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Palembang puts the bang in your life! Adam H., Amerra S., Andrea T., Nikki L.

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1 Palembang puts the bang in your life! Adam H., Amerra S., Andrea T., Nikki L.

2 Population: Palembang is full of *600,000 happy people with different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Size: Palembang is part of the Srivijaya Empire. The Srivijaya Empire spans *803,557 square kilometers! Location: Palembang is located on the Musi River and the Strait of Malacca *These numbers are estimates done by calculations

3 Transportation: By sea in a Boat From China: Sail south through the South China Sea, making a stop in Indrapura, to eastern Sumatra. Enter the Musi River inlet and sail south along the river to Palembang. From India: Sail East through the Indian Ocean towards Thailand and Malaysia. Once there sail south to south east through the straits of Malacca, to Malacca. After Malacca continue sailing east towards eastern Sumatra. Enter the Musi River inlet and sail south along the river to Palembang.

4 The city of Palembangs most famous feature is the Musi River, which runs through the city. This river runs to the north coast of Sumatra and is deep enough for sea-going vessels, making it an excellent for trade and a beneficial economic boost to the city. In the city there are numerous Buddhist and Hindu sanctuaries and monuments with beautiful carved statues, similar to monuments at Borobudur. These sanctuaries often hold vast amounts of texts relating to Buddhism and Hinduism making them a common stopping point for monks.

5 Palembang, being located in the tropics, has a warm and humid climate and normally receives a great deal of rainfall, especially during the wet season. The rain precipitate is about 2.5 millimeters each year. Palembang has 2 seasons: one rainy and one dry season. The city also has 2 transition times when it switches from rainy season to dry season and from dry season to rainy season. The average air temperature in Palembang is around 27 degrees Celcius, which is 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Tourists wanting to vacation in Palembang should plan ahead as to not visit the city when there are thunder storms.

6 Sea trade led to the creation of the Srivijaya Empire and Palembang. Palembang and the Srivijaya Empire were located around the Straits of Malacca which was the only passage between China and India or the East and the West. This prime location brought the wealth necessary to create an Empire. Palembang grew to be a major city in the Srivijaya Empire because it was located on the Musi River and the Strait of Malacca. At this time the Tang Dynasty was reviving China. China wanted and needed to trade with the rest of the world so that it could continue this revival and continue to grow. Because Palembang was a port city that controlled the Strait of Malacca, China developed a good relationship with Palembang so that they could trade with the rest of the world (by way of the Strait of Malacca). Palembang also had strong ties with India because it was so close to India and it linked India to China. Both India and China brought religions (Buddhism and Hinduism) to Palembang and helped maek Palembang a religious center by doing this. In 990 Srivijaya was attacked by Java (a neighboring island). In this attack Palembang was burned to the ground and looted. With the help of China, Palembang was rebuilt and Srivijaya fended off the attack. Palembang was able to remain a key city in sea trade. India, China, and Palembangs location led to Palembang being the richest city in Southeast Asia during 859-1025 CE. Unfortunately during the Postclassical Era (500-1500 CE) Palembang and the Srivijaya Empire began to decline. In 1025 CE Srivijaya was raided by the Chola Empire and afterwards was raided for 20 years by various groups of people and Empires. Srivijaya was able to fend off the attacks but they left the Srivijaya Empire greatly weakened. The Srivijaya Empire began to decline until 1500 CE when Palembang and the Srivijaya Empire fell under Islamic rule as Islam expanded across Asia.

7 The city of Palembang exports spices, such as pepper, timber, and resin. It is a center of trade and exports which create a rich culture for its inhabitants. This city is located around various sea-trade routes which make it a natural center of trade and commerce. This trading port enables Palembang to be visited by many travelers bearing new ideas and technology leading to the various languages and cultures which give Palembang its unique cosmopolitan, multi- ethnic society.

8 The religious thoughts and ideas originated from various ideas around the world. Because of Palembangs location as a trading port on the Strait of Malacca, it was influenced by Chinese and Indian cultures and was important to the spread of religion between these two countries as well. The religious belief system has been strongly influenced by Buddhism as well as Hinduism. Because of its strong Buddhist influence, students and monks travel from India and China for Buddhist observance and teaching. Palembang became a center of learning in order for people to visit and learn more about Hinduism and Buddhism. Due to Palembangs desire for control over trade routes and to be more advanced economically, Palembang favored Mahayana Buddhism from China over Indias popular Hinduism. By favoring China, they made important connections within the world of trade. Palembangs financial success as well as their control over the Straits of Malacca led to the building of an empire, Srivijaya, based around this central city. Srivijayas exclusive connection to China led to more Buddhist influences which enhanced Palembang as a cultural center of trade.

9 While in Palembang, feel free to bring back some of the beautiful songket hand-woven textiles that the city offers. These carefully crafted fabrics are also available in the form of a shawl and headcloth.

10 The architecture of Palembang is very ornate and detailed. Most of our religious buildings have thin columns, domes, towers, a pyramid roof and arches. Each building is covered with delicate and intricate designs that have been carefully cut out of wood (or other materials) and hand-painted. We take great pride in our religious buildings because they are so lavish and detailed. Most of the houses you will see in Palembang are floating houseboats because of our location on the gorgeous waters of the Strait of Malacca. Our city is still growing as people flock here from China, India, and all over the world to trade so we are also experiencing more and more houses being built in the heart of the city of Palembang (on the land). The walls of our domestic homes are made out of timber, strips of bamboo, grass, rattan (strips of bark), or a combination of these materials. Our homes are not as grand as our buildings but they are still lovely to look at. Houseboats wouldve looked different but this is how crowded the river was A religious building done in Srivijaya style architecture

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