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College-wide Governance Meeting December 10, 2013, 9:30 AM.

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1 College-wide Governance Meeting December 10, 2013, 9:30 AM

2 Agenda Minutes Announcements Presidential Address Executive Committee Report Student Life Committee Report IQAS Actions (Syllabus/Course Evaluations)

3 Minutes Correction to a name error Minutes are available online at: Meeting dates are there too!

4 Announcements Committee on Curriculum (Daley) Mentoring Colloquium – Digital and Media Productivity Tools – January 8 th, 2014 – Please RSVP today! Resolution and Syllabus Template

5 FACULTY MEETING Presidents Remarks December 10, 2013

6 Report of the President Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr. Open SUNY and Coursera MOOC Contract NYSUNY 2020 Award Round 2 and Round 3 ESF College Foundation Construction Projects Centennial Campaign Update Key Metrics from Full Cabinet Retreat Graduating Student Placement Survey Acquisition of 500 Acres of NYSDEC Property as Part of Heiberg Forest College Construction Projects FY 2013-14 Operating Budget

7 Open SUNY/MOOCs Open SUNY Add 100,000 non-traditional learners through on-line courses On-Line Courses @ ESF 7 on-line courses offered in AY 11/12 (92 registrations) 12 on-line courses offered in AY 12/13 (130 registrations) 14 on-line courses proposed to be offered in AY 13/14 Coursera Prototype Learning Models for SUNY Stony Brook prototype Courses offered at no fee to learners around the world Instructional design and pedagogical design Licensing and copyright delivered course Potential delivery for credit to enrolled students Strongest applicability is for hybrid/blended learning Coursera has ~140 course sessions that have run

8 Open SUNY/MOOCs Drawback of MOOCs 10% completion rates Lack of acceptance by faculty Hybrid/blending would likely be the best route Sciences/engineering; laboratory content/experiential learning Potential general education application

9 Round 2 of the NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant Program Four projects totaling $60M were awarded $15M per project SUNY Institute of Environmental Health and Environmental Medicine Awarded $15M ESF, UMU, Oswego, OCC First of its kind in the nation Intersecting medicine, environment, engineering, entrepreneurship, technology and education

10 Round 2 of the NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant Program ESFs Allocation of the $15M in Capital Funds $3.375M (75% of $4.5M) Plus a share of $600K in research and teaching equipment

11 Round 3 of the NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant Program Request for $20M of $22M 28,000 ft 2 SUNY Center for Water Research and Education Center at Onondaga Lake Part of $350M Inner Harbor Development Partners: COR, OCC, UFI, OEI, OHA, The MOST etc.

12 ESF College Foundation Construction Projects Masten House Renovation

13 ESF College Foundation Construction Projects Thousand Islands Biological Station Student Housing

14 ESF College Foundation Construction Projects Centennial Hall 84 Bed Expansion

15 Centennial Campaign Update Fund Raising$3.5M (last year) Alumni Participation26.5%* Foundation Assets$59M Campaign Gifts & Pledges$16.7M (to date) *Note: Average Public University12% Alumni Participation Average Private University18% Alumni Participation

16 Centennial Campaign Update Focused Solicitations Boone & Crockett$3M Endowment in Wildlife Science Naming Gift for Gateway$250K Green Roof Arthur Savage Endowment$100K Environmental Law Scholarship Fund Naming Gift for TIBS$100K Student Residence







23 2012 Graduating Student Survey Response rate82.8% Overall placement78.3% Employed full-time or part-time Attending graduate school Full-time or part-time position87% Related to ESF major Average salary$42,861

24 2012 Graduating Student Survey


26 Acquisition of 500 Acres of NYSDEC Property as Part of Heiberg Forest ESF College Foundation Heiberg Memorial Forest ESF College Foundation Property acquired from NYSDEC ESF College Foundation

27 Acquisition of 500 Acres of NYSDEC Property as Part of Heiberg Forest

28 Important Extramural Funding Awards $351K NIH Protein Switches Award – Chris Nomura $2M Joint NIH Award for a New High Resolution Bruker 800 MHz NMR $3.49M NYSDEC MOU Amendment in the area of Wildlife Science Extraordinary support by Commissioner Joe Martens; Asst. Commissioner Kathy Moser, Director Rob Davies A partnership without parallel

29 U.S. News & World Report Rankings 2014 National Universities Category (281 public and private institutions) ESF #86 Nations Top Public Universities ESF #36 Best Value Colleges ESF #46 Only SUNY campus listed among 50 schools

30 U.S. News & World Report Rankings 2014 #51 on the list of colleges whose students graduate with the lowest student loan debt We are recognized for our small classes, being ranked #33 on the list of national universities with the highest proportion of classes with fewer than 20 students – 65%. ESF tops the SUNY campuses on that measure.

31 The College Database: U.S. College & University Rankings 50 Colleges Committed to Saving the Planet #1 MIT #2 Stanford #3 Harvard #4 Yale #5 CIT #6 SUNY ESF



34 Gateway Building Completion Concourse Cork Wall and Hanging Displays Combined Heat and Power Plant

35 Illick Hall Renovation Update Project Cost: $10.3 million Construction Complete: January 2014 Scope: Exterior masonry rehabilitation including mortar and concrete repairs and corrosion inhibitor application Replace greenhouses Replace roofs Replace storefront building entrances (north, south and east) Replace windows (east and west elevations only)

36 Illick Hall Renovation Update Status Greenhouse foundations and slabs are complete, framing is substantially complete and glazing installation is ~60% complete Roofing demolition and replacement is ~50% complete Exterior masonry restoration, concrete repairs and corrosion inhibitor application is complete Storefront replacements at north, south and east entrances are substantially complete Window replacements on east and west ends of building are complete

37 Illick Hall Renovation Update North Storefront Entrance Greenhouse Radiant Floor Tubing

38 Illick Hall Renovation Update Containment Greenhouse Mechanical Room Greenhouse Erection

39 New Heiberg Maintenance/Storage Facility Project Cost: $1.0 million Construction Complete: June 2013 Scope Replace the maintenance and storage facility that was destroyed by fire with a 5,936 squarer foot new structure Improvements include: New domestic water supply and septic systems Parking and drainage improvements New wood gasification heating system Bulk storage improvements

40 New Heiberg Maintenance/Storage Facility Entrance off Maple Ridge Road Wood Gasification Boiler


42 FY 2013-14 Operating Budget Revenue in $000s 2012-13 Actual 2013-14 Budget Variance $ Variance % Total$40,319$40,578$259 0.6% Key Revenue Items and Variances State Allocation$22,610 $0 -- Tuition15,49016,381891 5.8% U-Wide Funding1,7461,274(472) (27.0%) Morrisville ASC Profit Sharing 0 100-- Gateway Usage Fees 0 50-- One Time Items NG Rebate: Jahn Lab 159 40-- NG Rebate: Lighting, VSD 56 5-- NYSERDA: Gateway 0 140--

43 FY 2013-14 Operating Budget Expense in $000s 2012-13 Actual 2013-14 Budget Variance $Variance % Total $40,738$41,059$321 0.8% Key Expense Items and Variances Personal Service - Regular $23,803$24,387$584 2.4% Personal Service - Temporary 2,507 2,569 62 2.5% Accessory Instruction (SU) 1,406 1,500 94 6.7% Student Services (SU) 2,763 0 -- Utilities 2,749 2,624 (125) (4.5%) UG Financial Aid and Scholarships 2,485 2,697 212 8.5% Departmental Expense (OTPS) 2,489 2457 (32) (1.3%) Notes: PSR change includes CBA related adjustments as well as loss of Empire Innovation and High Needs Engineering U-Wide funding Accessory Instruction cost per credit hour reduced from $596 to ~$250

44 FY 2013-14 Operating Budget Surplus/(Deficit) in $000s 2012-13 Actual2013-14 BudgetVariance $Variance % Revenue $40,319$40,578$259 0.6% Expense $40,738$41,059$321 0.8% Surplus (Deficit) (419)($481)-- Reserve Balance in $000s Beginning Balance Operating Deficit Annual Activity Year End Actual % of Operating Expense $4,549($481)$150 $4,21810.3%

45 Executive Committee Melissa K. Fierke, Secretary Stephen Wieter, Parliamentarian and UFS Senator Alt Robert Meyer, Sergeant-at-arms Klaus Doelle, UFS Senator Paul Hirsch, SU Senator Douglas J. Daley, Curriculum Philippe Vidon, Research Scott Blair, Student Life Robert Malmsheimer, Promotion and Tenure J. Scott Turner, Technology Ruth Yanai, Awards Margaret Bryant, Library Council Chair, Institutional Quality and Academic Standards

46 Executive Committee Report Presidential Search – Ran election of faculty representatives to committee – Hosted several Listening sessions with Faculty Representatives Bylaws review Committee on Public Service and Outreach – Inactivated for the year Met all Presidential Candidates – Prepared a statement from the EC tothe Search Committee Mentoring Colloquium – Led by Technology Committee – January 8, 2013, 11:30 AM – 5:30 PM Presidential Transitions

47 Election Season…. Following Positions are terming this year: Executive Chair University Faculty Senator (SUNY) Syracuse University Senator All Standing Committee Chairs


49 Student Life Committee Report Current projects: College Hour Resolution submission ESF Bookstore feedback with Alumni Office Support Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 process Placing textbooks on reserve in Moon Library Connected with Steve Weiter regarding communication to faculty Life in Centennial Hall Academic Integrity policy/procedures revisions Ongoing with Kevin Reynolds Student Handbook reservations Student concern issues

50 Shannon Farrell, EFB Lindi Quackenbush, ERE and SCME Nasri Abdel-Aziz, FNRM Paul Caluwe, FCH and PBE Susan Dieterlen, LSA and ES JoAnne Ellis, Library Allison Oakes, GSA Bruce C. Bongarten, VPAA Mary Chandler, Registrar Scott S. Shannon, OIGS Kelley J. Donaghy, Acting Chair Instructional Quality and Academic Standards Committee

51 Resolution 2013-2 Setting the default date for the opening of course evaluations for regular length courses Resolution 2011-2 passed 11/2/2011 Default start date set to 4 weeks before end of semester Resolution 2011-2 passed 11/2/2011 Default start date set to 4 weeks before end of semester Withdraw Grade Policy passed on 5/2/2012 Late Withdrawal Date is 2 weeks before end of semester Withdraw Grade Policy passed on 5/2/2012 Late Withdrawal Date is 2 weeks before end of semester 2-week period when students can evaluate then withdraw.

52 Late Withdrawal Date 11/16/2013 Finals Begin 12/10/2013 Current Default Opening Date

53 Late Withdrawal Date 4/16/2013 Finals Begin 5/2/2013 Current Default Opening Date

54 Resolution 2013-2 Default Date set to after the Late Withdrawal Deadline Evaluations from students who dont complete the course expunged OIGS is responsible for providing sufficient reminders to faculty to change the defaults

55 Syllabus Guide Every Course must have a syllabus Syllabi must be turned into your departments main office 1 st day of class Independent Study/MS and Ph.D. Research courses must create a syllabus for each student

56 Necessary Components Name of Course Semester and Year Class meeting times Instructor(s) of Record Office Location Office hours Telephone Email

57 Necessary Components (Cont) DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE: Should match the detailed course description in the course catalog. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: Should be the same as those listed in the detailed course description on file with the Office of Instruction and Graduate Studies. TEXTBOOKS AND SUPPLIES: Textbooks should be the same as that identified in March/October for compliance with the 2010 Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA). GRADING: Grades are assigned in all credit bearing courses to reflect how well students have met the student learning outcomes of the course. This section should include details about the grading components such as course assignments, number of exams, homework, participation, or attendance, and how they contribute to the students overall grade. COURSE SCHEDULE: Test dates and other important dates should be included with the syllabus. ATTENDANCE POLICY: A statement is required. If you do not require attendance, you cannot use attendance as a grading criteria. If you require attendance, you must maintain your attendance records for six years, per SUNY Records Retention Policy.

58 Disability Statement STUDENTS WITH LEARNING AND PHYSICAL DISABILITIES SUNY-ESF works with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) at Syracuse University, who is responsible for coordinating disability-related accommodations. Students can contact ODS at 804 University Avenue- Room 309, 315-443-4498 to schedule an appointment and discuss their needs and the process for requesting accommodations. Students may also contact the ESF Office of Student Affairs, 110 Bray Hall, 315-470-6660 for assistance with the process. To learn more about ODS, visit Authorized accommodation forms must be in the instructor's possession one week prior to any anticipated accommodation. Since accommodations may require early planning and generally are not provided retroactively, please contact ODS as soon as possible.

59 Academic Dishonesty ACADEMIC DISHONESTY Academic dishonesty is a breach of trust between a student, ones fellow students, or the instructor(s). By registering for courses at ESF you acknowledge your awareness of the ESF Code of Student Conduct ( df ), in particular academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to plagiarism and cheating, and other forms of academic misconduct. The Academic Integrity Handbook contains further information and guidance ( Infractions of the academic integrity code may lead to academic penalties as per the ESF Grading Policy ( gPolicy.11.12.2013.pdf). df gPolicy.11.12.2013.pdf

60 Remember…. ….these are the minimum components required by the Grading Policy and the MTP. The syllabus policy goes into effect next semester. Syllabus template can be found at: m


62 Next Meeting January 22, 2014 Gateway A&B 12:45 PM – 1:40 PM Tentative Agenda 1.Dr. Wheeler 2.Promotion and Tenure – College-wide Policy Revisions

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