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Multi Tiered Training For XC & Track Aaron Davidson Shawnee Mission North High School.

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1 Multi Tiered Training For XC & Track Aaron Davidson Shawnee Mission North High School

2 My Experiences… High School Lyle Knudson High Altitude Camp Fort Hays State – Majored in XC & Track (Health & Human Performance & Education) Post Collegiate Competition Shawnee Mission North

3 Traditional Distance Training Nothing wrong with this model! Great Cross Country approach. Assumes you can not increase Volume & Intensity Aerobic conditioning decreases over time. Emphasizes the peak.

4 High School Coaching We dont have our runners all year. Some coaches have commitment to other sports. Some coaches dont coach both seasons. Track athletes come from a mixed background. Track athletes train for multiple races. (Much more dynamic) Track and XC training should be different. XC should be include more aerobic training and higher miles. Track Season =14 Weeks Cross Country Season = 26 Weeks

5 Frank Horwill - British Milers Club - Founded 1970s Lyle Knudson - High Altitude Camps - Article in Running Times Sebastian Coe - British 800m/1500m Olympic Medalist - Broke 3 World Record In 41 Days Personal Bests 400m = m = 1:41.87 Mile = 3: K = 7: k = 14:06 4 Mile = 17:54 Mike Webb Blue Valley West Jay Edwards

6 Multi Tiered Training System Defined Training that involves progressing athletes through 4 different paced training sessions over a specified training microcycle. Athletes train ABOVE and BELOW their goal pace. (Speed intensive workouts) Key is becoming comfortable at different paces.

7 Benefits Quality vs. Quantity Training racing skills vs. Getting in Shape Focuses on Speed & Speed endurance from beginning to end. If speed is the name of the game then we should never get too far away from it. Seb Coe Allows athletes to have Range. Gives athlete best chance to PR throughout the entire season. Does NOT emphasize mileage. Helps prevent injuries. Does NOT emphasize the Peak. Not depending on a taper phase. Not based on Volume. Workout is done when athlete is no longer meeting the objective of the workout. Volumes and recovery can be adjusted.

8 How to set it up… Plan 2 Week Cycles. Split team into 2 groups. DISTANCE & MID-DISTANCE. Each group has their own Training Distance or (TD) Determine TRAINING DISTANCE or (TD). Example: MID Training Distance = 800m Example: LONG Training Distance = 3200m Introduce slower paces first. Time trial at beginning of the season helps determine target times. Athletes must do 2 time trial runs. I like for my Long Distance kids to be at 3200m (TD) when the season starts. I will spend the first 2 weeks introducing faster paces to them in fartleks.

9 Set Training Distance (TD) (TD) Determines the paces they will be training at for each 2 week cycle. MIDLONG 200m800m 400m1600m 800m (TD)3200m (TD) 1600m5,000m 3200m10,000m

10 Workout Paces Athletes do 2 workouts above TD. Athletes do 2 workouts below TD. MIDPACESLONG 200mUnder-Under-Distance (UUD)800m 400mUnder-Distance (UD)1600m 800m (TD)Training Distance (TD)3200m (TD) 1600mOver Distance (OD)5,000m 3200mOver-Over- Distance (OOD)10,000m

11 Each Cycle Consists Of… (LR) Longest Run of the Week (20% to 25% of the previous weeks mileage) 40 miles previous week = 10 miles 30 miles previous week = 7.5 miles 20 miles previous week = 5 miles (AT) Aerobic Threshold Runs Threshold Pace; 1 mile time + ~60 seconds; very non specific pace; non conversation pace). (OD) Over Distance: 1 Race Pace over Target Pace (OOD) Over-Over-Distance: 2 Race Paces over Target Pace (UD) Under Distance: 1 Race pace under Target Pace (UUD) Under-Under-Distance: 2 Race Paces Over Target Pace (AR) Aerobic Recovery (RD) Race Days or Test Days

12 Volume TOTAL Training Distance Pace (for that days workout) Workout PaceMultiplierTotal Distance 100mx 5500m 200m Pacex 4800m 400m Pacex m 800m Pace x m 1600m Pace x m 3200mx 26400m 5000m Pacex m 8000m Pacex ,000m 10,000mx 110,000m 15,000mx 115,000m Must monitor athletes and determine if volume needs to be added or subtracted.

13 Recovery Rates Long Interval Workouts – Equal Recovery, work down to slightly less than equal. Short Interval Workouts – Can make or break a workout depending on how you prescribe it. Must watch the workouts! I like to break short interval workouts into sets. Keep the heart rate high throughout the set while they are still running efficiently, then recover between sets. Not full recovery until late season! Speed Intervals – Close to full recovery; 2 to 3 minutes to allow energy system to recover.

14 Paper Airplane Model If its built right, it will fly right.

15 Training like a boxer. Hitting on all phases, all the time. Prepared to come out swinging or last the full 12 Rounds. Morning Runs + Sprints, Hills, Stairs + Jump Rope + Plyometrics + Agility & Foot Speed + Weight Training + Core Work + Boxing

16 Training Paces 4:40) Training Paces 5:30) We do pre-season time trials in the 400M, 800m, and 1600m to get current marks.

17 Training Paces for 4: m Boy UUD400m57.7 UD800m2:06 TD1600m 4:40 OD3200m9:55 OOD5000m16:19 Use prediction charts and pace charts to determine each interval time. Setting up an OD workout… 3200m Pace x 2 = 6400m Volume (4 miles) 3200m Pace which is 9:55 pace. 9:55 Paces are… 200m = 37 seconds 400m =74 seconds 600m = 1:51 800m = 2: m = 3: m = 4:58 Break it up however you want… 32 x 37 seconds 16 x 74 seconds 8 x 2:28 6 x 3: m Hard 4 x 4:58 Ladder Sets: 2 x 400m / 400m / 800m / 9:55 Pace

18 MONDAY: (OD) Over 3200m Pace; Volume = 6400m 15min. WU + Drills 8 x Current 3200m Pace w/ Equal Time Rec. 10 min. Turf Cool Down Myrtle Routine + Glute Routine8-9 Miles TUESDAY: (AT) Aerobic Threshold 10min. Easy / 10min. AT / 10min. Easy 6 x 60m Strides Hurdle Routine4.5 Miles WEDNESDAY: (UUD) Under – Under – 400m Pace ; Volume=1200m Plyometric Routine + Accelerations 2mi WU to Mohawk Park 12 x 100m on Grass w/ 2:30 – 3:00 Recovery 10min CD run back to school General Strength Routine 5 Miles THURSDAY: (AR) Aerobic Recovery 30 min. Easy 6 x 60m Strides4 Miles FRIDAY: (RD) Race Distance or Race Day 1600M Goal Time: 800M Goal Time: 5 Miles SATURDAY: (LR) Longest Run of the Week 25% of Previous Week Total8.5 Miles SUNDAY: Rest 36.5 Miles Total MONDAY: (OOD) 5k Pace; Volume = 7500m 15min. WU + Drills current 5k pace: 200/400/800/1200/1600/1200/800/400/200 w/ = time recovery 10 min. Turf Cool Down Myrtle Routine + Glute Routine9 Miles TUESDAY: (AR) Aerobic Recovery 40 minutes Easy Recovery Run 6 x 60m Strides Hurdle Routine5.5 Miles WEDNESDAY: (UD) Under 800m Pace ; Volume=2000m Plyometric Routine + Accelerations 2mi WU + 2 sets of 3 x 800m w/ 1.5X Recovery 10min CD run back to school General Strength Routine 5 Miles THURSDAY: (AT) Aerobic Threshold 1mi Easy / 1mi AT / 1mi Easy 6 x 60m Strides3 Miles FRIDAY: (RD) Race Distance or Race Day 1600M Goal Time: 3200M Goal Time: 6 Miles SATURDAY: (LR) Longest Run of the Week 25% of Previous Week Total8.5 Miles SUNDAY: Rest 37 Miles Total

19 Alex Hendee (2009) NOT using Multi Pace Training 9:34 Topeka Seaman 9:34 North Relays 9:36 Sunflower League 9:36 Regionals 9:39 STATE Sydney Simpson (2013) 1600m – 5:39 only time she ran it 800m –2:32 / 2:31 / 2:26 / 2:25 / 2:23 400m – 62 split Micki Krzesinski ( ) Soph Year - / 2:34 Junior Year – 5:39 / 2:30 Senior Year – 5:19 / 2:24 John Raines (2013) 800m Progression 2:01 South Relays 1:59 BV Relays 1:58 Topeka Seaman Relays 1:57 Sunflower League Meet 400m = 50.1 Sam Yoakum (2012) Senior Season PRs 3200m - 9: m – 4:22 800m – 1:59 Ephraim Chaney ( ) 2:06 Junior Season 2:00 Senior Season Ben Burchstead (2012) Sophomore year 1600m Progression 5:00 – 4:50 – 4:40 4:28 Junior Year Emily Stava (2013) 3200m - 11: m - 5:42 800m - 2:27 (4 second State) Examples


21 If you put a baton in their hand, youd think they were finishing a 4 x 400m. Vern Gambetta Discuss last 400m of Olympic races.

22 Athletes dont care how much you know until they know how much you care. Aaron Davidson

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