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Logan Mounce Dallin Schmidt Patrick Rogers. The law of Inertia.

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1 Logan Mounce Dallin Schmidt Patrick Rogers

2 The law of Inertia

3 Situation When a batter hits a ball pitched to him which flys over the outfield and falls down to a outfielder to catch. Explanation The ball fells down to the outfielder due to gravity; if the ball wasnt acted on by the gravity, the ball would keep flying in air and never stop.

4 Situation A batter hits the ball and rolls on the ground but eventually comes to a stop. Explanation When the batter hits the ball. When the ball is on the ground gravity and the friction (of the grass) act on the ball and slows it down.

5 Situation A pitcher pitches the ball and strikes out the opposing team by the catcher catching the ball. Explanation The pitcher throws the ball and the force of the catchers arm and glove stops the ball.

6 The law of Acceleration F=MA

7 A baseball pitcher is warming up when he tries to remember physics to answer this question: If I use more force, will the acceleration of the ball increase? This is an example of the second law because the second law is the law of acceleration. According to the equation, F=MA, more force acting on the same amount of mass will result in greater acceleration.

8 A softball team and a baseball team are playing side-by-side when one of the softball players wonders, why do the baseballs always go farther? The baseballs always go farther because of his second law: the law of acceleration, which states, the acceleration of an object will be dependent on the mass, and equal and parallel to the force applied. The baseball will go farther when hit with the same amount of force because it has less mass.

9 Bill was never really the fastest runner on the team, but he didnt know why. He was bigger then the other players but he was way stronger than the other players. Tony, who can run really fast is one of the smallest(and weakest) people on the team. This is newtons second law because of the way the mass of the player will affect the acceleration of the player. According to the equation, F=MA, if you use the same amount of force, an object with more mass will accelerate slower than an object with less mass. Both Napoli and Kinsler are running the bases, Kinsler will get around quicker because hes smaller

10 The Law of Action and Reaction

11 When catching the ball as it travels toward you at a high speed, the ball hits your glove with force and you can feel it. You can tell when it hurts that your glove pushed on the ball and the ball pushed on your glove.

12 When running the bases, your feet dont fall through the Earth because the Earth pushes back up on your feet as your feet push back on the Earth. As you do so, you propel yourself towards the next base.

13 When you swing your bat at the ball and make contact, you follow through because you were exchanging forces with the ball. The ball pushed on your bat and your, bat pushed on the ball. The force you applied on the bat caused the ball to travel away. If you miss the ball you will follow through much longer because the ball did not push on your bat (because you missed it). HIT FAIL (notice the follow through)

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