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Bitterroot Ski Resort By: Cattie Shelmerdine, Michael Stricker, Miranda Harris, Pat Murphy, and Jennifer Zeleniak.

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1 Bitterroot Ski Resort By: Cattie Shelmerdine, Michael Stricker, Miranda Harris, Pat Murphy, and Jennifer Zeleniak

2 Strengths Large amount of Skiable Terrain Longest Vertical Drop in North America Close to Major Airport Population Growth High Rate of Snowfall Higher Elevation Permits longer skiing Season

3 Weaknesses Relatively Remote Location Lacks Name Recognition of Other Ski Areas Bad Reputation From Foreclosure Lack of Accommodations for Skiers

4 Opportunities Missoula Market Changing (Empty Nesters) Expansion to More Diverse Terrain Packaging to attract customers during non- peak times Flexible Pricing that favors local market

5 Threats Competition Lookout, Big Mountain, Snowbowl Foreclosure Stigma Obtaining Reliable Investors Rising Prices of Airline and Oil Industries

6 Quantified Objectives Population of Regional skiers 1,706,591 Number of Competitors in Region 20 Total Market Share 81,266 or 5%

7 Population Growth



10 Target Market for Bitterroot Resort

11 College Students Empty Nesters Youth Teenagers Segmentation Strategy

12 Combined Market Strategy College Students and Empty Nesters More of an Intermediate to Advanced Skiing Level Bitterroot Supplies More of an Advanced to Intermediate Skiing Level Photo From:

13 Reasons for Targeting Empty Nesters and College Students Disposable Income for Empty Nesters More of an Advanced/Intermediate Ski Levels which is what Bitterroots Strength is Local Markets Has more of Empty Nesters and College Students Photo From:

14 College Students Continuously Growing and Expanding Market More Advanced Skiing Level Bitterroot has facilities for local College Ski Teams Photo from:

15 Empty Nesters Largest Amount of Disposable Income between the Segments Growing Population of Empty Nesters in the Missoula Region Tend to be more Advanced skiers Photo From:



18 Behavioral Segmentation Dimensions Psychological needs- It fulfills the need to get away from the city Social needs- interaction with other people that are advance skiers like themselves Economical needs- reduces travel costs because its is close to Missoula Benefits sought- more advanced skiers at resort; its a hobby

19 Dimensions Continued Thoughts- resort is the interest of more advanced skiing; competitive prices Rate of use- empty nesters ski more; college students escaping school Purchase relationship- all season passes/ long term Photo From:

20 Dimensions Continued Kind of shopping- Specialty Product Type of Problem Solving- Specialty Information Required- Low Photo From:

21 Problems Other ski resorts are for Family and Beginners Need for more of an Advanced Ski level Photo From: Decision Making Process

22 Information Local Newspapers Ski Magazines Travel Information Ski Resort Website Photo From:

23 Alternatives Snow Bowl Look Out Big Mountain Lost Trail


25 Decisions Offers more Advanced runs Closer than other Resorts Competitive Prices Less Focus on Beginners Photo From:

26 Evaluate Compare Experience with past experience at Resorts Were runs well-groomed? Optimum Level of Snow Fall Weigh Travel Expenses with that of other Resorts

27 Four P-Plan

28 Product The product class is a specialty product. Product Life Cycle Maturity Stage Many Competitors

29 Means End Chain Attributes Steepest Slope High level of Snow More Advanced Terrain Injury Insurance Snow Cat Machines

30 Means End Chain Physical Consequences Rush of Adrenaline Smoother Trails Provides More of a Challenge Provides Safety Measure Access to More Diverse Runs

31 Means End Chain Psychological Benefit Conquering a Huge Slope Worry-Free Overcoming Obstacles Less Aversion to Risk Experiencing a New Adventure

32 Means End Chain Values Feeling of Courage Enjoying Life Feeling of Achievement Sense of Security Sense of Freedom


34 Perceptual Map Steep Slopes Flat Slopes Bitterroot Large Acreage Low Acreage Snow Bowl Big Mountain Lost Trail

35 Brand Statement Bitterroot Ski Resort provides the highest mountains and most area for intermediate and advanced skiers to harness their skills.

36 Slogan for Bitterroot Ski Resort

37 Place Objectives High Level of Customer Care High Level of Market Exposure Strategies Indirect & Direct Distributions Channels

38 Distribution Channels Direct Distribution On-site Ticket Purchases and Rentals Order Passes on Website Kiosk at University of Montana that sells Passes Sell Bus Pass tickets for Weekend Trips

39 Distribution Channels Indirect Distribution/Intermediaries Have Passes available at other local locations Costco Gull Ski Sports Authority

40 Promotion Objectives Objectives Persuading Mature Market with Many Competitors

41 AIDA Model Attention Forms of Advertisement Ski Magazines Bus Advertisement Decaled Company Vehicles Local Newspapers Missoulian University Newspaper Montana Kaimen

42 AIDA Model Interest Highest Peak in Region Large Skiable Area Obtained through Local Newspapers, Ads, and Ski Magazines Desire Looking for more of a Challenge Obtained through Ski Magazines Action Desire for Challenge leads to Purchase Points of Purchase at Costco, UM, Gull Ski, the Resort Offer special discounts and drawing for free season pass at points of purchase

43 Price Competitors Day Lift PassesAdultsStudentsSeniors Snow Bowl $43$40 Lost Trail $37--$29 Big Mountain $67$56 Season PassesAdultsStudentsSeniors In Off Snow Bowl $612 $547$560 $495 Lost Trail $475 $425 -- --$400 $350 Big Mountain $1110 $580$945 $480$945

44 Price Objectives Penetration Strategy AdultsStudentsSeniors Day Lift Passes $50$40 Season Passes: In $730$635 Season Passes: Out $515$440


46 Resources Graphs from oot_Resort_Market_Analysis.pdf Dimensions Information from: html Segmenting Information from: 607-research-compendium.pdf Competitor Information: orts-skiing.html

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