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Club Packet 2013 - 2014.

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1 Club Packet

2 WELCOME RAY GONZALES, Owner Club Director

3 Parking Reminder All Season; Please be courtesy - Do NOT Park near / in the roll-up door area of other business and or where DO NOT PARK signs are located. Towing is enforced at your cost.

4 PURPLE POWER Welcome to the FAMILY!

5 Welcome to Xtreme Volleyball
15 Years of History 20,000 Sq. Ft. Facility Staff & Athletes make this place! Competitive Volleyball from beginners to the most elite. Focus is on the Athletes and their Goals via proper Training. Life Lessons built in. Family Oriented. Exciting Year in 2013 – 2014 All Practices are Tuesday, Thursday and some will also have Sundays – see your schedule for times. Xtreme reserves the right to close practice to parents at any time during special occasions (College Coaches). Absences; This sport is one must commit to. Any deviation needs to be discussed with your Coach. Consequences will apply unless unique circumstances exist. Practice Wear – All Athletes need to adhere to the Practice Uniform and or they will be sent home. All gear must be as mandated and KAEPA! No excuses for missing competitions other than family death and or serious sickness

6 Team Expectations Competition Wear: You should have received new uniforms from head to toe and warm-up shirts. These items need to be with you at every tournament. ONLY KAEPA branded wear can be used. Travel: All athletes are required to arrive on time and be rested and ready to play on any given day. An athlete can only leave once released by her coach. Anyone departing without being released by their coach will face consequences. Hotel accommodations; Xtreme will guide you thru this process via communications. Please be on the look out for such communication. Note, there will be some tournaments we will NOT have a choice on where to stay – as these will be Stay-to-play. AES is another system you may face – we will be glad to help you. Practice Schedules are mandatory unless your Coach and or Age director knows of a circumstance that is unique.

7 Team Placement Tryouts are complete and you have been placed on a Team. However, We want to give everyone the opportunity to continue advancing and perfecting their skills in a competitive environment from September to November in order to minimize movement of athletes and build the strongest teams possible. There could be movement within our program of athletes from one team to another. This could happen at any time. Our focus is to build the strongest teams possible and to make sure each athlete is placed on a team where they can excel and have a positive experience. Please trust Xtreme Volleyball staff to build teams that will be successful in competition. Please remind your daughter that her attitude is being watched at all times, as is her skills.

8 Financial Obligations
You have signed a contract with Xtreme Volleyball and we expect you to fulfill it. All accounting questions can be addressed via If there is ever a hardship, please contact ASAP. Please make all payments on time – as late charges could apply. This is an expensive undertaking and we understand that. We also know the rewards are priceless.

9 Financial Obligations Part 2
Payment Policy: I understand I am required to keep a current credit card on file with “Xtreme Volleyball”, and that I am required to complete a credit card authorization form. If my credit card on file expires or I wish to place a different credit card on file it is my responsibility to do so before the 6th day of the month.  All questions, please contact All charges at “Xtreme Volleyball” are billed on or about the 1st day of each month and become due immediately. Customers have until the 5th day of each month to pay the balance due on their account via cash, check, etc. All amounts remaining due on the 6th day of the month will be charged to the credit card on file for the account. Any accounts with a balance due after the 6th day of the month will automatically be charged a $25.00 late fee, and the athlete(s) associated with the account may be withheld from participating in activities at “Xtreme Volleyball”. This includes accounts in which the credit card transaction on their account is declined for any reason. I understand any check/money order returned unpaid for any reason will incur a $25.00 return fee and a $25.00 late fee.

10 Uniform and Valuables in Gym
We are a branded and sponsored club. Only KAEPA gear can be worn at Xtreme practices and or competitions. Those not adhering to this policy will NOT be allowed to participate. Valuables in the gym should be treated with the utmost of care. We would ask you do NOT bring electronics, money and or any other items that would be deemed valuable. It is impossible to monitor all. While we do NOT expect any issues, this approach is just safer for all involved.

11 Important Dates !!! ** For all important dates – please see our website for all details and latest communication. Our website is constantly being updated and refreshed. Please check there often.

12 Code of Conduct - Parents
We know it’s a very exciting and passionate game, but one must control and stay positive. Membership in the Xtreme Volleyball Club carries with it certain responsibilities to the Club, particularly in the area of conduct. Rule 1: Keep POSITIVE support, encouragement, cheerleading and general hollering and yelling to a MAXIMUM on the sidelines. When players are working hard, they need to know you are there. Most teams have a tough enough time developing a sense of teamwork and achievement as they are developing their own individual experience and skill. They DO NOT need to hear YOUR anxiety piled on top of their own when the game is going poorly. Rule 2: Just one word on criticizing either players, coaches or referees; DON’T! Publicly criticizing players and coaches on your team can really hurt morale. They will already have an excellent idea, from all the practicing they have done, the coaching they have received, as to their errors. They DO NOT need reminders from their families, friends and other spectators. The players for the other team are also doing their best and in truth are probably no more aggressive than the players on your team. During or between matches, no player or parent(s) shall make any disparaging remarks about, or gestures toward another player, parent, team, coach or official. This may be cause for removal from a tournament. Continued offenses will be handled by the director and may result in nonparticipation at future tournaments. Make sure that your individual concerns do not become team concerns. Discuss coaches concerns with your coach first and age director if concerns are not resolved in a timely manner. If a player leaves a tournament after a dispute with the coach over playing time or any other issue, the player will not be allowed to participate in the club for the remainder of the season. No player will be allowed to re-try-out for Xtreme Volleyball if they quit before the end of the regular season for any reason other than injury. Xtreme considers “quitting a team” to include leaving a tournament before the coach releases the players from all referee or other assigned tournament team duties.

13 Please respect the employees of the Xtreme Training Center.
Code of Conduct Part 2 Rule 3: The referees are making judgment calls on each and every contact and will err at times, though far fewer than the best player on the team you are cheering for. Referees may make mistakes, but they never make a bad call in their heart. The referee might ignore you, but also has the right to ask you to leave the playing area. Rule 4: Leave the player coaching to the staff. This is a game for the players. Often the child is happy with the team and coach. It is usually the parent that is the one that is dissatisfied with the team situation. Coaches are already there on the bench to guide the players and give them instruction. Just one source of feedback needs to be heard and that is from the coach. If you think an athlete is not doing what should be done, tell the coaches in private, not the player. As others not on the team occasionally discover, a player may be doing exactly what the coaches have instructed. Either way, a parent can help a player’s development much better working with the coaches, not independently against them. One more thing, no calling out “Point! Point!” from the stands, the coaching staff and even the referees know a point has been scored. You might however help the team by take a referee/scorekeeper class. It might help you to understand the game much better and recognize the mistakes that are actually being made on the court. The coach’s job is to coach and the parent’s job is to support the coach and its member regardless if you agree with the coach’s decision. Please remember your attitude in the spectator area can affect the mood and success of the team. Any spectator who persists in inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave the gym. Emotions run high in competition. The place to talk about the game with the coaches is not in the gym and certainly not around the players. Concerns about the coach or other players should never be discussed with your player. Rule 5: Set an example in your actions. Do not break the rules of the tournament by leaving a mess, smoking, or drinking where it is not permitted. Players on the court can be removed from the game for foul language and spectators can too. Please respect the employees of the Xtreme Training Center.

14 Communications During the course of the year, the Director/Head Training Coaches will call various meetings with the coaches and/or team parents to advise them of important events or to release details of scheduled events. Communication will be delivered in the form of phone calls and s. (The importance behind MY XTREME Page). Frequently pre-tournament information is delayed and very vague. Please be patient with us in this area. We will get the information to you as quickly as possible. For routine information the process is as follows: 1. The Director will contact the team coach and give her/him the details of the event. 2. The coach will call the team parent. 3. The team parent will call her/his respective team members and give them the necessary information. 4. Information will be ed, photo-copied or placed on the Xtreme Website at 5. You are responsible for your child’s current information and online payment account at 6. Off-site tournament websites will be made available to the parent(s). AES Tournament Website Houston Power League Houston Shoot Out

15 Participation Understanding
The Age Director and Coach are responsible for the composition of her/his team. Team members will be played at the discretion of the coach, who will make all decisions concerning her/his, team. The level of competition, the ability of the player-athlete, player position, the needs of the team, and the importance of the tournament will dictate the amount of playing time. Some tournaments utilized to qualify for National Junior Olympics may significantly reduce the amount of time the player is on the court. Each player has varying stages of motor muscle development and skills. Some develop faster than others in this area. The coach will continue to work with the skill development in practice, but may not utilize them in a game situation. Often players that make mistakes are capable of rebounding quickly on the court while others need to be substituted out of the game to regain their focus and composure. Each coach knows the capabilities of her/his players and will make these decisions. We want a clear understanding that you are not paying for playing time; you are paying for training time if you are on any of our club volleyball teams. Do not approach the coach at a tournament to ask questions about the member's playing time. The coach reserves the right to deny any discussion about the member at a tournament. All questions/meetings should take place the week following the tournament, a minimum of 24 hours after the event or by the second practice of the week. That will give everyone an opportunity to cool off and think about what is said. Do not contact the age director unless you have discussed your issues with the coach first. This rule will be strictly enforced. Please see chain of command in the parent Code of Ethics.

16 Protocol when handling Team Concerns
Athlete Approaches Coach If no relief – involve Age Director If No Relief – involve John M. ** Age 13 and under; with a Parent is acceptable *** Age 14 – 18; Athlete to Coach (No parent necessary) - **** Parent can become involved to sit in on meetings if Age Director and or Director is involved. However, Athlete must lead conversation.

17 Injury Policy All injuries must be reported immediately to the coach or one of the directors. Members with minor injuries will be asked to attend all practice times. In the case of a major injury, the member will not be permitted to participate unless clearance is obtained from the member's physician in writing.

18 Hotel Protocol Club will send Hotel Choices for “Stay to Play” to Team Representative (A Mom or Dad). The Team Representative will be appointed by the Coach for each Team. Team Representative will endeavor to work with all members of Team to ensure entire Team stays together at the choice hotel. Team Representative will ensure Coach is made aware of the choice. Watch s and Website for constantly changing information. Last minute changes are NORMAL in Club Volleyball. Remind your ladies that when at Hotels they represent XTREME VOLLEYBALL.

19 Recruiting Basics Xtreme will assist Athletes at no charge when needed, but cannot be their full time recruiter. Xtreme will provide a Basic Profile page. Xtreme will assist as a guide if other resources (be, and other such sites) are sought. Xtreme will talk to any coach interested. Xtreme will work with Recruiters at tournaments. Player has certain responsibilities. Contact Coaches via . NCAA Clearing House. Watch Attitude on and off court. Positive, energy and Coachable School / Grades Temperament with Parents Temperament with Teammates Narrow Search Down – we know its overwhelming. Be ACTIVE in the process!! Communicate with John M. – BCC on s sent. Direct coaches to John M.

20 Three (4) Governing Bodies
USAV AAU JVA FIVB Other Memberships AVCA

21 There is NO “Post Season”
Your season starts in September 2013 and ends in July 2014. ** Please make sure to plan for all tournaments and activities during the season.

22 Important Club Contact Points
Complaints/ Concerns/Operational Concerns and final stop in Chain of Command for Team Concerns (after going thru concern protocol). John A. McClelland, Executive Vice President & Recruiting Coordinator.

23 Ray S. Gonzales, Owner – Director
Important Contacts - 2 Ray S. Gonzales, Owner – Director Nicole Bowden

24 Code of Conduct Acknowledgment
I will not be involved in any matter of disrespect towards any members of Xtreme Volleyball staff, parents or athletes. Anyone threatening to quit or pull their athlete from a team may be dismissed from the program immediately. I understand that all athletes are required to wear the appropriate practice attire to every practice. I understand the coaches reserve the right to suspend any athlete’s or parent’s participation in activities at Xtreme Volleyball as disciplinary action. I understand the importance of punctuality, and will be at all scheduled events on time. I will not participate in negative gossip or communications that adversely affect Xtreme Volleyball. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter or other websites. I will maintain and/or improve the skills I performed at tryouts through hard work and dedication. I will not hold or threaten to hold my athlete from practice or competition as a form of punishment. I will conduct myself with respect and integrity, displaying positive sportsmanship at all times. I understand all athletes at Xtreme Volleyball are expected to arrive at practice and competitions on time with a positive attitude and give their best effort in every endeavor. I will not use inappropriate language. I understand it is sometimes necessary for athletes to be moved from one team to another; at the sole discretion of the club. I understand that the parent viewing area should be a positive atmosphere, and I may be prohibited from using the parent viewing area if I cannot maintain a positive attitude while there. I understand that my monthly billing statement is ed to me as a courtesy. Whether I receive it or not, I am still obligated to make my payments on time. If my billing address changes, it is my responsibility to notify Xtreme Volleyball front office. I understand the financial commitment I am making. I will honor my commitment. I understand that if I quit or I am removed from the program, I will not be entitled to a refund of any kind. This includes all monies paid to Xtreme Volleyball including prepaid expenses.

25 Tournament Schedule See Web-site for all Information.
** All information is subject to change – please check often**

26 Holiday Camps on December 27th & 28th, 2013
**Camps for Setters, Liberos and Hitters to be offered. SIGN UP NOW – CAMPS FILL UP QUICKLY!

27 ATTACKING ACADEMY CLINIC (7th – 12th Grade)   Friday December 27 – Saturday December 28, :00am – 12:00pm……………………Training 1:30pm – 4:30pm……………………..Training   All attacking footwork, arm swing, front and back row attack, & movement passing and position passing.   SETTING ACADEMY CLINIC (7th – 12th Grade)   Friday December 27 – Saturday December 28, :00am – 12:00pm……………………Training 1:30pm – 4:30pm……………………..Training   All footwork patterns on and off the net, hand development, front and backrow sets, 1st, 2nd and 3rd tempo sets, tipping and attacking.   LIBERO ACADEMY CLINIC (7th – 12th Grade)   Friday December 27 – Saturday December 28, :00am – 12:00pm……………………Training 1:30pm – 4:30pm……………………..Training   1ST Contact (Passing & Defense) Movement Training for Serve Receive & Defense   Cost: $ (includes t-shirt)

28 Formal Corrections to Information Provided
White Teams WILL be going to Arizona. All White Teams, 11 KAEPA, 12 KAEPA, 12 PURPLE, 13 PURPLE do NOT have Athletic Republic built into their schedules and or dues. ALL Teams have same ending time (season wise) – July 2014. We are deeply sorry for any miscommunication and or misinformation

29 Susan Romero Memorial Herman Sports Medicine / Athletic Republic
General Discussion

30 F.O.X. Coordinator – Amber McGowen If interested – email Amber and or approach her.

31 Q & A Session See – this wasn’t that scary??

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