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Unaweep WFM Colorado BLM Grand Junction, CO Home Unit Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management.

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1 Unaweep WFM Colorado BLM Grand Junction, CO Home Unit Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management

2 Unaweep Facts -FIRST and ONLY BLM Wildland Fire Module
-Core crew of 7 members -Module Leader (PFT) -Assistant Module Leader (Career Seasonal) -Two Crew Leads (Career Seasonal) -3 Crewmembers (Seasonal) -Season of Availability April 1-Oct. 15 (Could be longer with a full crew of non-seasonal employees) -Received National FUM Status in August 2004 -Highly trained and experienced personnel considered one of the leading WFM’s in the country.

3 Unaweep WFM Mission UNAWEEP WFM exists to provide land management agencies with a highly skilled, mobile, and mission specific workforce. Principally assigned to MMO fires, prescribed fire projects, and wildland fire suppression incidents, to assist with fire management policy implementation.

4 On Wildland Fire Assignments
-Fill key roles in Wildland Fire command structure from IC, FEMO, and SOPL. Assist in development LTIP/ WFDDS process. -Prepare and develop IAP’s during ICT4 events. -Suggest/ Assist local managers with Management Objectives and concerns for MMO incidents. -Provide monitoring with written, electronic, and photo documentation of fire events. -Provide daily weather, smoke, fire behavior, and fuel moisture documentation. Dearstyne , planning, Gunbarrel MMO Fire, WY

5 -Complete Structure Assessment’s, and implement structure protection as needed.
-Bring specialized equipment too assist in management of MMO/ AMR incidents. -Provide support in every stage of the implementation of Wildland Fire Events, from establishing/ implementing MMA’s, conducting tactical operations (i.e. burnouts), to monitoring (i.e. Veg. plot’s). -Provide knowledge of common language, policy, strategies, and tactics associated with MMO/ AMR/ Fire Use Incidents. 1 year after Post Burn Monitoring, Dominguez MMO Fire, Grand Junction, CO

6 Unaweep WFM burnout operations to protect Mexican Spotted Owl Habitat on BLM lands during the Lion Creek MMO Fire near Paradox, CO

7 Rock Goblin Lookout, Meadow Creek MMO Fire, CO
Hike; GPS fire perimeter/ growth; recon ahead/behind fire to identify management actions points, water sources; provide information for managers; locate/asses structures; find and inform publics Rock Goblin Lookout, Meadow Creek MMO Fire, CO

8 Photo Documentation; Johnson Grass, fire behavior during prescribed fire operations in Arizona.
Buenos Aires NWR, AZ

9 On Prescribed Fire Assignments
-Fill key roles in Rx Fire command structure from FIRB to RXB2. -Monitor live/dead fuel moistures, and other parameters to meet Rx fire prescription. -Provide daily weather, smoke, fire behavior, photo documentation. -Provide Fire Effects Monitors.

10 - Assist with Burn Plan writing, assembly, unit designation, and unit planning/ layout
-Establish vegetation plots, photo plots, and fuel transects to meet monitoring needs. -Perform Rx fire operations and any associated prep work. - Bring specialized equipment too assist in management of Rx Fire.

11 Accurate Cost Summaries
Prince Creek RX Accurate Cost Summaries Glenwood Springs BLM Field Office Carbondale, CO 6 Working Shifts TOTAL HOURS FOR ALL PERSONNEL AND COSTS REGULAR OVERTIME HAZARD HOLIDAY NIGHT HOURS COSTS MODULE OPERATIONS $0.00 PRESCRIBED FIRE PLANNING HAZARD FUEL REDUCTION TRAVEL 81 $1,812.30 6 $208.81 TRAINING PRESCRIBED FIRE - IMPLEMENTATION 60 $1,273.80 $1,777.05 ADMIN 12 $263.88 8 $279.09 PRESCRIBED FIRE - PREPARATION 117 $2,645.42 WILDLAND FIRE TOTAL 270 $5,995.40 74 $2,264.95 TOTAL BLM PERSONNEL COSTS $6,664.16 PROJECT ACCOUNT (BLM) # LF31010WU JW0000 LFHFEP LLCO937000 TOTAL USFS PERSONNEL COSTS $1,596.19 PROJECT ACCOUNT (USFS) # WFXF18 TOTAL COSTS $8,260.35 PROJECT DATES: 5/12-5/18/ /9-6/10/2009 TOTAL VEHICLE COSTS $739.49 TOTAL PER DIEM COSTS/ MISCELLANEOUS $96.96 LINE PREP (CH) 100 MIPF (AC) WF - FIRE USE (AC) WF - SUPPRESSION (AC) HAZARD FUELS TREATED (AC) 114 $79.80 per acre for the Module OTHER (AC) $41.20 per acre charged to the Prince Creek account. Including all prep work for the RX. GRAND TOTAL: $9,096.81 TOTAL COVERED BY MODULE ACCOUNT $4,399.21 48% TOTAL COST TO BLM/USFS PROJECT ACCOUNTS $4,697.60 52%

12 Prescribed Fire Specialized Assistance
Assisting Tera-Torch firing operations Holly Miller using the monitor of the Tatra to extinguish fire near control lines East Sopris RX, Aspen CO Pine Mt. RX, Gateway CO

13 Why do you need extra documentation on a Fire?
Advantage of having a WFM document Weather, Fire Behavior, and Smoke Observations, is to provide quality information to be used by the FBAN and LTAN in making long and short term fire behavior predictions. Documentation can assist fire managers with predictions and implementation of MMO/ AMR in future years in like situations. Structure Assements with Site/ Structure Protection Plans are invaluable documentation for future fire planning. Samples of some of the FEMO/ FOBS documentation are as follows-



16 Video/Photographic Documentation
Semi-Truck roll over within the Lion Creek Fire Burn Severity Meadow Creek MMO Fire, CO



19 Vegetation Monitoring
Josh Hill photo plots, Battlements RX, Colbran CO

20 Invaluable Fire Reconnaissance
Most members of Unaweep are FOBS or FOBS(t) giving the ability to split up into small teams to determine fire intelligence/needs for a large area in short periods of time. Holding concerns, structures/sites, and associated needs to protect each, fire behavior predictions in the real time, fuel monitoring/characteristics, establishment of MAP’s/considerations. Ability to answer questions for mangers such as: Is the fire accomplishing resource goals? Where is the fire likely to go? What is the public reaction to the fire?

21 ATV ahead of the fire Cabin Site Found
Recon of the Ruby Mt. Mining Site East Slide Rock Ridge WFU, NV Cabin Site Found

22 Unaweep WFM Equipment 4 x 4 truck 2 Trailers 046 stihl chainsaws 6
Crosscut Saw 1 ATV’s (1 ATV power torch) Drip torches 10 Laptop computer/fire software Portable printer Digital camera 4 Garmin GPS 7 Trimble GPS Generator Quion Dual Launcher/ assorted firing devices Various. Fuels Oven (with tins) Fuel 75 gal Gas/Diesel Satellite phone Handtools Cooking equipment Various Frimel, Cross Cut, Meadow Creek MMO, CO

23 Unaweep WFM Logistical Considerations
Unaweep arrives self sufficient for two-seven days upon request. The Module can be self sufficient up to 9 days at a time by buying groceries and cooking. Food costs are ~$4.50 per meal per person. Compared with MRE’s which are ~$12.50 each, or a Caterer charging up to $18.00 per meal. Per-diem is not charged since all food is purchased by a Gov CC. Unaweep has 4 purchase cards able to make logistical arrangements. Module costs: Personnel: ~ $ per hour & $ per overtime hour Trucks: $0.83 per mile The module’s base 8 hours are negotiable for fuels projects, but not for fire incidents. The requesting unit will cover overtime, travel, mileage, and other incident associated costs. Colorado River Yarmony Mt. RX, CO Cansa Bluffs WF, AK

24 Unaweep WFM Qualifications
Module Leader: Sam Dearstyne phone fax cell Qualifications: ICT4, STLD, RXB2, CRWB, FOBS, ENGB, FIRB, DOZB, FALB, HECM, ATVO, FEMO, TFLD (t), SOPL(t) Assistant Module Leader: Kelly Boyd phone cell Qualifications: ICT4, CRWB, FIRB, FOBS, FALC, ENGB, HECM, ATVO, FEMO, WFR, DOZB(t) Crew Leads: Tommy Hayes, Holly Miller phone cell Qualifications: CRWB, FIRB, ENGB, DOZB, FOBS, ICT5, FALC Cert., FEMO, HECM, ATVO, FALB, ENOP, CRWB (t), ICT4(t) Module crewmembers: Jeff Frimel, Joshua Hill, Coyde Fickel (1-2 detailer positions per assignment) Qualifications: FEMO, FALC, FALB, FFT1, ICT5, HECM, WFR, ATVO, FIRB (t), CRWB(t), ENOP (t) Hayes, battling the dragon, Lion Creek MMO Fire, CO

25 Unaweep at the US/Mexico Border, AZ
To Mexico?

26 Unaweep WFM Wildfire/ MMO Acres 2010
10,235.1 Wild Fires: 2 Resource Benefit Fires: 7 Name WF RBF Acres Location Dates/Shifts State Positions Filled Purdy Mesa X 50 Mesa County Assist 3/30/2010 1 CO CRWB, FALB, ENGB Palisade Exit 0.1 Palisade, CO 4/7/2010 1 1ICT4, 4 FFT1 Medano 7500 Westcliffe, CO 6/20-6/30/2010 9 CRWB, DOZB, DOZB(t), 3 FEMO, 2 FFT1(t), 1 FOBS(t), 2 FOBS Meadow Creek New Castle, CO 7/3/2010 1 ICT4, ICT4(t), 1 FOBS, 2 FEMO, I FEMO(t) 7/4-7/17/ ICT 4, ICT4(t), 2 FFT1, 2 FFT2 Water Creek 360 Rifle 7/5-7/10/ ICT4, ICT4(t), 1 FOBS, 2 FEMO, 2 FEMO(t), TFLD(t) 1500 7/18-7/31/ 2 FOBS, 3 FEMO, 4 FEMO(t), TFLD(t), FALC, FALC(t) Lion Creek 750 Paradox , CO 8/16 -9/1/ 1 ICT4(t), 1 CRWB,4 FIRB, 1 FIRB(t), 1 ENGB(t), 2 FEMO(t) Mesa Creek 75 Uncompahgre Plateau, CO 9/21/-9/23/2010 3 ICT4 (t), ICT4, 2 FEMO (t), 2 FEMO

27 Unaweep WFM RX Fire/Fuels Acres 2010
16,426 Implemented RX Burns: 15 Hazard Fuels Reduction: 2 RX Line Preparation: 5 Line Building/ RX Prep Chains: 487 RX Plans Written: Name RX PREP HZF PLN Acres Location Dates/Shifts State Chains of Line Prepped Positions Filled East Sopris X 200 Glenwood F.O, BLM 2010 4 CO 12 RXB2 (t), FIRB (t), FEMO (t), 4 FFT1, 4 FALB Yarmony Mt. 100 Kremmling F.O., BLM 10/7/2009 2 FIRB, 1 FIRB (t), 1 FEMO Oak Ridge 250 Meeker F.O, DOW 11/9/2009 1 FIRB C lazy U Piles 2/8-2/11/10 3 FFT1 McQuery Piles 75 2/12/2010 Dry Gulch RX 1100 40 RXB2 (t), 1 FIRB, 3 FALB, 2 FFT1 Black Ridge RX 260 Grand Junction, FO, BLM 160 1 RXB2(t), 2 FIRB, 2 FIRB(t), 2 FEMO, 1 FFT1, 3 FFT2 Georgia Mesa Grand Junction FO, BLM 3/24/2010 1 Deer Pen RX Colorado River Valley FO,BLM 120 RXB2 (t), 1 FIRB, 1 FALB, 2 FFT1 Battlements RX 500 5/7/2010 1 FIRB, CRWB, 2 FEMO, 1FFT1, 2 FFT1, Reservoir Gulch RX 1200 Colorado River Valley F.O. BLM 5/8/2010 1 1 HLD Spec., 2 FIRB, 2 FEMO, 2 FFT2 Windy Point Sage Grouse 180 5/10-5/14/10 4 4 FALB, 1 FALB (t), 2 FALA Gibbler 5/24 - 5/27/10 4 1 FALC, 4 FALB, 2 FALA Buenos Aires 11500 Buenos Aires NWR, FWS 6/11 -6/19/10 AZ 1 RXB2(t), 3 FIRB, 2 FIRB(t), 2 FEMO, 1 FFT1, 1 ENGB(t)

28 Unaweep WFM RX Fire/Fuels Acres 2010 Continued
Name RX PREP HZF PLN Acres Location Dates/Shifts State Chains of Line Prepped Positions Filled Columbine RX  X X 280  Norwood, Uncompahgre NF 2010 4 CO 120 1 FIRB, 4 FALB, 2 FALB (t), 1 CRWB, 6 FFT1 Red Canyon 1 Colorado NM, Grand Junction NPS 9/7/10 1 1 FIRB, 3 FFT1 Brush Mt. RX 100 Grand Junction FO, BLM 9/14/10 2 FIRB, 5 FFT1 Pine Mountain 280 Gateway, Uncompahgre NF 9/16/10 35 ENOP, ENGB, FIRB, 3 FFT1

29 Future for Unaweep WFM Continue to assist BLM and other agencies with the implementation of Wildland/Prescribed Fire, mechanical treatments, and monitoring of these events. Increase number of career seasonals allowing the module to be available longer to accomplish shoulder season projects, and gain the ability to retain quality employees. Assist all BLM Field Offices around Colorado with office planning, unit layouts, and other field preparations for fuels projects as budgets become tighter. White River NF, CO

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