Liver & Herb1Kg 8131Duck & Dried Fruit1Kg 8132Ostrich & Pistachio1Kg 1825Salmon & Kingklip 1Kg 5022Seafood1Kg 1826Seasonal Vegetable1Kg 1189Venison1Kg Contents Home Next

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