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1. NYS Girls Rules Modification Sheet 2. Pre-game Card 3. Table-timing Sheet.

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2 1. NYS Girls Rules Modification Sheet 2. Pre-game Card 3. Table-timing Sheet

3 Thrower-in A1 extends the ball over the boundary line. Before A1 releases the throw-in pass, B1 contacts A1 on her wrists. What is the result?

4 The official shall rule a Flagrant 1 Personal Foul on B1. (This type of personal foul counts toward player and team Foul Count.) Also, issue a delay for boundary line infraction so that any subsequent boundary line infraction is penalized.

5 Player A3 is passing the ball to A2 in the back court. While the pass is in flight, A5 and B5 commit a double personal foul inside the free-throw lane in the front court. The official shall:

6 Play is resumed at the point of interruption where A3 made the pass. A5 and B5 will be charged with off-setting common personal fouls (No Free-throw shots) and the shot clock will not be reset.


8 Team A is entitled to a throw-in under the alternating possession procedure. A1 is standing on the sideline and throws the ball to A3. The pass is kicked by B3 and the ball goes out of bounds on the endline. The officials shall:

9 Award Team A the ball at the spot nearest where the kicking violation occurred. The AP remains with Team A.

10 Can a thrower-in commit a traveling violation?

11 Since there is NO PIVOT FOOT on the thrower-in, there cannot be a travel.

12 On a jump ball, A1 commits a jump ball violation by catching the ball. What is the procedure an official uses to establish the AP arrow?

13 Once the ball is at the disposal of a player entitled for a throw-in on Team B, the AP arrow will be set to Team A to establish the AP procedure.

14 Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

15 It starts before you get to the game site: a. Keep all information current (phone #s) b. Call your partner at least 48 hrs. before your game. c. On the day of your game, call the host school to confirm the game. d. Show up at least 45 minutes – 1 hour early to give yourself enough time to dress and have a thorough pregame conference.

16 Rule Changes – Flagrant 1 & 2 Throw-ins (Eye Contact) Free Throw Responsibilities (10 sec. visual count)Time-out Substitutions Pre-game DutiesSpecial Situations Call Captains at 14:30Resumption of Play Check Book at 10:00 Substitutions Greet Coaches at 1:30Block/Charge Jump Ball/Arrow/Shot Clock Screening Court CoverageTraveling L/T Front & Back CourtHand Checking On/Off Ball Post Play Switches Closely Guarded Officiating the competitive match-upRebounding Swinging of the ElbowsLost Ball/Interrupted Dribble Making the Foul CallInadvertent Whistle CommunicationInjured Player ConsistencyShot Clock/Game Clock Double WhistlesDelay of Game Technical FoulsShot at Buzzer

17 You never get a second chance to make a first impression: a. Look professional when you arrive. b. Uniform for officials; Black and white striped shirt with American Flag on left sleeve (No wide panel shirts) c. Black slacks, belt (beltless), socks, shoes, jacket (with patch), whistle and LANYARD d. NO JEWELRY (including rubber bands around wrists.

18 Be ready to officiate when the ball is tossed. Stay focused throughout the entire contest. Be consistent throughout the entire contest.

19 Official Signals To promote consistency, only official signals pictured in the NCAA Manual should be used.

20 1. A single sharp blast of the whistle. 2. One hand raised straight over your head with an open hand or closed fist. (No bent elbows) 3. If shooting free-throw shots, indicate # of shots with other hand. 4. When there are no free-throw shot(s), point to the throw-in spot. 5. Give preliminary when needed. Player or Team Control vs. Block 6. Drop whistle from your mouth. 7. Move towards players.

21 USE THE OFFICIAL WOMENS BASKETBALL SIGNALS 1) Make eye contact with the scorer. 2) Jersey color of player committing infraction. 3) When reporting number – ie. 24 – Say twenty four with right hand indicting the tens # and left indicating second # in the WINDOW. 4) Signal the type of foul.

22 Starts from the top of your head. Goes straight out shoulder width. Down to about 3 or 4 inches below the chin and straight across.







29 Thank you

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