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Alta/Snowbird Freeride and snowbird freeride

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1 Alta/Snowbird Freeride and snowbird freeride
parent athlete meeting

2 2013 Season highlights 12-14 IFSA Overall Winner Olivia Askew
15-18 IFSA Overall Winner Jess Sterrett 15-18 IFSA Second Overall Tasha Heilweil 15-18 IFSA Second Overall Seth Klein 15-18 IFSA Third Overall Andrew Pollard 15-18 JFT Overall Sierra Swan

3 Coaching Staff Rob Greener- Head coach 9th year with the program, IFSA board member Chuck Loeffler- 8th year with the team, Pro Mogul Tour athlete, Freeskiing World Tour athlete since 1999 Stephen Helfenbien- 6th year with the team, AFD Head Coach Nick Greener- 2nd year coaching in the program, professional athlete since 2001, former SBSEF FIS race athlete Alaina Heustis- 2nd year coaching in the program, FWT competitive athlete , former SBSEF FIS race athlete Kyle Sul- 2nd year coaching in the program, FWT competitive athlete 2006-present, former Crested Butte Ski Academy athlete and Racer Davin Grapentine- 1st year directly with the Alta/Bird, coaching AFD for the last six plus year! Collin Bywaters- 1st year directly with Alta/Bird, coaching with AFD since the beginning Jason Astle- 2nd year with Alta/Bird Mick Berry- PC Freestyle Head Coach and program director Mike Meza- PC Alta/Bird big mountain coach

4 ABOUT THE PROGRAMS Alta/Bird Freeride Ski Team- Is the SBSEF competitive big mountain program on snow- Nov 12- Apr 13, athletes must have a season pass to both Alta and Snowbird resorts AB Transitional- Trains 1-2 days per week, does not include event coaching, and is not prioritized to travel with the team to competition AB National- Trains 1-2 days per week, includes all pro-rated coaching, and is prioritized to travel with the team to competition AB Elite- Trains 3-4 days per week, includes all pro-rated coaching, and is prioritized to travel with the team to competition Snowbird Freeride Ski Team-. The program focuses on athlete development and strong skiing fundamentals. Athletes are encouraged to compete in local “regional,” competitions throughout the season, however competition is not mandatory. Athletes must be 10 and older before Dec 31st. On snow training Dec 7 – Mar 23 SB Freeride On-Snow Ability assessment- Saturday November 23, 9:00 PM -12:00, meeting in gad valley

5 About the program con’t
Christmas Camp- Will take place Dec 26, 27, 31, Jan 2, 3 ATHLETE SKILL LEVEL Alta/Snowbird Athletes-Athletes need to be expert skiers, capable of skiing all terrain, in all snow conditions within alta/snowbird. Snowbird Freeride Athletes- Athletes need to be strong intermediate to advanced skiers who can ski the majority of Snowbird terrain.

6 PARENT Coordinator Joe Barker, returns in his second year as the Alta/Bird parent coordinator, Joe will be reaching out to parents for help with volunteering, Christmas party, and other ways to help the ski team out

7 USSA USSA All athletes must be members of USSA. USSA provides the insurance that our program operates under. To register for USSA go to once their click on tools, then on online registration. Register under the freestyle or Freeski discipline, if it is your first time registering for USSA you can register as a “freestyle rookie,” for $70. The division we ski in is intermountain and the organization we ski under is Snowbird Sports Ed

8 IFSA The International Freeskiers Association is the governing body of junior and adult freeskiing competitions. The IFSA provides consistent judging, point tracking, and information on Junior Freeskiing Competitions. All athletes competing in one or more events will have to be members of the IFSA. To register go to once there you will create an account and register online. The cost is $85 in October, $85 in November, and $100 in December. Registration is open! Athletes who plan to compete in only one event may be a $25 one time fee

9 SEASON PASSES Alta/Bird- The Alta/Bird season passes will be available starting early November at the snowbird ticket office (third floor of the snowbird plaza) the cost will be $475 you will pay snowbird corp directly for the season pass. Athletes must be current with ussa and paid in full before being able to pick up the season pass. We will have a selected time slot pick our passes, athletes who don’t make it during this time may be forced to wait until after the pass rush (two-three weeks) before they will be allowed to pick up their passes. All athletes must have a tram pass. Snowbird- Athletes will be able to pick up there season passes starting early November in the snowbird ticket office. Cost is $275. Alta- Athletes who only need the Alta pass may purchase the $200 pass at the Snowbird ticket office, these will not be available until early November.

10 RWA The $100-$400 race workers assessment (RWA) fee is added onto everyone who registers for the Alta/Bird Team and Snowbird Freeride Team. The RWA, money is used to purchase and update vehicles, cameras, TV's, and all other basic infrastructure the Freeride Team uses on a daily basis. The RWA fee can be worked off through volunteering at any of the ski team fundraiser events, auctions, and ski team races. Eight hours of volunteering equals $100. To sign up to volunteer go to and click on volunteer. Athletes who are registered for two days will have to work off $200, and three days $300. The Snowbird ski team is hosting four events this season and we will need volunteer help. Joe and myself will be the main points of contact for these events and volunteering.

11 Safety Safety is priority number one! All athletes will be coached to safely navigate the terrain at Alta, Snowbird, and while at competitions; the coaching staff takes this very serious! Athletes must wear helmets at all times, no exceptions! Back protectors are not mandatory, but encouraged. SBSEF Concussion Policy Please see attachment, please sign and return to Rob at the end of the meeting. Concussion Baseline Testing All competitive athletes in the Freeride team must have a concussion baseline test prior to the third week in December. Any athlete who has not done a baseline test will be taken during Christmas camp and tested. You must have a baseline test done each year! Snow nights, interlodge, and road closure Please refer back to team policy Avalanche Overview Rick Wyatt will be leading a few avalanche talks during Christmas camp. Athletes are encouraged to do their own level one course during the season.

12 On-Snow and dryland Training
Alta/Bird- On snow starts November 12 to April 3, and takes place on Tues Thur 1:00-4:00 Saturday and Sunday from 8:50-3:30 Snowbird Freeride- On snow starts Dec 7th Mar 23rd One day per week athletes need to decide before the program starts what day they will be skiing; either Saturday or Sunday. Once decided, athletes will be held to train on that specific day, no exceptions. Dryland- Is currently underway, Mon, Wed at bodywise from 6:30-8:00, and Fri 4:00-6:30. Snogression is every other Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 Needles Dryland Camp Oct 30-Nov 3; who is going?

Check the Hotline or website the Thursday before training then press (7) to see where and when we will be meeting. Alta/Snowbird and Snowbird Freeride athletes will meet at 8:50 in Gad Valley at Snowbird in front of the race shack. On days meeting at Alta, the Alta/Bird Freeride Team will meet in front of Alta Java at 8:55. If you are late you may join the team for the afternoon portion of training starting after lunch. During morning canyon closures, check the hotline for updated info on when and where we will be meeting. 10:30 will be our cutoff time, if we can’t meet before then we will hold make up training sessions at the end of the season. Lunch Alta/Bird athletes will eat lunch at the gold miners daughter while skiing at Alta. Snowbird freeride athletes will take lunch at 11:30 in the rendezvous room and will have a sack lunch drop off in gad valley in the morning. Alta/Bird athletes will take lunch either in gad valley during video and or in the snowbird center when skiing at snowbird. Remember to check the website and or hotline before every training session. Hotline and website will be updated every Thursday by 8:00 PM. Mid-week training- Will meet at 1:00 PM and train until either 4:00 at Snowbird or 4:30 at Alta Be on time!!! Be early!!! Be there before 8:55!!! Twitter- How many athletes are on twitter?

14 COMPETITION OVERVIEW What is big mountain competition? In short, it is a judged event where athletes get to show how well they ski. Athletes are judged on line choice, control, fluidity, technique, and energy/style in IFSA events. This year athletes will participate in IFSA Junior Series including IFSA National events, Regional events, and the National Champ event. A few athletes may participate in JFT events this season. Alta/Bird Freeride Team athletes must commit to at least two competitions throughout the season. The Snowbird Freeride Team encourages athletes to participate in at least one event each year, however competition is not mandatory to be apart of the Snowbird Freeride Team

15 Competition travel National and Elite athletes will have priority to travel with the team, transitional athletes may have the option to travel with the ski team based on space. Coaches will drive, fly, rent cars, or use shuttle vehicles to access these events. Coaches are responsible for athletes both on and off hill, they will conduct study tables, regulate nightly curfews, etc… Athletes must abide by the drug and alcohol policy set fourth by the SBSEF team. Anyone who is caught using drugs or alcohol will be punished in accordance with this policy. All competition fees must be paid by set deadlines. And we are encouraging everyone to pay via credit card online. Late fees will be assessed to payments after set deadlines.

16 Alcohol, drug policy, and room checks
Please see attached document SBSEF does random drug testing throughout the season If coaches suspect athletes to be using drugs they may be selected for a drug test Please refer to travel policy for room checks Athletes who leave their rooms after room checks will be punished accordingly with SBSEF policy

Alta/Bird and Snowbird Freeride charges a pro-rated coaching price for all transistional and devo athletes competing and training outside of their contracted program training days. For example, if an athlete is signed up for the Saturday only, one day per week program and goes to a three day event taking place over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That athlete will be charged a pro-rated coaching fee of $63 per day for two days, Friday and Sunday. Coaching Fees 1 day per week full season- $63 per day 2 days per week- $56 per day 3 -4 days per week- $44 per day

18 Trip sheet example Beartooth Trip Sheet Athletes: Eric Hilb, Martin Lentz, Taylor Pratt, Addison Fleisher, Kendall Goodman, Finn Reddish, Will Reidal, Sierra Swan, Jacqueline Pollard, Hank Bates Competition: Beartooth Ski Camp Schedule: See excel spread sheet Coaches: Rob Greener, Chuck Loeffler, Nick Greener Head Coach: Rob Greener Mandatory Team Meeting Place: TBD established by Rob when we arrive at campsite Travel Info: See excel spread sheet, departing Millrock on Tuesday June 11th at 8:00AM. Athletes who are flying into Bozeman please be in contact with Rob for pick up time. Will return to Millrock Monday June 17th in the evening RSVP for Trip: All ready complete Fee Break Down Lodging: $30 (we are camping, please see camping info and what to bring!) Travel: $180 Includes vehicle replacement fund Coaching: $525 Competition: $185 (includes two day regional event) Tickets: $135 Food: $100 Coach Travel Expense: $58 Total amount of check to SBSEF: $1,200 Due by: Monday June 3rd Please mail checks to: Snowbird Sports Ed Foundation 3165 E. Millrock Dr. Suite 190 Holladay, UT Please include Beartooth in the memo area. Other Fees Responsible by athletes- Food: Breakfast and Lunch are not included on the drive up and on the drive back Lunch and dinner are not included. Please send an additional $40 cash to cover additional food costs.

19 Comp RSVP and IFSA Event registration
Must be completed by date submitted on the trip sheet, see trip sheet example  IFSA COMPETITION REGISTRATION Regional- Regional events will be open, registration time will be announced in November National- IFSA registration will similar to 2013 Pre-Qual athletes will have a 3-5 day window to register in November Quota- athletes will have a 3-5 day window to register in November Open- the mad dash to register will be announced for middle of November

20 NOR AM Champs and quota spots
North American National Championships- Athletes will qualify into the NOR AM event based off of the athletes three best finishes at National events, and two best finishes at regional events. A percentage of Regional athletes will also be qualified into the event based off of regional standings. Athletes will be notified starting in early March if they have qualified for Champs. Nor AM Champs Location- Snowbird! Nor Am Champs additional info- Open to athletes 12 and older IQUOTA SPOT The Alta/Bird team will prioritize all athletes into top picked events. For all two day National, Elite, and transitional athlete please complete the priority document for a quota spot.

21 NEW LOGO VOTE Discrete- MISSING SCHOOL Coaching staff will conduct mandatory study hall during all school days missed while athletes are traveling. Prearranged absences are encouraged. School letters may be issued by coaching staff, please contact Rob for more info.

22 NEW logo vote!

23 Ski team equipment EQUIPMENT (Pro-Form and great deals on tuning/boot fitting) Cole Sport Park Avenue, Park City - (435) Sports Den Foothill Drive Salt Lake City, UT (801) Inkline Foot Science- Inkline Foot Science: (801) E 3300S. Salt Lake City, UT

24 Discrete or soft shell jackets?
OPTIONS- INCLUDED IN TEAM FEES One soft shell jacket or One hoody, one flannel, and one hat

25 Ifsa national competition schedule
IFSA NATIONAL SERIES EVENT SCHEDULE 1/17-1/20  Snowbird, Utah  2/5-2/10 Whistler, BC 2/19-2/24  Taos, New Mexico FEB TBD- Squaw, CA   3/5-3/10    Crested Butte, Colorado 3/12 -3/16 Crystal Mountain, Washington  3/19-3/23  Grand Targhee, Wyoming NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 4/8-4/13      Snowbird, UT  IFSA IMD REGIONAL EVENT ¼-1/5 SNOWBIRD TBD CANYONS 2/8 Targhee 1/3-2/3 Bogus Basin


27 ??????Questions????? Parent/athlete meetings? Dryland? Dryland Camp?
What type of gear do I need? How many events should I attend? Which events are the most fun? What about the JFT? Is Grant Howard sponsored? How many pounds of candy did Jacqueline eat last year?

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