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How many religious laws do you follow ? Are these laws the same as UK laws?

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1 How many religious laws do you follow ? Are these laws the same as UK laws?

2 Shariah Law To describe what Shariah law is To explain the sources of Shariah law To evaluate whether Shariah law would be desirable to have in England

3 Muslims believe Allah put man on earth to try him, and see if he is worthy of heaven. Sharia means the clear, well- trodden path to water. Following it is a sure way that leads to eternal life. Sharia laws are for promoting human happiness on earth, and to increase compassion, kindness, and peace among people. 1.What does Sharia mean literally? 2.Why would it be a good thing for Muslims to follow? (2 reasons) 3.What sort of laws might you expect to hear about, that could lead to eternal life/ increase happiness? Think of 3. **What does the quote from the Quran tell you? T oday I have perfected your way of life for you, and have completed my favour upon you, and have chosen Islam as your way of life (Surah 5:3)

4 What sort of laws would you expect to find in Sharia law, that increase human happiness and lead to eternal life?

5 1.Laws about hygiene & food 2. Religious laws 3. Laws about money 4. Laws about crime 5. Laws about drink, drugs, music 6. Laws about marriage & sex 1. Match the laws to the headings- write the number next to the law. 2. Which of these laws do you think increase human happiness and peace? Star them. 3. Write out each heading and give an example of each one **Overall, do you think that Sharia promotes human happiness and peace.

6 Choose & explain how 2 issues would benefit society to have this Sharia law in england. NO GAMBLING NO ALCOHOL NO DRUGS OR SMOKING NO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MUSIC NO PORN OR PROSTITUTION

7 Should Shariah law be imposed on UK cities? Would it be good for us?

8 How do you find out what Allah wants? Where does Sharia law come from? A. Muhammads life was the life of a perfect Muslim, so whatever he did, was what all Muslims should do = sharia law. C. New laws for how to live as a Muslimin todays world, are decided by the agreement of Muslim scholars. B. The Quran contains laws given by Allah through the Angel Jibril. 4 Summarise the 3 sources of Sharia law. **Which source do you think is the most binding?

9 Shariah law is the religious law of I_____. It tells you exactly w_____ you should do and h___ you should behave as a M______. It shows you how to live according to A_____s will.

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