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Summer Meetings July 21 st & July 25 th. Concussion = Brain Injury!Be Prepared! Be Observant! Concussions 1. Each school shall have a written plan. 2.

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1 Summer Meetings July 21 st & July 25 th

2 Concussion = Brain Injury!Be Prepared! Be Observant! Concussions 1. Each school shall have a written plan. 2. Educate: coaches, players, and parents about the signs & symptoms of a concussion. 3. Determine if a pre-season testing/baseline will be used. 4. Secure medical personnel if available. 5. Evaluate / Sit-out when in doubt. Medical evaluation follow-up. 6. Return to practice / return to play protocol. Heat & Humidity and Athletic Participation 1. Each school shall have a written plan. 2. Educate: coaches, players, and parents about the signs & symptoms of heat stroke, heat exhaustion. 3. Know the heat index at the start of practice and make adjustments as dictated by the heat. 4. Monitor conditions through-out practice. 5. Provide ample water breaks. Follow plan. Remove equipment … 6. Each school must have an immersion tub on site. 7. Monitor athletes – before, during, after each practice.

3 PlanPrepare Lightning/ Severe Weather Emergency Action Plan Plan for practice / games in the event of: - Severe weather - Severe injury - Disturbance Plan if the team is away or travelling. Type of detection system. Who makes the call ? ! Where do people go.

4 Mercy Rules are in place to address sportsmanship and player safety. Tennis: Regular season. If the match has been decided in singles, the doubles may play an 8-Game Pro-Set and No-Ad scoring maybe used if time or travel is a concern. Football The Head Coach of a team trailing by 30 points or more may request a running clock at the beginning of the 3rd or 4th quarters. If a team is 40 points or more behind, a running clock shall be used at the start of the 3rd and/or 4th quarter. The clock shall run except during time-outs, following scores, injuries, and change of possession. Baseball / Softball The Ten (10) Run Rule in 5 innings and 15 Run Rule in 3 innings are in effect in all SCISA Games. Soccer If a team is trailing by 8 or 9 goals at the half, the second half will be reduced to 20 minutes. If a team is trailing by 10 or more goals at the half, the game shall be official (called). At any point in the second half that the goal differential reaches 10, the game shall be official (called). Basketball For all levels of play: if a team builds at least a 40 point lead by the start of the 3 rd of 4 th quarter, the clock will continue to run until the end of the game. The clock will stop: between quarters, at time outs, free throws or when replacing an injured or disqualified player. The running clock will continue to run even if the lead falls below 40 points.


6 1. School Athletic Handbook, Policies, and Procedures. 2. Training: 1.Concussions: Signs, symptoms, evaluation, remove from play, return to play. 2.Heat & Humidity Policy: signs & symptoms of heat related illnesses, policy concerning adjusting/cancelling practice due to heat… 3.Lightning/Severe Weather: detection system? NCAA Policy. Where to go. 3. Coaches CPR Certified? If not, provide/schedule training. 4. Review SCISA Policies: A. Organized practice guidelines. B. Illegal and/or improper contact with student athletes at other schools. C. Code of Conduct. Sportsmanship. D. Disqualification: player and coaches. 5. SCISA Highly Recommends that each school take advantage of the NF Course: Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment - and make it a requirement of all coaches. Areas covered include: 1. Hazing. Bullying. Cyber-bullying. Social media. Contact with students. 2. Inappropriate relationships with students

7 6. NF On-line Courses. Coachs Certification? 7. Bus safety / evacuation. 8. Coachs medical information. Staff, volunteers, bus drivers. 9. Use any type of Volunteer Coaching Agreement: warning of inherent risk, acknowledgement of school policies…

8 Bus Safety & Evacuation

9 Reminder: Only buses that: Have School Bus across marque/header Have the 4 amber warning lights Are yellow in color Have a Red stop arm/sign Can stop traffic on a South Carolina road AND that driver must have a CDL with training from the SC Depart. of Education.

10 Pre-Trip Inspection Doors/Emergency Exits/Hatches Warning Buzzers operating Emergency SIGNS in place – doors, window, exits, roof hatch Fire Extinguisher First Aid Kit - Body Fluid Clean-up Kit 3 Emergency Reflectors Seat Belt Cutter Communication Device (cell phone) / important contact numbers Plan Route EMERGENCY CARD - Information about the bus / about the driver

11 When existing the bus, take emergency info, first aid kit. Move children safe distance (100 feet or so). Have a written plan. Practice / document at two (2) drills each year. When to Evacuate Sometimes the safest place is on the bus! If you see fire or smoke. Smell fuel. Bus is in unsafe position. RR Crossing Bus is in unsafe location: on a curve, poor visibility Drill Follow your plan. Identify all safety equipment / emergency exits to students. Practice staying calm. Take into consideration any special needs / language barrier. Show teacher/older student how to shut off bus/set parking brake. Use teacher/older students to assist.


13 Required Forms Before Athletic Participation Physical Agreement for Participation Warning of Inherent Risk New Student or Transfer Student: New Student/Transfer Student Form (both forms - parents/school) Before Game Participation Name/DOB/9 th Grade on Certificate of Eligibility. Change of Eligibility Form after each marking period. Student Eligibility Age Grade Level Academically eligible Eight Semesters Guardianship / Resides at home Transfer Student: could he/she represent the school he/she left?

14 International Students Approved Agency - CSEIT listed agency One calendar year of eligibility Age restriction Provisions for extended stays: Committee review Completed I-20s No financial assistance History/mission of agency / schools history with international students Planned number of years of enrollment

15 ADA Compliance Schools shall make any ADA accommodation request in writing at least 10 days prior to the start of the season or playoffs. The reasonable accommodation cannot fundamentally change the activity.

16 Distribution of Information Increase Media Exposure Email information to Athletic Directors Email information to media outlets (these are contacts that you provide to SCISA) Post information on SCISA website Post information on Facebook (SCISA Athletics) with a link back to SCISA website Twitter - tweet headlines that direct back to SCISA website

17 New SCISA Programs / Points of Emphasis

18 New SCISA Award / Recognition Programs SCISA Academic State Champions 1.SCISA will recognize, with an Academic State Champion Citation, the team with the highest grade point average (for the entire team), in each classification, in each varsity sport. 2.SCISA will recognize, with a rotating Academic State Champion Cup, the team with the highest grade point average. - Division I Cup for teams with more than 15 players. - Division II Cup for teams with 15 players or less.

19 New SCISA Award / Recognition Programs SCISA Program Recognizing Athletic Teams who participate in Community Service Projects Real Champions Give Back 1.SCISA will recognize every team with a citation, recognizing their community service project. 2.SCISA will recognize One Team, with an award (to be named), as the Community Service Team of the Year. 3.SCISA will publish a list of all Community Service Projects. Participation in community service projects teaches valuable life lessons, provides positive community exposure for the school and the schools athletic teams, and is the right thing to do!

20 New SCISA Award / Recognition Programs Promoting / Acknowledging Good Sportsmanship 1.Stay-in-the-Game Citations - Every school who completes the school year without a player or coach disqualification will be presented a citation. A list of those schools will be published honoring this achievement. 2.Sportsperson-of-the-Year - An award to recognize outstanding leadership, service to school and community, and sportsmanship. Student-athletes nominated by coaches/schools. 3.SCISA Sportsmanship Award Banner - A Banner will be presented to one team for displaying outstanding sportsmanship. Coach/AD will report how the team promotes good sportsmanship, has no disqualifications, and other feedback.

21 Everybodys Job: Pre-Season Meeting Sportsmanship Banners displayed Sportsmanship statement by PA Active Designated Rep / school staff Cheerleaders involved What you permit, you promote! Officials penalize poor sportsmanship School – to – school communication. League penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct

22 New SCISA Award / Recognition Programs SCISA Tri-Athlete Certificate SCISA will present a certificate recognizing those special student- athletes who participate in a varsity sport in each of the three sports seasons (fall, winter, & spring). A student does not have to letter in each sport, but must finish each season in good standing. In May schools will submit a list of qualified student-athletes.

23 SCISA Athletic Record Book SCISA has commissioned Gerald Doolittle (W.W. King Academy) to assist with collecting and publishing a listing of SCISA records. Schools have been/will be asked to submit their school records for consideration. A top performance list in the named categories will be published later this school year.

24 Player-of-the-Week Awards The convenience of email coupled with the power of social media, Player-of-the-Week Awards gives us the opportunity to not only recognize deserving young people but the platform to positively promote our schools. Email a picture of your nominee with his/her stats, GPA,… anything that helps them shine. Nominations are received every Monday in all varsity sports.

25 SCISA/Rokkitwear store Target Group: SCISA Athletic Officials but anyone can order.

26 National Concerns Club Soccer season extended to 10 months. Will effect participation in school sports. Independent Schools Member and non-member schools

27 Region Chairpersons Select a coach to serve as the region chairperson for every sport. Their responsibilities include: Collect region standings (each week). Lead selection meeting for all-region. Distribute information. Have a written region tie-breaker.

28 Rules: why we have them. Level Playing Field Sportsmanship Player Safety

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