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Here at Sysco, we understand the concerns of our customers and the community to support local businesses, eat healthier and reduce our carbon footprint.

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2 Here at Sysco, we understand the concerns of our customers and the community to support local businesses, eat healthier and reduce our carbon footprint. We have made a commitment to partner with local farms and have created a Sysco Local Flavor program, which allows us to offer our customers seasonal items right from their own backyard.



5 Local food is usually be defined as being produced within a 160 km (100 miles) radius. The term "local food" does not have one definition. The meaning can change depending on the organization, the commodity being discussed, and the current growing season. Products of Ontario are branded local by Foodland Ontario. "Product of Canada" also defines a product as local.Foodland Ontario

6 Each month Sysco puts out a flyer showing What's Locally available for the month to help You plan out menus, but more importantly Local flavors.. Sysco Helps bring Local flavors to many different parts of Ontario and Eastern Canada, allowing others to Experience the Taste of Niagara and we are able to deliver to places where farmers today would not be able to. Allowing for farmers to be able to grow even more products for us to enjoy.

7 History with Sysco oWe have been partners with Sysco for 6 years. oTwo main ways that Sysco helped us get involved with local produce. First of all, Greg Hall was the initiator on making us aware of LFP and the importance to our partnership to be LFP certified. Weve been certified with LFP for 5 years. The second way is that Sysco provides us with a distribution network that helps us to do what weve never been able to do before, which is to get the product out to local food service operators. Syscos commitment to have LFP vendors ensures that consumers have local food in season as it is available. In the past things were sourced from the food terminal where there is no guarantee of province of origin, country of origin, or food safety certification. Now, you can, in good conscience and with confidence, draft a local food menu and know that is what you are actually serving.

8 One thing I want to highlight is our specialty products. We produce a large volume of carrots, celery, and yellow onions, but because of the distribution expertise of Sysco, we have been able to develop alongside them specialty items like you see here. Again these are items we could never have grown without a distribution network. They are too specialized, and grown in small quantities for a specific target market. Because of our partnership with SYSCO we can offer these products now, that make your presentations stand out and offer eye appeal. What you should also know is that you are not just supporting a local farm in Hillside. Hillside has a group of approximately fifteen farmers that work in cooperation with Hillside by supplying product. As of December 31, 2012 all of these growers are food safety certified. These are dedicated farmers with families like your own who depend on the supply chain that we were discussing today for the family living.




12 It Started in 1943 The tradition of premium poultry products with the Pintys name attached goes back over 60 years, when in 1943 Ed Pintwala first opened Pintys Poultry Limited. The first plant was processing up to 60,000 chickens a week. 1999 The Vanderlaan and Pintwala family entered into a joint venture, combining Port Colborne Poultry, a fresh chicken processor with Pintys Foods, a further processor. Together they grew to meet fresh and further processed poultry needs. In the 50s The start of W. Vanderlaan and Sons (later to be renamed Port Colborne Poultry) was modest. The chickens were grown on the family farm and were delievered live to consumers. Run by William and Petronella Vanderlaan, their focus on providing customers with quality food became a core value as the company continued to grow.

13 I want to express the importance that Local Sourcing and Processing is to Sysco and Pintys All Pintys Farmers are Ontario based We have 60 Farmers that grow for us, approximately 30 are local to the Niagara region Our Transportation company is also local Live birds all coming from Ontario- furthest coming from 3 ½ hours away oClinton Ontario oWingham Ontario oBrighton Ontario From there, theyre brought to our Port Colburne Plant oKill oDeboning oPortioning In Ontario we have a Quota for Chicken Supply

14 The Government protects our Chicken Farmers- we can only grow so many birds, where the US is a free for all, you can grow all you want In the US, because there are so many birds grown, their quality is not the same- there are more diseased, unhealthy birds with unhealthy living Because we are not over-farmed in Canada, and we are supply managed, our birds are quality feed, we have nutritional aspects that are met The only thing we source from the US are our wings due to supply capacities o60% of our wings are Canadian, 40% are US (Georgia- Poultry Capital of the US) oAll our wings that we source are Fresh o90% of our Canadian Wings are from Ontario, the rest are from the West (BC) Competitors oMost of our competitors import a lot of their product which comes in frozen oThey can import from the US, Thailand and Brazil oThese competitors do not have their own primary processing facilities


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