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Journalism 2300: News Photography Week Twelve April 19, 2010.

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1 Journalism 2300: News Photography Week Twelve April 19, 2010

2 Announcements Announcements –Grades as of April 17: 230+A 230+A :B :B :C :C :D :D

3 To be a better photographer…

4 …you need to take a lot of photos!

5 The week in pictures MSNBC: MSNBC: – /

6 Spot News Photographs Overall good variety of photographs Tough to plan news photographs; often happenstance! Lighting still a challenge, especially at night Lets decide which photographs are ready to be published

7 The beautiful weather on Thursday, April 1 was no joke. Canal Park drew crowds of people, kicking off the tourist season early.



10 After many dry days, a light rain comes as a welcome sight for this Duluth man on April 12.


12 Spectators try to stay dry at the UMD Bulldog track meet at Malowsky Stadium on April 14. This was the first significant rainfall of spring in Duluth after having a week full of sunshine.

13 A young women and her mother have to talk the Police after almost merging into a cop car, coming down on 6th Ave E.

14 Senior Kristen Danielson brings in a run Saturday against the Mankato State Mavericks.

15 Fox News reporter Bill Keller covers the flooding of Delano's Crow River on live air while a group of volunteers survey the placement of sandbags surrounding the river on March 19. Flooding in southern Minnesota caused the Crow River to rise feet, and the river crested at 19.1 feet, only days after emergency preparations were made.

16 Lily Andrews enjoys the unseasonably warm weather Thursday afternoon in Canal Park. Temperatures soared into the low 70s for much of the day making it a perfect day to be out in Duluth.

17 UMD Men's and Women's Track and Field coaches (left to right) John Fulkrod and Joanna Warmington bear the rainy conditions during the Twin Ports Triangular track meet April 14. Despite the wet track the Bulldogs had many individuals earn personal bests and even provisional Nationals qualifing times.

18 Chester Creek flows during near record high temperatures Thursday.

19 On April 15 construction workers continue to work on the new Civil Engineering Building that is being built on the UMD campus. Construction is causing some detours around campus.

20 Is it a bird or is it a kite? A family in Duluth, Minn. took advantage of the wind near the lake April 15 to fly a kite. The Lakewalk was full of walkers, joggers, and Duluthians enjoying the weather.

21 Early Thursday morning the visibility was low on 16th and Jefferson making it difficult for travelers.

22 After an accident in the Kenwood Shopping Center, a woman was taken to the hospital in an ambulance on April 15. While still in her car, firefighters and paramedics put a neck brace on her and then carefully laid her on a stretcher. The accident report and names have not yet been released.

23 The Smelt are running. Water conditions were just right for UMD students Zach May and Travis Schmitz to have a good night. The Smelt come into shallow water to spawn during warmer water conditions. The two picked up the Smelt they caught in their seign net and went back out for more on Park Point on April 14.

24 UMD construction workers take a well deserved break in between concrete pourings at the RSOP's ice rink on March 31, 2010.

25 Two ducks meet in the newly green grass in a Duluth front yard.

26 Matt Coy of Wright's Tree Service carefully climbed a tree to trim all branches and cut down the entire tree for some spring outdoor cleanup on Superior St. April 16.


28 The unwelcome cold weather on April 14th didn't slow down UMD Junior John Knebel, as he took first place in the 110m and 400m hurdles in the Twin Ports invitational at Griggs Field.


30 Short Season: the morning after a car drove into the Dairy Queen on Central Entrance April 15, the damage has been boarded up but the seasonal buisness wont be able to reopen for another three to four weeks according to owner Gordon Grant.

31 A Duluth resident sits on the ledge of the Holiday building on Superior Street Wednesday, March 3 contemplating whether to jump or not. After a couple of hours Officers, along with the help of Chuck Vanderscheuren, a friend of the Duluth man, talked the resident off the building.

32 Outside of the library at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, renovations are being made on the man-made pond, after a long winter of snow, in order to get the campus ready for the spring and summer.


34 Onlookers watch as the Mesabi Miner carries coal into the harbor at Canal Park on Thursday afternoon. The Miner's entrance marked the opening of the 2010 shipping season.

35 Submit edited Spot News photograph by 4/20 Remember that submitting your edited photograph is part of your class participation grade! Remember that submitting your edited photograph is part of your class participation grade!

36 Major Assignment VI: Photo Story Developing a photo story on a specific theme: – –Editorial essay portraying a particular point of view – –OR – –A documentary that neutrally captures a lifestyle, place or issue Five photographs due NOON on Friday, April 30

37 Picture story has a theme Not a collection of pictures on a topic Test theme with a headline: – –No theme if these headlines work: All you ever want to know about… A day in the life... Aspects of … Scenes from… – –Examples from book: Every Day is Fathers Day: page 132 Generations under the influence: pages Final Salute: pages – –Find a newspeg

38 Share at least 5 ideas on class weblog…. Now its your turn to share ideas for a photo story at: Now its your turn to share ideas for a photo story at: – ng2010/ ng2010/ ng2010/

39 Photo Galleries A variety of different Web sites Good representation

40 Easter Photo Galleries Minneapolis Star Tribune: Minneapolis Star Tribune: – html?elr=KArks8Lcac_QE77DyPDiUeLcac_j E77DyPDiUiD3aPc:_Yyc:aUUr 47.html?elr=KArks8Lcac_QE77DyPDiUeLcac_j E77DyPDiUiD3aPc:_Yyc:aUUr html?elr=KArks8Lcac_QE77DyPDiUeLcac_j E77DyPDiUiD3aPc:_Yyc:aUUr Orange County Register: Orange County Register: – easter-laguna.html easter-laguna.html easter-laguna.html British Virgin Isles News Online: British Virgin Isles News Online: –

41 White House: White House: – video/photogallery/white-house-easter-egg- roll video/photogallery/white-house-easter-egg- roll video/photogallery/white-house-easter-egg- roll Minneapolis Star Tribune: Minneapolis Star Tribune: – h tml?elr=KArks:DCiUHc3E7_V_nDaycUiD3aPc:_ Yyc:aUUr tml?elr=KArks:DCiUHc3E7_V_nDaycUiD3aPc:_ Yyc:aUUr h tml?elr=KArks:DCiUHc3E7_V_nDaycUiD3aPc:_ Yyc:aUUr Osseo-Maple Grove Press: Osseo-Maple Grove Press: – 08/osseo- maple_grove_press/news/ofireegghunt.txt 08/osseo- maple_grove_press/news/ofireegghunt.txt 08/osseo- maple_grove_press/news/ofireegghunt.txt

42 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: – html?page= html?page=1 html?page=1 Chaska Herald: Chaska Herald: – ideshow-eggs-ellent-104 ideshow-eggs-ellent-104 ideshow-eggs-ellent-104 Bloomington SunCurrent: Bloomington SunCurrent: – er.asp?event=973870&CategoryID=25039&Li stSubAlbums=0 er.asp?event=973870&CategoryID=25039&Li stSubAlbums=0 er.asp?event=973870&CategoryID=25039&Li stSubAlbums=0

43 Washington Post: Washington Post: – dyn/content/gallery/2010/04/04/GA html dyn/content/gallery/2010/04/04/GA html dyn/content/gallery/2010/04/04/GA html USA Today: USA Today: – House-Easter-Egg-Roll/G1514 House-Easter-Egg-Roll/G1514 House-Easter-Egg-Roll/G1514 Naples Daily News: Naples Daily News: – sets/easter/ sets/easter/ sets/easter/

44 Isanti-Chisago County Star: Isanti-Chisago County Star: –http://isanti- urce=&category_id=&search_filter=easter&event_mo de=&event_ts_from=&list_type=&order_by=&order_ sort=&content_class=1&sub_type=stories&town_id = urce=&category_id=&search_filter=easter&event_mo de=&event_ts_from=&list_type=&order_by=&order_ sort=&content_class=1&sub_type=stories&town_idhttp://isanti- urce=&category_id=&search_filter=easter&event_mo de=&event_ts_from=&list_type=&order_by=&order_ sort=&content_class=1&sub_type=stories&town_id NPR (National Public Radio): NPR (National Public Radio): – aster_egg_roll.html aster_egg_roll.html aster_egg_roll.html Chicago Tribune: Chicago Tribune: – easter- photogallery,0, photogallery easter- photogallery,0, photogallery easter- photogallery,0, photogallery

45 Stillwater Gazette: Stillwater Gazette: – 0/04/08/headlines/644egghunt.txt- 0/04/08/headlines/644egghunt.txt- 0/04/08/headlines/644egghunt.txt- Houston Chronicle: Houston Chronicle: – es/ html es/ html es/ html Park Rapids Enterprise: Park Rapids Enterprise: – mage/id/11368/headline/Lined%20up/publish er_ID/15/ mage/id/11368/headline/Lined%20up/publish er_ID/15/ mage/id/11368/headline/Lined%20up/publish er_ID/15/

46 Huffington Post: Huffington Post: – white-house-easter-egg-ro_n_ html white-house-easter-egg-ro_n_ html white-house-easter-egg-ro_n_ html Chicago Sun Times: Chicago Sun Times: – te_house_2010_easter_egg_ro.html te_house_2010_easter_egg_ro.html te_house_2010_easter_egg_ro.html Prior Lake American: Prior Lake American: – news/photo-slideshow-easter-egg-hunt news/photo-slideshow-easter-egg-hunt news/photo-slideshow-easter-egg-hunt

47 East Central Minnesota Post Review: East Central Minnesota Post Review: – tion=com_content&task=view&id=5047&Item id=1 tion=com_content&task=view&id=5047&Item id=1 tion=com_content&task=view&id=5047&Item id=1 Farmington This Week Live: Farmington This Week Live: – mington-children-celebrate-easter/ mington-children-celebrate-easter/ mington-children-celebrate-easter/ Pioneer Press Sun Times Media: Pioneer Press Sun Times Media: – 1,eastergall photogallery?index=0 1,eastergall photogallery?index=0 1,eastergall photogallery?index=0

48 New York Times: New York Times: – 188/ 188/ 188/ Champlin-Dayton Press: Champlin-Dayton Press: – plin-dayton_press/news/1cp08egghunt.txt plin-dayton_press/news/1cp08egghunt.txt plin-dayton_press/news/1cp08egghunt.txt Fox News: Fox News: – /fox-news-flash- fox--friends-edition fox--friends-edition /fox-news-flash- fox--friends-edition Fargo-Moorhead Forum: Fargo-Moorhead Forum: – dline/Easter%20egg%20hunt/ dline/Easter%20egg%20hunt/ dline/Easter%20egg%20hunt/

49 Hastings-Star Gazette Firefighter training session: Firefighter training session: – otogallery/id/21/ otogallery/id/21/ otogallery/id/21/

50 Duke Photo Galleries Duke University: Duke University: Duke University: Duke University: – Duke Newspaper: Duke Newspaper: – 10 Duke Athletics: Duke Athletics: – B_OEM_ID=4200&SPID=1845&SPSID=22724 &KEY=&DB_OEM_ID=4200&DB_LANG=&IN_ SUBSCRIBER_CONTENT= B_OEM_ID=4200&SPID=1845&SPSID=22724 &KEY=&DB_OEM_ID=4200&DB_LANG=&IN_ SUBSCRIBER_CONTENT= B_OEM_ID=4200&SPID=1845&SPSID=22724 &KEY=&DB_OEM_ID=4200&DB_LANG=&IN_ SUBSCRIBER_CONTENT=

51 Raleigh News Observer: Raleigh News Observer: – /that-was- close.html?tab=gallery&gallery=/2010/04/06/ /duke-wins-national- championship.html&gid_index=1#gallerytop /that-was- close.html?tab=gallery&gallery=/2010/04/06/ /duke-wins-national- championship.html&gid_index=1#gallerytop /that-was- close.html?tab=gallery&gallery=/2010/04/06/ /duke-wins-national- championship.html&gid_index=1#gallerytop

52 Butler Photo Galleries Butler Newspaper: Butler Newspaper: – baskbl/ /releases/national-title4510 baskbl/ /releases/national-title4510 baskbl/ /releases/national-title4510 – baskbl/ /releases/national-title4510 baskbl/ /releases/national-title4510 baskbl/ /releases/national-title4510 Butler Collegian: Butler Collegian: – News Examiner: News Examiner: – ports/doc4bb69eba9a txt ports/doc4bb69eba9a txt ports/doc4bb69eba9a txt

53 Indianapolis Star: Indianapolis Star: – butler-vs-duke-game- action#id=9277&num=69 butler-vs-duke-game- action#id=9277&num=69 butler-vs-duke-game- action#id=9277&num=69 Indianapolis Herald-Sun: Indianapolis Herald-Sun: – orts/ /article-FOURTH-TIME-S-THE- CHARM?instance=main_article orts/ /article-FOURTH-TIME-S-THE- CHARM?instance=main_article orts/ /article-FOURTH-TIME-S-THE- CHARM?instance=main_article

54 Chapter 15: Ethics Foundations of ethical decision-making – –Utilitarian: Greatest Good for the greatest number of people – –Absolutist: Certain principles that are fixed: Right to privacy – –The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Journalism as a whole: Utilitarian

55 Set up or just clean up? Altering the scene: Ever OK? Grounds for dismissal: – –Staging a photograph – –Suggesting a pose Tougher standards evolved – –Re-creations not OK

56 National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics Page 357 Be accurate Avoid staged photos, changing events Keep in context; be complete Treat all with dignity, respect No pay, gifts favors Dont sabotage other journalists

57 When facts conflict with photographs Is it OK to use a model? – –Child prostitutes example When is it OK to stage a photograph?

58 A continuum of control Hidden cameras – –No control Sports photography Hard news Features Portraits Photo illustrations

59 Norm Zeisloft

60 The case of the moving pyramids





65 oto_database/category/2005_Present/

66 Shifting standards What did Janet Cooke do in 1980?

67 Covering tragedy and grief Pictures can actually help victims, families – –UMD police chief Do all tragedies need photo coverage? – –Eddie Adams Professional or Good Samaritan?

68 Moral dilemmas of a picture editor Risk of sensationalism, offending readers

69 Ken Jarecke: Death of an Iraqi soldier

70 Charles Porter: Tragedy in Oklahoma

71 Lets look at the book…

72 Out of Class Assignment: Time to show off! Due NOON on Friday, April 23 Submit one photograph taken this semester that you would like to receive feedback on Needs to fit into one of the categories: general news, portrait, features, sports or spot news Need to write a caption, describe what category the photograph fulfills

73 Final Portfolio/Web site Due May 7 Build a Web site through Google Sites Share your best work! Time to dazzle me/family/friends/yourself by sharing your best work on the Internet

74 Im here to help! Go to: Sign in to your Google account Click on Create New Site This is where the fun begins! Fill out the form, and try different looks for your new Web site. Follow instructions at the bottom of the page, and click on Create site. Build your Home page. Be creative!

75 Photography lingo Shoot: take photos Shoot: take photos Sharp photo: in focus Sharp photo: in focus Soft: out of focus; not sharp Soft: out of focus; not sharp Flat light: Even, with no highlights Flat light: Even, with no highlights Bracket: Take several shots of same scene at different exposures Bracket: Take several shots of same scene at different exposures Shoot a lot of frames! Shoot a lot of frames! –Take a lot of photos – memory cards are cheap!

76 Picasa 3: Editing, selecting photos Set up Google Account: Set up Google Account: Go to: Go to: Download Picasa 3 Download Picasa 3 Upload photographs Upload photographs Under File menu, select New Album Under File menu, select New Album Type in Date/name of assignment Type in Date/name of assignment Select photos, drag to the album you created Select photos, drag to the album you created Edit photos, put the final photo selection first in album Edit photos, put the final photo selection first in album Select the final photo, and write cutline where it says: Write a caption! Select the final photo, and write cutline where it says: Write a caption! NOTE: Add full name to the end of the caption NOTE: Add full name to the end of the caption

77 Sharing album with me Select the album you want to share Select the album you want to share Click on the Share button on upper right side of the album screen Click on the Share button on upper right side of the album screen Sign in to your Google account Sign in to your Google account In the Share Photos screen, in the To: box type In the Share Photos screen, in the To: box type

78 Carry your camera with you!

79 Lets practice … shutter speed Ball toss Ball toss –Prefocus where you anticipate the ball will land –Try out a variety of shutter speeds –Put your camera in program mode: set the shutter

80 Reading Assignment for next week: Read Chapter: Multimedia Read Chapter: Multimedia Read the Duluth News-Tribune! Read the Duluth News-Tribune!

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