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Assignment Year 2014 PSC-EPM Roadshow. PSC-EPM Organization EPM CAPT Paul Flynn EPM-2 CAPT William Lane CAC V Special Assignments NR / ET / IT CAC IV.

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1 Assignment Year 2014 PSC-EPM Roadshow

2 PSC-EPM Organization EPM CAPT Paul Flynn EPM-2 CAPT William Lane CAC V Special Assignments NR / ET / IT CAC IV Aviation GM / MST OS / IS CAC III FS / HS MU / PA SK / YN CAC II MK / DC / EM Women Afloat CAC I BM / ME EPM-1 CDR Luis Parrales SEPARATIONS RETIREMENTS CAREER RETENTIONS MANPOWER & STATS

3 What We Do Manage Enlisted Assignments Career Counseling Policy Guidance Review Personnel Requests (e.g. Retirements, CIRs, & Integrations)

4 Enlisted Assignment Year Process Critical ties to Reprogramming, Budget, Advancement, Screening, Education, Transfer season and other processes… Career Counseling & Roadshows PAL Validation & COMCONS Update/Develop Shopping list Develop Slates Issue Orders Transfers, RILOs & Off-Seasons Members submit a realistic e-Resume

5 AY14 Timeline ALCGENL 071/13 01May – 30Aug: Members contact AOs for career counseling and mentoring 01May – 16Aug: Commands/AOs conduct PAL validation 13May – 16Aug: Command visits 16Aug: Command Concerns due 16Sep – 30Sep: Unofficial Shopping Lists published/commands validate Shopping Lists 01Oct: Official Shopping Lists published 08Nov: E-resumes due 11Nov – 31Mar: AOs slate members and issue orders

6 How Assignments Are Made SERVICE UNIT MEMBER

7 How Assignments Are Made Unit... Command Concerns PAL Discrepancies RELADs Retirements CRSP/IR Selections Medical/Discipline Issues Fleet-Ups Specific qual/skill needs Command Endorsements

8 How Assignments Are Made Member... Desires/e-Resume: collocation, Special Needs, geographic area, short/long-term goals, extensions Assignment History & Qualifications Advancement Requirements Performance/Evaluations Assignment Priority You do NOT need to submit an e-resume when reporting to a new unit.

9 How Assignments Are Made Service Need... Prioritize Mission Critical Positions Return on Investment (Transfer & Training) Maintain Effective Assignment & Advancement Process Develop & Retain a Diverse & Qualified Workforce Mission Execution

10 Assignment Factors Member desires Assignment policies Assignment priority Command concerns Time in geographic area Time at current unit COs recommendation Sea to shore ratio Advancement status Performance Willingness to obligate Competencies Physical condition Security clearance Service Need

11 Assignment Priority Table Priority Billets CG wide Assignments per Year Units 1190 Overseas Restricted Units; AVDET GTMO, MSD American Samoa, PATFORSWA: AFLOAT, METT, RAID, & WPB Relief Crew 21,070650 OCONUS Afloat; Polar Icebreakers, PATFORSWA ashore 37,7003,900 INCONUS Afloat; LEDET/TACLET, HITRON, MSRT, MSST, PSU, Special Cmd Aides, Recruit CCs, Int'l Training Div, CG Recruiters, qualified Surfmen, Dive Lockers, Nat'l Strike Force, STAs Grand Isle/ Venice/ Neah Bay/ Quillayute River, ANT Venice, AIRSUPFAC Cordova, RFMCs 41,800600 OCONUS Ashore; FTGs & ATGs, Area TraTeams, UTB/MLB STAN Teams, Food Service Asst & TraTeams, Int'l Ice Patrol, Comdt/Vice Comdt drivers, STAs Eastport/ Jonesport, CITAT, Natl Strike Force 517,0005,000INCONUS Ashore

12 Assignment Policy on Advancement Article 1.C.3 – Military Assignments & Authorized Absences, M1000.8 The Coast Guard advances to vacancies Service Need may require transfer prior to tour completion Members shall submit an e-Resume within 30 days of his or her name appearing above the cutoff on the advancement eligibility list

13 Creating a Realistic e-Resume CONSIDER Professional growth opportunities – Sea duty – Career diversity (e.g. geographic region, unit/platform/job type) – Qualifications needed for professional development Your assignment priority Your Evaluations Your Past Assignments The sea/shore ratio for your rating

14 Creating a Realistic e-Resume Comments Section I have reviewed the Command Checklist for Overseas Screening, the Financial Assessment Checklist and the Dependent Overseas Screening in Article 1.H. of COMDTINST M1000.8, and have verified that I meet the criteria for overseas assignment. My number one desire is to be stationed in Alaska, so the first five billets are based on geographical preference. My second desire is to get an ATON assignment. So my next grouping of billets is by job type. I have ATON cutters listed first for career building and advancement requirements and would prefer going back afloat. I listed ATON ashore and other shore units last. Billet Picks 1 - 5 Alaska Billets 6 - 18 Buoy Tenders 19 - 23 ANTS 24 – 30 Stations 31 – 60 Sectors, Stations, Large Cutters

15 Additional Information Collocation DECOMs & Homeport ShiftsDECOMs & Homeport Shifts Geographic Stability Home Ownership Non-Rate Assignments Overseas Assignments Obligated Service PATFORSWA Retirement SILO/RILO Special Assignments Special Needs Women Afloat

16 Collocation Article 1.A.7., COMDTINST M1000.8 Contact AOs early in assignment season Tour lengths may be adjusted to effect transfers – Review the Manual! Married Couples: Wont be assigned to same ship, restricted unit, or unit with < 60 members With Dependents will not normally be assigned to shipboard duty simultaneously Needs of Service may preclude ability to collocate members. Clarify your collocation desires in Members Comments Geographically align e-Resume selections with spouse ** If you desire collocation with a member that is in another service, provide the contact information of your spouses Assignment Officer.

17 DECOMs & Homeport Shifts FY13 Homeport Shifts/Decoms CGC SAILFISH– Highlands, NJ to Bayonne, NJ as a result of Hurricane Sandy CGC BAINBRIDGE ISLAND – Highlands, NJ to Bayonne, NJ as a result of of Hurricane Sandy CGC JARVIS – Honolulu, HI; Decommissioned CGC MORGENTHAU -- Alameda, CA to Honolulu, HI CGC DIAMONDBACK – Miami, FL to Atlantic Beach (Mayport), FL CGC MORRO BAY – New London, CT to Cleveland, OH CGC DRUMMOND – Miami, FL to San Juan, PR (pending) CGC CHINCOTEAGUE – San Juan, PR; Decommissioned (pending) FY14 Homeport Shifts (Pending) Nothing official at this point. Potential for 1 or 2 WPB110 relocations in AY14. CGC DEPENDABLE and CGC VIGOROUS possible homeport shift from Cape May, NJ to Little Creek, VA

18 DECOMs & Homeport Shifts AY14 Proposed DECOMs (Pending approval) Nothing official at this point. Possibility for 1 or more HECs and multiple 110 WPBs Potential for 300+ additional Priority 2 and/or 3 members to be tour complete in AY14 due to multiple DECOMs. Shopping list will display any AY14 vacancies in their current homeport until the shift is officially approved and the positions are reprogrammed. Members will not be given Priority upgrades due to decom/homeport shift. Contact AO for guidance.

19 Geographic Stability Article 1.B.3. – COMDTINST M1000.8 Members need mentorship on realistic expectations EPM considers you to have achieved geographic stability after 2 tours in one area Roots grow deeper with each successive tour & more traumatic to move family No member should try or expect to remain in one geographic area for their entire career

20 Home Ownership Home Ownership is not an assignment factor Large percentage of CG members own homes and may face financial hardship if relocated Purchasing a home is an investment risk All CG members must be available for unrestricted worldwide assignment

21 Non-Rate Assignments Assignments Factors: –Needs of the Service –Desires of the Member –Qualifications –Special Needs –Critical A-School –Collocation –Dependents –Special Assignments –PATFORSWA Non-Rate Assignment Supervisor YNCS Allen Monreau Districts 1/5 OS1 Jason Stanley Districts 7/8/9 YN1 Jennifer Bell Districts 11/13/14/17 FS1 Christopher Walker Airman Program ASTC Sam Ariola A School Assignments DC/ET/GM/IS/IT/MK/MST/OS/SK ET1 Jose Sandoval BM/EM/FS/HS/ME/PA/YN/YN-DL YN3 Joseph Riollano

22 Overseas Assignments Article 1.H. – COMDTINST M1000.8 Members must ensure they will screen successfully before listing overseas positions on e-Resumes State in e-Resume comments that you have reviewed the Manual and meet Overseas screening requirements Command endorsements shall address members suitability for overseas assignment Commands must complete overseas screening within 10 Days of issuance of orders Per 1.H., COMDTINST M1000.8, members may request 1-year tour increase. Requests must be submitted to EPM-2 along with an e-mail notification to the appropriate AO: Prior to reporting to overseas unit, or Within 12 months of reporting to overseas assignment Tour length increases are not extensions

23 Obligated Service Article 1.B.6., COMDTINST M1000.8 & ALCGENL 051/10 Must obligate service (OBLISERV) within 5 business days after receipt of orders. Amount of required OBLISERV noted on PCS orders. < 6 years active duty INCONUS; OBLISERV full tour > 6 years active duty INCONUS; OBLISERV 1 year OUTCONUS/Special Assignments; OBLISERV full tour Commands must advise CG PSC-epm-1 via message if members refuse to OBLISERV. Failure to OBLISERV may result in discharge within 30 days

24 PATFORSWA - web - portal 116 Afloat – includes Cutter Support Team Five BM/ME Middle East Training Team (METT): Deployed to certify Level II non- compliant Boarding Teams in CG & foreign military throughout region. Requires LE experience at TACLET, MSST DSF, or MSRT; plus Instructor endorsement. 12 E-5 thru E-9 Redeployment Assistance & Inspection Detachment (RAID): Team MST/MK/DC/EM/ET/Special Assignment POCM deployed throughout Mid East. Priority 2 Positions: 73 enlisted ashore positions ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA: Overseas Screening Secret Clearance BTM Physical Fitness test w/in past 6 months Meets COMDTs Weight Standards Command Endorsement for PATFORSWA BENEFITS: Priority 1 (afloat) or 2 (ashore) 15 days of R&R Additional pay Tax exemptions

25 MSFS Saudi Arabia - web - portal 11 Enlisted Member Team providing training Saudi Arabian Maritime forces responsible to protect Maritime Critical Infrastructure. BM Positions– E-8 (3), E-6 (1) MK Positions – E-6 (2) ME Positions – E-8 (1), E-7 (2), E-6 (1) YN Positions – E-6 (1) All Priority 1 positions ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA: Overseas Screening Secret Clearance Meets COMDTs Weight Standards Command Endorsement for Instructor Pre Deployment Training Requried BENEFITS: Assignment Priority 1 15 days of R&R Additional pay Tax exemptions

26 Retirement Article 1.C., COMDTINST M1000.4 Submit requests to CG PSC-epm-1; 6-24 months prior to requested retirement date Retirements normally approved 01 MAY-01 SEP to minimize gaps during summer transfer season Command endorsement shall contain acknowledgement and acceptance of temporary position gap if retirement will occur outside of normal retirement window (MAY-SEP). Also include any extenuating circumstances to retire outside the window.

27 SILO/RILO Separation In Lieu Of Orders Art 1.A.2.e., COMDTINST M1000.8 Members on Indefinite Enlistment (>10 but <20 years) in receipt of orders Requests must be submitted to PSC- epm via message within 5 calendar days of issuance of PCS orders –Effective date of SILO is normally within 30 days of orders issue date Retirement In Lieu Of Orders Art 1.A.2.e., COMDTINST M1000.8 Retirement Eligible members in receipt of orders Requests must be submitted to PSC- epm via message within 5 calendar days of issuance of PCS orders –Effective date of RILO is 01 September of current AY. Considered on case-by-case basis; approved/disapproved based on Service need.

28 Special Assignments Members desiring a tour outside of their rating should consider Special Assignments (SA) The SA process is completely separate from the regular assignment process. Minimum requirements to qualify are contained within 1.E. of COMDTINST M1000.8. Timeline (much EARLIER than other assignments) –AY2014/2015 tour complete personnel should be considering options now –Majority of AY14 e-Resumes & Applications due by 15 July 13. –See SA website or program specific ALCGENLs for requirements and deadlines CWO Mike Dignan 703-872-6587

29 Annual Special Assignments Timeline Programs are CGIS, CMCs/CSCs, Recruiting, CCs, CPOA/LAMs Instructors, Divers, EOAs, & numerous others. On the PAL, positions listed as MCPO, SCPO, CPO & POs. January – March: Solicitations for Dive and CGIS April-May: Individual Program Solicitation ALCGENLs Released May – August : Sector CMC/CSC, CGIS, and Recruiting Packages Due, Shopping List Published, and Panels Convene July: E-Resume and Packages deadlines for non-panel programs 15 June - September: Develop All Slates September - October: Deadline for issuing orders. Will accept CC packages until 1 September if necessary. Willing to accept packages later in the year to fill vacancies if necessary.

30 Special Needs Program COMDTINST 1754.7 (Series) Member support for dependents w/diagnosed & professionally documented long-term medical, physical, psychological, mental, and/or educational disabilities. Enrollment is mandatory. Needs must be validated every 3 years or when an enrolled family members condition changes, and also 9 months prior to projected rotation date. Failure to pre-screen e-Resume with HSWL staff in advance could result in cancelled orders if assignment cant be cleared by AO Enroll prior to submitting e-Resume. Include in Member Comments that you are enrolled in special needs. Enrollment does not guarantee a specific unit, nor does it preclude members being assigned to afloat units.

31 Women Afloat Cutters with currently mixed gender crews104 Gender Neutral not currently mixed gender (87 WPB)39 Cutters with currently all-male crews110 (Requires coordination during Assignment Year pending candidate pool and capabilities of berthing configurations.) It is recommended that you continue to place all desired cutters from your shopping list in rank order priority regardless of the cutters current gender make up. This will help aid the assignment of new mixed gender opportunities throughout the assignment year.

32 MKC Tina Claflin 703-872-6582 Call or email anytime for career counseling and information. CG Portal Most current and up to date information Afloat Survey Women Afloat

33 How to Contact Us Main Phone: 703-872-6554 FAX: 703-872-6548 Visit CG PSC-epm-2 Web Site: epm/SitePages/Home.aspx epm/SitePages/Home.aspx - portal

34 Stay in Touch Members, especially those tour complete, should continue to check the following for the most up-to-date AY14 guidance: ALCGENL messages CG Portal PSC-epm website Force Notes, if applicable

35 Questions?

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