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Snakes and Ladders Physics and Chemistry Start Game.

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1 Snakes and Ladders Physics and Chemistry Start Game

2 Start Round Team 5

3 Congratulations!

4 An electron is what fraction of the size of a proton? CorrectWrong

5 What is the name of the elements in group I of the periodic table? CorrectWrong

6 The elements helium and Argon are examples of what? CorrectWrong

7 What is the location of Aluminium in the periodic table? CorrectWrong

8 Different isotopes of the same element contain different numbers of? CorrectWrong

9 What is an alpha particle? CorrectWrong

10 The maximum number of electrons in the second shell of an atom is?. CorrectWrong

11 What type of ion does Sodium form? What charge does it have?. CorrectWrong

12 How are ionic compounds held together? CorrectWrong

13 What are the products of the reaction between a metal and an acid? CorrectWrong

14 A substance with a low pH is a? A substance with a high pH is a? CorrectWrong

15 Balance the equation: H 2 + O 2 => H 2 O CorrectWrong

16 A truck is driven on a road at an average speed of 60km/h for 4 hours non stop. How far did it get? CorrectWrong

17 A truck travel from Melbourne to Ballarat a distance of 200km in 3 and a half hours. How long did it take? CorrectWrong

18 A car travelling 70km/h increases its speed to 110km/h in 8 seconds. What is its average acceleration? CorrectWrong

19 The weight of a 60kg student on earth is? CorrectWrong

20 How many forces are acting on a car travelling at a constant speed along a road? CorrectWrong

21 Define inertia: CorrectWrong

22 Describe the movement of a tennis ball on the back seat of a car as it quickly turns left: CorrectWrong

23 What do we measure in Joules? (2 answers) CorrectWrong

24 How do we convert from km/h into m/s? CorrectWrong

25 What is the law of conservation of energy? CorrectWrong

26 At what rate does a ticker timer produce dots on the paper? CorrectWrong

27 A sprinter in the starting blocks is an example of which of newtons laws? Explain. CorrectWrong

28 Define velocity: CorrectWrong

29 A 15kg mass is lifted onto a table 1.5m high. How much work is being done? CorrectWrong

30 Calculate Usain Bolts average speed for his record winning race. 100m sprint in 9.56s CorrectWrong

31 Sam runs 2 laps of an althetics track 1600m around. Calculate distance travelled? What is sams displacement? CorrectWrong

32 What is an example of Kinetic energy? Potential energy? CorrectWrong

33 A 1000kg bogged car is unsuccessfully pushed out of a sticky situation by 3 people each pushing with a force of 300N. How much work has been done? CorrectWrong

34 What is the formula for Newtons second law? CorrectWrong

35 A 10kg shopping trolley is pushed with a force of 45N for 5 seconds. What is the acceleration of the trolley? CorrectWrong

36 A 100kg barrel is pushed with a force of 70N for 8seconds. What is the barrels acceleration? CorrectWrong

37 Balance: NaOH + H 2 CO 3 => Na 2 CO 3 + H 2 O CorrectWrong

38 Draw the electron shell diagram for Magnesium Chloride: CorrectWrong

39 Draw the electron dot diagram for Water: And the structural formula: CorrectWrong

40 What is meant by the term half life? CorrectWrong

41 If the half life of iodine is 8 days and we have 1600g of it. How much will be left after 40 days of decay? CorrectWrong

42 What is the difference between an anion and a cation? CorrectWrong

43 Write the formula for when Na + combines with N3- CorrectWrong

44 Write the formula for when Cu2+ combines with OH- CorrectWrong

45 Write a balanced chemical equation for the following reaction: Solid magnesium hydroxide + hydrochloric acid => magnesium chloride + water CorrectWrong

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