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HURRICANES The History, Structure, Development, and Destruction Source:

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1 HURRICANES The History, Structure, Development, and Destruction Source:

2 What is a hurricane? Violent cyclonic storm that develops in the tropical region Wind speeds are > 74 mph Source: Newsroom/NewImages/images.php3?img_id=680

3 Rotation and Pressure In which direction does a hurricane rotate? COUNTERCLOCKWISE Is the barometric pressure inside the hurricane high or low? LOW

4 When is Hurricane Season? June 1 st through November 31st

5 What is the role of the National Weather Service during hurricane season? Provides weather information, such as data from satellites Responsible for issuing watches and warnings to the media and general public

6 Watch vs. Warning What is the difference between a Hurricane Watch and a Hurricane Warning? Watch – Tropical storm poses a threat to coastal areas with 36 hours Warning - Tropical storm conditions are expected in a coastal area within 24 hours

7 What conditions must be present for a hurricane to develop? Warm ocean temperatures (>80˚ F) up to 60m deep Little to no wind shear Low pressure system at least 5˚ North or South of Equator Rotation caused by winds Source: http://lwf.ncdc.noaa. gov/oa/reports/fran/fran.html

8 What is the major source of energy fueling a hurricane? Heat Energy evaporating from the ocean surface Source:

9 Hurricane Anatomy Source:

10 Another look at the Structure Source:

11 Comparison of Terms Tropical Disturbance Group of thunderstorms in the tropics that are present for at least 24 hours Tropical Wave lack of circulation, winds <25 mph and every direction Tropical Depression closed circulation but disorganized, winds at least 25 mph

12 Tropical Storm Shower and thunderstorm moves over closed circulation, winds greater than 39 mph Hurricane Eye is developed, winds > 74 mph

13 Compare the Following Source:

14 By what two factors is hurricane strength measured? Wind Speed Barometric Pressure

15 What is the Scale Used to Categorize Hurricanes? Saffir-Simpson Scale CategoryMax Wind Speed (mph) Min. Surface Pressure (mb) Storm Surge m (ft) 174-96> 9801-1.7 (3-5) 297-111979-9651.8-2.6 (6-8) 3112-131964-9452.7-3.8 (9-12) 4132-155944-9203.9-5.6 (13-18) 5> 155< 920> 5.7 (>19) Source:

16 What causes the damage in a hurricane? Winds Flooding Storm Surge

17 What is a storm surge? Large wall or dome of water that rushes into the coastline as a result of a hurricane making landfall To the right are the areas affected by high storm surges Souce:

18 What destroys a hurricane? Strong vertical winds Cold water Movement over land Friction Lack of moisture

19 What are the five costliest hurricanes in the United States? 1. Hurricane Andrew – 1992 2. Hurricane Hugo – 1989 3. Hurricane Fran – 1996 4. Hurricane Opal – 1995 5. Hurricane Frederic - 1979

20 Explain why the majority of the costliest storms are relatively recent Damage is a result of development There are more developed areas and possessions than in the past Source:

21 What are the five deadliest hurricanes in the United States? 1. Galveston – 1900 2. Southeast Florida – 1928 3. Florida Keys – 1919 4. New England – 1938 5. Florida Keys – 1935

22 Explain why the deadliest storms were longer ago. Lack of instrumentation to predict and track storms People were not warned of the incoming danger Source: Results of the Galveston Hurricane

23 What are the names of the 2002 Hurricanes? ArthurHannaOmar BerthaIsidorePaloma CristobalJosephineRene DollyKyleSally EdouardLiliTeddy FayMarcoVicky GustavNanaWilfred Source:

24 How has a hurricane affected you personally? Damage to your house from wind? Damage from flooding? Destroyed vacation house? Damage to family members homes?

25 Mrs. Parkers Old House Final Water Level Flooding of Tar River as result of Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd Dockside Tar River Estates

26 Damage to Greenville Extensive Flooding Extended Power outages Flood Related Deaths Property Damage US 264 Bridge Source: /hazard/event/floyd/ncflood/ mediums/img022.jpg

27 Damage to Greenville Source:

28 Protection Listen to warnings Take all warnings seriously Follow evacuations Prepare Food and Water for extensive power outages

29 Source: THE END

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