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MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Nuts and Bolts of Organizing and Managing More Soccer for More Kids 1 1.

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1 MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Nuts and Bolts of Organizing and Managing More Soccer for More Kids 1 1

2 Did you know that MSFMK programs are a great player and volunteer retention tool? Did you know that more advanced and seasoned players and volunteers stay longer in AYSO with the addition of these kinds of programs? Did you also know that hosting a tournament can also be a great way to earn extra funds for your local programs and communities?

3 Primary Program That set of scheduled games in a region for which open registration is held, balanced teams are formed and all registrants play. Team member registrations have been paid, national fees remitted and insurance is in effect. Participation is required for National Games eligibility and most AYSO hosted tournaments. 3

4 Primary Programs How many different primary programs? What are some we are already doing in our regions/areas? 4

5 MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS VIP (Very Important Player) Program provides a quality soccer experience for children and adults whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate on mainstream teams. 5

6 MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Extra Program: The opportunity for S/A/Rs to offer a higher level of competitive play to those players with the interest and desire A way to strengthen AYSO through internal programs that retain and recruit both players and volunteers through more competitive play Must be NBOD approved Adult Leagues: 6

7 7 MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Secondary Programs: …any AYSO program other than the regular primary program and any associated playoffs.

8 SECONDARY PROGRAMS How many different Secondary Programs? What are some we are already doing now in our regions? 8

9 What are the benefits to a Region/Area ? 9 Strengthen Core Program MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Player Recruitment Player Retention

10 What are the OPTIONS? 10 Soccerfest MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Tournaments/ Playoffs

11 What are the OPTIONS? 11 MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Funfest Interregional Play Indoor Soccer

12 What are the OPTIONS? 12 MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Jamboree Skillfest Coaches Skillfest


14 MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Coaches Skillfest : Takes place early in the season Master Coach-instructs main coaches while assistants supervise players Main coaches then return to their teams to coach their players The cycle is repeated in 20 minute intervals 14

15 MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Master coach sets-up 6 to 8 skill stations Assigns coaches to each station The players rotate through each station in groups of 6 to 10 every 20 minutes 15 Skillfest – Primary and VIP:

16 More Soccer for More Kids Players are randomly assigned to teams with other kids from their region or area Games are for fun! Players will make new friends, learn new skills Can be a season opening activity, end of season event, or included at a tournament 16 SOCCERFEST

17 More Soccer for More Kids – Similar to Soccerfest except intact teams participate – Season Kick-off to let kids get to know each other – Additional event at a tournament where siblings can participate – Scores are not tracked, Everyone wins – All players receive a participation memento 17 FUNFEST

18 MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Jamboree 4 to 6 week curriculum Each week a particular skill is emphasized Each Jamboree sessions ends with a game Teams are formed on a weekly basis 3v3 4v4 or 5v5 depending on numbers Younger age groups-Parents can assist 18

19 MORE SOCCER FOR MORE KIDS Season-Long Ladder Challenge Teams are listed in random order and challenge to get to the top of the Ladder Field time and referees are set aside each week of season for challenge matches A team may challenge only the team above them in the ladder If the team that challenges loses, it may not challenge that same team until challenged by the team below them in the ladder 19

20 More Soccer for More Kids Can take place during Primary or Secondary Program season Great to bolster a low number of teams in an age group More teams to play against means a better experience Players meet kids from other regions Regions develop relationships with neighboring regions 20 INTER REGIONAL PLAY

21 More Soccer for More Kids Indoor Play When fields are not available Continuation of skill building Conditioning during off –season Something new and different, something more 21 What are the OPTIONS?

22 More Soccer for More Kids Camps Usually in the off season Weekend or Week-long AYSO Camps 22

23 More Soccer for More Kids Tournaments First one? Start small: 4 teams per age, only 1 or 2 ages Experienced? What can you add? VIP/Funfest/Soccerfest/AYSO Camp Area or Section Playoffs Regions send one team per age group to the Area level, Teams then advance to the Section level NOT necessarily the best team – could be most sportsmanship points, most team spirit 23

24 More Soccer for More Kids Tournaments World Cup style (pool play+ medal rounds) Power pooling 4 v 4 Round Robin 24

25 More Soccer for More Kids Traditional Scope of Tournaments Regional Area Section Open Invitational 25

26 For More Details on Tournaments - Attend Workshop/Webinar NUTS and BOLTS of TOURNAMENT MANAGEMENT 26

27 More Soccer for More Kids No matter which option you consider, there are 5 Easy Steps… 27

28 Planning Phases & Timeline 28 1. DECIDE 2. COMMUNICATE 3. PLAN 4. EXECUTE 5. WRAP-UP 1-2 Months 2-6 Months1-2 Months Good planning means a good experience!

29 1. Decide Which Option and When? Whats the current interest level of players and coaches? Where will players/teams come from? Your region, area, section, more than one section? What format will the program be? When should you hold it? – Weather contingencies – Field availability – Non-interference with core programs 29

30 1. Decide (cont.) Will there be start-up costs? Fees charged? Other income? Check volunteer resources Where and how will you advertise? Ask interested volunteers to help with final decision. 30

31 2. Communicate Share plans with RC, AD, STA and SD Enlist Area and Section staff to help spread the word, share ideas and resources If you plan to host a tournament, complete the application packet Any Forms needed are available on 31

32 3. Plan Advertise – (Tournaments) EXPOs, Websites, Tournament Talk Reach out to your community for their involvement & support, regional website Recruit & Train volunteers Register teams Schedule games Assign referees 32

33 4. Execute Run the Program Set up fields and/or stations Food and vendors Check-in teams, referees Run skill stations/games Record Results Calculate advancements Award prizes Cleanup and takedown 33

34 5. Wrap-up Conclude the Program Pay all your final bills Thank Volunteers – schedule a party! Evaluate – Lessons Learned – What worked? – What didnt work? – What would you do differently next time? – For tournaments: Calculate the Ref Deposit Refunds – 14 days Complete a Final Income & Expense Report – 90 days 34

35 2014 National Games Come to the 2014 National Games at the birthplace of AYSO. 35

36 2014 National Games Core Teams Extra Teams VIP Teams Adult Teams 36

37 2014 National Games For more detailed information, go to and look Webinar – Your Dream Trip at the National Games AYSO EXPO Workshop – Your Dream Trip at the National Games Contact a member of the National Tournament Advisory Commission (NTAC) 37

38 Where to go for help NBOD and National Office – Tournament Handbook, Application Templates & Documents – Templates, flyers, rules, procedures Webinars/Section Meetings Workshops – Nuts and Bolts of Tournament Management – Your Dream Trip at the National Games 38

39 Where To Go for Help Section Tournament Administrator Section 1- Laura Love Section 8 - Beth Baker Section 2 – Drew Van Horne Section 9 – Stephen Service Section 3 – Section 10 – Graham Rice Section 4 – Terry Kelley Section 11 – Carlos Alcaino Section 5 – Jessica Sullivan Section 12 – Annette Klein David Erhart Section 6 – Terri Frice Section 13 – Donald Mock Section 7 – Maynard Pang Section 14 – Paul Scala 39

40 NATIONAL TOURNAMENT ADVISORY COMMISSION Irwin Kavy National Director of Tournaments Steve Alpert Section 3 & 13 Bruce Bricks Section 11 David Ehrhart Section 2,9, & 12 John Hadidan Section 10 Bill Hoffmann Section 4, 6, & 8 Laura Love Section 1 & 7 Randy Smith Section 5, 13, 14 & 99 Dianne Stratton NTAC Special Consultant 40

41 Open Discussion What is on your mind? How can we help? What can we do to assist you? 41

42 Customer Service Advice From an Expert Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do. Walt Disney

43 Great AYSO Soccer Starts with Great Communication Each player and parent should know how to reach their Region leadership from a tool provided for them to reference at home Business Card Magnet Brochure Flyer Bookmark

44 Each year, the AYSO National Office receives thousands of calls/emails from concerned families who can not reach their local Region or do not get replies to questions about… …player registration …coach, team, practice time, location …volunteer points, referee points …playoff criteria and participation …refunds, uniform returns, next registration

45 They would rather be communicating with you! Reachable phone and email publicized 800-555-AYSO - Website up to date Make sure there is room for messages REPLY ASAP REPLY ASAP

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