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Historical Roots of Law

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1 Historical Roots of Law

2 Code of Hammurabi One of the earliest known sets of written laws
Hammurabi codified the rules and penalties for every aspect of Babylonian life Close to 300 laws Laws attributed to the gods Wealthy given more protection than the poor Based on retribution (an eye for an eye)

3 Mosaic Law One of the biggest influences on modern Canadian law
The Ten Commandments are the first part of this type of law Similar to the Code of Hammurabi Though more concerned with punishing deliberate actions

4 Greek Law Athenian citizens were expected to participate in major decisions affecting the running of the country Jury system can be traced to Athens Largest recorded jury was 6,000 people Only citizens could speak at trials Both accused and accuser would suggest a sentence and the jury voted on the sentence

5 Roman Law Two basic principles
The law must be recorded Justice could not be left to judges alone The Twelve Tables were earliest Roman law and became the foundation for British law Include: public prosecution of crimes, victim compensation, protected the lower class Women were not mentioned because they had no status as people Used legal advisers (the predecessor of lawyers)

6 Justinian’s Code Reform of Roman law by Emperor Justinian I (completed in 529 CE) Inspired the modern concept of justice and is a key basis for modern law Formed the basis of civil law and criminal law

7 Napoleonic Code Napoleon commissioned a new code of laws in order to unify French law after the French Revolution Used a non-technical style that made it easier for people to understand Regulated civil matters (e.g. wills, contracts)

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