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INTERNATIONAL LAW CAREERS SEMINAR Jenny Keaveney Careers and Employability Service The slides from this talk will be available at:

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1 INTERNATIONAL LAW CAREERS SEMINAR Jenny Keaveney Careers and Employability Service The slides from this talk will be available at: Wednesday 21st March 2012

2 What this seminar will cover Opportunities with your degree –Employers –Internships –Long-term career opportunities How to access these opportunities –Information resources –Making applications

3 What have past graduates in your subject gone on to do? Intern – Special Court for Sierra Leone Stagiaire – Council of the EU Assistant - EMCDDA Junior Adviser - Deutsche Entwicklungsdienst Trainee Lawyer – Greek law firm Legal Adviser – Government Legal Service (UK) English Language Teacher – Japan Researcher – Black Londoners Forum Plus trainee solicitors, paralegals and postgraduate researchers

4 What are my opportunities? What do you want to do? –What interests you? –Where do you want to work? What do you have to offer? –Do you already have a legal qualification? –Do you have relevant experience? –What else might you need?

5 A Career as an International Lawyer First, you will need: - to decide what area of law interests you - to gain a professional law qualification - relevant language skills

6 Public International Law The rules and principles dealing with the conduct of states and of international organizations and with their relations inter se, as well as with some of their relations with individuals Careers in this field may be based in government, international organisations or academic institutions.

7 How to start a career in Public International Law An LLM is a good start! You will also need: A professional legal qualification Relevant language skills Relevant work experience

8 Relevant work experience Employers include: –Inter-governmental organisations, especially the UN and European institutions –Non-governmental organisations: a very wide range including organisations involved with development, human rights, justice, conflict prevention, disaster relief, environmental protection etc Experience offered may be permanent or temporary (such as internships/stages), paid or unpaid, in a legal role or in a more general area of work.

9 What is an internship? A period of short-term work experience – usually ranges from one to six months Usually full-time although some part-time opportunities may be available Work may involve research, casework, project work, drafting, translation, lobbying, administrative tasks Often unpaid! In the EU institutions, internships are known as stages or as traineeships (and are paid!)

10 Stages EU organisations which offer stages include: –European Court of Justice –European Commission –Council of Europe Normally start March or Sept and last 5-6 months Paid or unpaid Open to both EU and non-EU nationals Must be able to offer 2 official EU languages Apply 7 months before the start date

11 Other internship opportunities Useful information sources: International Relations Human Rights International Organisations CECIL Legally Global American Society of International Law

12 Long-term opportunities An internship/stage will be useful when applying for permanent posts … … but experience in private law can be helpful too At least 2 years of progressively responsible professional legal experience is required.. either in an international organisation, or a government, or a law firm, with experience in international, administrative, commercial and/or criminal law matters (UN advertisement for Associate Legal Officer)

13 Recruiting now! The European Personnel Selection Office is currently recruiting administrators in law No professional qualification or experience required Work involves advising management on legal matters; legal analysis, research and drafting Open to nationals of all EU member states Closes 17 April 2012 Full details at

14 Other useful vacancy sources Jobs with the U.N. –@UNJobList EuroBrussels –@EuroBrussels EurActiv

15 Private International Law Concerns the relationship between private individuals, associations and commercial organisations Involves the practice of private law in an international context: trade, finance, intellectual property, shipping, corporate Often involves multinational firms and clients

16 How to start a career in Private International Law An LLM is not essential but can give you an advantage You will also need: –A professional legal qualification –Relevant work experience Language skills are also helpful Many large law firms sponsor graduates through their professional training

17 Useful Information Sources The Students Guide to Careers in the Law (Chambers & Partners) The Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook Target Law Prospects Law Lawyer 2B magazine

18 Application Procedure International organisations and large law firms will usually require you to complete an application form NGOs and smaller firms may have an application form but more often accept a CV (curriculum vitae) or resumé You dont have to wait for jobs or internships to be advertised – you can send your CV on spec

19 What do international organisations look for in graduates? Motivation International mobility Interpersonal skills Cultural awareness Flexibility/adaptability All the above in addition to any specific criteria such as education, nationality, language skills and professional experience

20 Making your application stand out Show what you can offer that will help you do the job (knowledge, skills, experience …) Give evidence of all the required qualities Be clear and concise Relate your application to the job - highlight your most relevant skills and experience Your spelling, grammar and use of language must be perfect!

21 Help with making applications Careers Service web pages Advice on your application from a careers adviser. Book an appointment or just drop in Booklets, DVDs and reference books/files

22 THE CAREERS & EMPLOYABILITY SERVICE … Open 9-5, Monday-Friday, in term-time and vacation Drop in at any time to see the duty careers adviser, or to use the Careers Information Room or networked PCs and IT resources or email us: – or phone 01227 823480/1 Jenny Keaveney Careers Adviser

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