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Law and Justice Miss Shead.

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1 Law and Justice Miss Shead

2 Seating Chart Find your seat on the charts in the front of the room.
I reserve the right to change your seat at anytime. Be prepared to start notes when the bell rings.

3 Law and Justice Why did you take this class? Social Studies today
Units of study include: Crime Police Courts Sentencing Corrections Juvenile law Social Studies today Today’s learner. How will you use Law and Justice?

4 Shift Happens You have been given a handout
This is a quiet activity…THE ONLY WRONG ANSWER IS ONE WHICH IS NOT SCHOOL APPROPRIATE. Shift Happens You have been given a handout ON YOUR OWN… answer the questions on the sheet to the best of your ability. Focus on how society and history have changed/are changing! When you are finished, turn the paper over and tell me the following: 1. Your expectations for the class 2. What you think your greatest struggle will be in Law and Justice 3. Your favorite part of Law and Justice 4. Have you watched any TV shows or movies that relate to law and Justice?

5 Welcome Back About the class---
We have 5 units of study, which are centered around the components of crime Crime Police Courts Corrections Juvenile Justice

6 You Decide In your opinion, a class titled, Law and Justice should cover what information?


8 Tell me Law Justice binding custom or practice of a community : a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments

9 Unit Objectives Objectives: At the conclusion of this unit, students will be able to; Define key terms in the area of crime in America. Interpret laws and determine which have an impact on their lives. Identify differences between individual rights and public order perspectives Explain societies need for a system of order and detail the role of law within that system. Explain the structure of the criminal justice system Explain due process of law

10 Analysis of Quotes/Pictures
We are going to go through a series of quotes. I will put a quote or a picture on the board, your job is to give me an educated analysis. Tell me what this quote means, how does it relate to law and justice, how does it relate to your life?

11 Quote “Law is the only game where the best players sit on the bench.”
What does this mean?


13 Quote “If you break the law, we’re going to hold you accountable and there will be tough consequences for your actions.” - North Caroline Gov. Jim Hunt

14 Quote “People expect both safety and justice and do not want to sacrifice one for the other.” -Christopher Stone Director of Institute of Justice



17 Quote “You’re looking now not only at a rescue operation, but a gigantic crime scene.” -ABC Newscaster

18 Law and Justice Day 2: Intro to crime

19 You Decide Robert sells crack and uses the money to support his mother who is on welfare. Rank: VS(very serious) S (serious) LS (less serious) NS (not serious) NAC (not a crime)

20 You Decide Marley is a passenger in a car she knows is stolen, although she did not steal the car.

21 You Decide A executive gives a million dollars to a candidate for U.S. Senate.

22 You Decide A wife finds out her husband is having an affair and runs him over with a car.

23 You Decide Paulina is caught with a pound of marijuana.

24 You Decide Ted robs a liquor store at gunpoint.

25 You Decide Ellen leaves a store with change for a ten knowing she gave the cashier a five.

26 You Decide Lily approaches a man for prostitution.

27 You Decide The President of the United States lies under oath.

28 You Decide Pat gets drunk and hits a kid while speeding through a school zone.

29 This is a great time to go over our syllabus 
Get your syllabus out…read through it and let me know if you have any questions.

30 Define Crime: Incarceration: Community Policing: Gang:
Substance Abuse: Drunk Driving: Implied Consent: Recidivist: Victim: Restitution:

31 D.B. Cooper Essay (15 points)
Who is D.B. Cooper and why were his actions considered criminal behavior? Be sure to tell me a summary of the crime and the outcome. Give me enough SPECIFIC examples to assure me that you read the entire article. Anything less than 5 sentences will not be graded and will be an automatic 0/15.

32 Crime Crime: something one does or fails to do that is in violation of a law. Behavior for which a government has set a penalty Criminal V. Non Criminal Who decides?

33 Who decides? Legislatures: Try to protect the public based on what most people believe is right and necessary for the orderly conduct of society. Protecting Life, property, freedom, government, uphold morality of society. Law=Harmony Breaking Law=Human Rights Violation Connections to your life: Each classroom has RULES or EXPECTATIONS…to maintain, harmony…if you break those rules or regulations, you are violating rights of those around you.

34 Crime Rate Factors What influences crime rates?

35 Elements of a Crime Mens Rea: As an element of criminal responsibility, a guilty mind A guilty or wrongful purpose Criminal intent Willfulness

36 Elements of a Crime Cont.
Act: Something done; usually, something done intentionally or voluntarily or with a purpose. Legality: in accordance with law (what crime was committed) Causation: is the "causal relationship between conduct and result“ Provides a means of connecting conduct with a resulting effect actus reus (an action) from which the specific injury arose and is combined with mens rea (a state of mind) to comprise the elements of guilt.

37 Elements of a Crime Cont.
Concurrence: if the act does not hold concurrence in point of time with the mens rea then no crime has been committed. Punishment: imposition of something negative or unpleasant on a person in response to behavior deemed wrong Harm: various forms of injury Accessory: a person who assists a criminal but is not present at the crime Accomplice: actively participates in the completion of a crime

38 Influences Cont. Location Age (15-24)  that’s you!
(Urban > Suburban > Rural) STL #5 most dangerous city Springfield MO, #100 Age (15-24)  that’s you! Gender (Male 4x more) Time

39 Economics and you Government expenditures $150 Billion

40 Reasons for Crime? Poverty Permissive Courts Unemployment
Lack of Education Abuse of Alcohol or Drugs Inadequate Police Rising Population Media Breakdown of Morals Little or No Chance of being Caught

41 Connections to your life…
Since I know none of you commit crimes of any kind…let’s connect the reasons for crime to reasons for cheating…you better not cheat either…

42 Poverty Let’s say you are not wealthy with knowledge about Law and Justice…and we have our first test…Sally has TONS of knowledge at her disposal…who is more likely to cheat? You or Sally, Why?

43 Permissive Courts Let’s say I catch you cheating…which I would…if you did. I send you to your principal and they say, “OHHHH baaaad student” and shake their head and send you back to class Are you more likely to cheat again? Why?

44 Economy How does the economy play a part in crime rates?
Large gap between rich and poor = increase in crime What is important? Family stability

45 Question Would tougher penalties curb crime?
Did the new cell phone policy keep you from texting in class?

46 Incarceration Rate Incarceration: Imprisonment by the state.
Where do you think the U.S. falls in the Incarceration rate rankings of industrialized countries? Certainty of punishment v. Length of punishment

47 Police and Crime Increase number of police?
Community Policing: community works actively with the local police to lower the crime rate

48 Crime on Campus One third of students reported that drugs were available to them at school. Bullying Weapons

49 College Many crimes on College campus’ Involve alcohol.

50 Crime Statistics UCR: contain official data on crime that is reported to law enforcement agencies across the United States who then provide the data to the FBI. Focuses on index crimes Homicide Manslaughter Robbery forcible rape aggravated assault Burglary larceny/theft motor vehicle theft, arson

51 Crime Stats Cont. NIBRS: Local, state and federal agencies generate NIBRS data from their records management systems. NCVS: on the frequency of crime victimization, as well as characteristics and consequences of victimization Dark Figure of Crime: Unreported crimes

52 Have your packets out when the bell rings.
A large portion of crime in the United States is contributed to what? Have your packets out when the bell rings. Shead – Crime: Unit 1

53 Gangs and Crime Why are they growing? Lure of profit
Historically: Gangs are organized along ethnic lines. Interested in protecting turf, reputation, heritage and culture. Now? *Drugs *Weapons *Theft *Prostitution *Violence *Racism *Sexism

54 Who Joins a Gang? Majority- Male Family involvement
Poor living conditions Lack of success in school Young people Substance abusers Someone who is threatened Someone who is lonesome

55 Gangs Marking Tagging Hand signals Drugs Tattoos Violence Females
Rival Gangs Initiation

56 Lawful v. Illegal gun owning
Second Amendment Guns

57 Gun Control Act of 1968 After assassinations of:
MLK Robert Kennedy Prohibits certain groups from owning a gun Felons Illegal Aliens Minors 21 to buy a short range gun 18 for long range

58 Brady Act Instant background check
Wait 5 days for results before selling

59 Substance Abuse and Crime
Substance Abuse: Over use of a chemical Alcohol and drugs More substances = need more $ Substance Abuse and Crime











70 Alcohol Most widely abused substance in the U.S. Abuse (violence)
Why do you think? Abuse (violence) More crimes committed 35%

71 Drunk Driving Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Breath Urine Blood

72 Drinking and Driving Penalties
Fine DWI School Community Service License suspended License revoked Jail

73 Objectives Objectives
Identify and define key words pertaining to chapter 7 Analyze different strategies for preventing crime.

74 Implied Consent Implied Consent: law under which the driver agrees to submit to a BAC test in exchange for the privilege of driving.

75 Victims of Crime Factors which increase likelihood of becoming a victim Gender Socioeconomic Status Race Location Restitution: requiring criminals to pay back or otherwise compensate the victims of their crimes.

76 Preventing Crime

77 Preventing Crime Suspicious activity Lock your doors and windows
“Buddy System” More information on what to do if you are a victim of a crime can be found on page 99 of your text book.

78 Preventing Crime

79 State of Mind and Motive
Mens Rae: guilty mind (guilty) State of Mind: Act done intentionally, knowingly or willfully Motive: Reason for performing an act

80 Strict Liability Does not matter what the state of mind was, still a criminal act Example?

81 Using the following titles…
Read the section of the book and summarize the information into your own words (Chapter 9 pg 107) You need to know all terms bolded and in BLUE, I don’t care how you record the information, you just need to know it for your test.

82 Elements

83 State and Federal Crimes

84 Classes of Crimes

85 Parties to Crimes Accessory: Vs. Accomplice:

86 Crimes of Omission

87 Preliminary Crimes Solicitation: Attempt: Conspiracy:

88 Steps to Crime Act Legality Causation Concurrence Punishment Harm

89 Chapter 10: Crimes Against Property
Destroyed or Stolen

90 Vandalism Malicious mischief, willful destruction of, or damage to property of another. Responsible for millions of dollars in damage each year. Examples?

91 Decline in Property Crimes

92 Arson Willful and malicious burning of a person’s property

93 Larceny Unlawful taking and carrying away of the property of another person with intent to deprive the owner of it. Grand ($100+) Petty

94 Embezzlement Unlawful taking of property by someone to whom it was entrusted. Example: bank teller and stalk broker

95 Robbery Unlawful taking of a person’s immediate possession by force or intimidation.

96 Extortion AKA blackmail Use of threats to obtain property of another
Threats to do future physical harm…..

97 Burglary Breaking and entering
Unlawful breaking into any structure with the intent to commit a crime. Stiffer penalties for Crime committed at night Inhabited dwellings Committed with weapons

98 Person falsely makes or alters a writing or document with intent to defraud
Signing a doc. w/o permission Uttering: giving someone a document which you know is fake Forgery

99 Receiving Stolen Property
Buying property you know or suspect is stolen Felony ($100+) Misdemeanor

100 Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle
UUV: temporary Carjacking: uses force or intimidation to steal a car from a driver

101 Computer Crimes Hackers: gaining illegal access to government or corporate computer systems

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