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Getting Physically Ready For The Lacrosse Season.

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1 Getting Physically Ready For The Lacrosse Season

2 Components to Physical Fitness Body Composition Cardiovascular Endurance Flexibility Muscle Strength Muscle Endurance All are necessary to address, in order to obtain optimal physical fitness

3 No Excuses We all need to get started now. There is a difference from being in shape and being in game shape.

4 It Takes Time… It takes approximately 7 – 12 days for your body to adjust to a new environment

5 Exercise Myths If you are thin, you are fit Diet the weight off, before you start exercising Running is the best exercise Once you get older, exercise has no benefit NO PAIN – NO GAIN

6 Exercise Tips Start your non-impact cardiovascular work 1 st * Last two weeks in January * Bike – Pool – X-Trainer – Treadmill Next comes your indoor- impact Cardiovascular work * First 2 Weeks in February * Walk / Jog on Treadmill / Track 3 – 4 times a week / 45 – 60 minutes

7 Exercise Tips Outdoor Impact Work * 3 rd & 4 th Week in February * Walk / Run / Sprint on Track or Field 3 times week for 30 – 60 minutes Workouts should simulate Game Situations

8 Exercise Tips We all are Lacrosse Officials because we enjoy the Sport. We need to prepare and keep ourselves Physically ready, to do the best officiating job possible and decreases the chances of being injured. Injuries not only have a negative effect on our LAX Lives, but our Personal and Professional Lives as well.

9 Dates to Remember Sunday February 24th @ 8:30 am West Chester Henderson HS 1 Mile / 12 minute Referee Run In early March LAX Scrimmages take place LAX Season Starts March 22 nd

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