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Tropical Dry Forest By Aimee Childress.

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1 Tropical Dry Forest By Aimee Childress

2 Tropical dry forests are located all over the world
Tropical dry forests are located all over the world. In the Americas, these dry forests are the source of vegetation to the north and south of the Amazon rain forest.

3 Fauna of the Tropical Dry Forest
Common Long Nosed Armadillo African Lion Capuchin Monkey Spotted Hyena African Elephant

4 Animal Adaptations Such animals as the Capuchin monkey will move to areas like stream beds, where it is moist all year which allows them to survive. To adapt to the hot environment frogs and insects have gone into “estivation” which is the summer- time version of hibernation. Small rats are nocturnal so they gather food at night when it is cooler out. Their large ears help dissipate the heat.

5 Flora of the Tropical Dry
Forest In order to survive the periods of little to no moisture or precipitation, the trees of this area are either deciduous or Evergreens. The plants that are deciduous save water by loosing their leaves, therefore saving energy. Jacaranda Tree Ceiba Tree Orchids

6 Human Influences Tropical Dry Forests are the perfect area for agriculture. Because of this, numerous amounts of land are lost to cattle ranches, grain farms, and cotton fields. Tropical Rain Forests hold the publics eye, while the dry forest disappears.

7 Soils and Climate Soil in the dry forest tend to be less acidic compared to a rain forest, and richer in nutrients. Climate of the dry forest ranges from periods of dry season lasting 6 to 7 months, while having a very wet season for 5 to 6 months. Between both dry and rain forests, the dry forest is more seasonal.

8 Biology The trees of this forest are greatly influenced by physical factors. How tall a tree will grow depends on how much rain there has been. The wetter the area the taller trees which tend to be evergreens. In the drier areas are shorter and loose their leaves throughout dry season. Similar to the rain forest, plants produce animal – dispersed seeds. But they are also wind-dispersed seeds.

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