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Key Positioning and Building up the Government of God Prophetic Insights for Now and 2007 Taught by Prophetess Phyllis Ford on Sunday, November 12 th,

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1 Key Positioning and Building up the Government of God Prophetic Insights for Now and 2007 Taught by Prophetess Phyllis Ford on Sunday, November 12 th, 2006 7 p.m.

2 Realities that we must look at as we prepared for 2007 There are biblical patterns that direct us and even enlighten us as to the role of the Apostle/Prophet/Intercessor in the realm of government dealings.

3 Realities (cont.) In Gods word you see Elishas assignment was to stand as a protector of a region, positioned against the enemy that would come against the king of Israel. Our position is always to establish the kingdom on this earth as it is in heaven. We must come to the reality that the kingdom of this earth and the kingdom of God are vastly different. We need to be careful that in our divine positioning, we dont take on the approaches of the world. If we do, we will open the door to compromise.

4 1 st Prophecy---2Kings 6:8 Prophecy: In 2007 the kingdom of the enemy will try to occupy certain regions to set up sieges and strongholds in our nations. These places will be targeted in order to ambush the governmental leadership in this nation. We must be prepared to fightthis battle must be fought with spiritual weapons, strategies, finances, wisdom that comes from heaven and all of Gods grace to conquer the enemy tactics which will be enforced by the Government of God.

5 2 nd Prophecy2 King 6:9 Prophecy: The Apostles and Prophets will reveal/uncover the enemys presence in systems, in institutions, in ministries, and in government programs. In addition to this uncovering, there will be strategies released to counteract and to make us aware of the enemys tactics. (In this verse of scripture the King was saved 3 times as a result of Elishas warnings.)

6 3 rd Prophecy---2 Kings 6:10 Prophecy: As a result of these warnings a lot of plots will be uncovered and snares will be revealed. Gods judgments will also be released against the forces of the enemy.

7 4 th Prophecy 2 Kings 6:11-12 Prophecy: Our apostolic and prophetic people must be covered with prayer and even dwell in protected places---wealth is about to released so that the headquarters and buildings that will be used to teach & train will carry the necessary resources to move forward. (God will provide provision for the vision.) Our churches will take on new responsibilities to become houses of prayer/worship, and also places to clothe, feed and provide various resources for people. As a result of this, the enemy will not be able to destroy the people with famine and lack. There will also be a strong prophetic accuracy in revealing the plots and plans of the enemys camp. (even that which is spoken in the kings bedchamber.)

8 5 th Prophecy--- 2 Kings 6: 13 Prophecy: Positioning is so key nowthe place where Elisha lived was in Dothan. It was extremely significant because of what Dothan represented. Here was a place where Joseph was carried away as a slave: to do away with him and destroy his dreams. He was then picked and taken into slavery by Midianite merchantmen. The merchants sold him to Potiphar. This season carries the Apostolic/ Prophetic Power of Joseph and the Prophetic double anointing of Elisha. Key: Many times, the places where we suffer the most defeat is the place where the Spirit of God enters in to impart strength and encouragement. It was a place where Josephs captivity began, but it was also a place where God met Joseph in that pit and ministered to him. (the evidence of that impartation is in Genesis 39)

9 6 th Prophecy---2 Kings 6-14 Prophesy: The enemy will try to set traps to ensnare and capture the Apostles/Prophets. But the enemys underlying goal was to destroy the King (which represents the government of the land), because the enemys ultimate goal was to put the leadership, the land, and the people under siege. But the Apostles/Prophets will be anointed to overcome the works of the devil. And the world systems will look to the Government of God for answers and solutions to the dilemmas of the day.

10 7 th Prophecy---2 Kings 6:17 Prophecy: Those who work and serve with/for Apostolic-Prophetic ministry will need to carry the vision (insight, discernment) to stand by and strengthen their leadership. Those who serve and are in training by Apostolic/Prophetic leadership will carry a great ability and foresight in this season. The prayers and impartation of Apostles/Prophets will be key.

11 True Prophetic Ministry will reveal plots & plans of the enemy uncover the intimate secrets of the enemy provide information that will protect & cover the leadership over nations. The enemy will look to seek retaliation against the apostle/prophet, so they must be focused and vigilant. The enemy went at night, had an army, surrounded the city (just to destroy the one who had the information and foresight).

12 The servants of the Prophets (Verse 15) if the servant of Elisha hadnt gone early… (the servant went ahead) Who will go before the Prophets? To prepare and spy out the land? It was the servant that told Elisha. This is a key time for the servants of the Lord to rise up and answer the call of the body of Christ to minister. prayed that the servants eyes would be opened. if the servants of the Apostles/Prophets will go before them, then it is important that they carry the ability to properly discern each situation clearly without fear.

13 The servants of the Apostle/Prophets must have initiative (to go early, to go before) must have the vision of what the Fathers plan is to counter a plot (or they cold get caught in the crossfire.) must have keen discernmenttheir spiritual eyes must be opened must not fear must have an understanding of spiritual realms in God that come from living a life of prayer.

14 8 th Prophecy (in conclusion) Prophecy: In 2007 there will be great impartations placed upon the servants of the Lord. They will carry key information that will strengthen the Government of God in this season. Major strongholds will be destroyed and much will be averted. They will find themselves to be great assets in this next great move of God. God is going to raise up the servant that will do the work and the will of God so that the government of God will be established in an even greater measure. We - as a people of God - are going to have more angelic visitations and come into a greater understanding- even powerful teaching of angels will occur in 2007.

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