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Adjust your seat…. Hafdzi MaulanaAang SetiawanTodia Pediatama.

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1 Adjust your seat…


3 Hafdzi MaulanaAang SetiawanTodia Pediatama



6 1.The Impact of Chronic Disease in Indonesia. Available from : http://www/who/int/chp/chronic_disease_report/en/.http://www/who/int/chp/chronic_disease_report/en/ 2.Kumar, R., Abbas, A., DeLancey, A., and Malone, E. Robbin and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease. ed 8. US. 2010: 529- 585. 3.Kasper, Braunwald, Fauci, Hauser, Longo and Jameson. Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine. ed 16. US. 2005: 1463-1480. 4.Mycek, M.J., Harvey, R.A., and Champe, P.C. Lippincotts Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology. ed 2. US. p 157.

7 Objective To describe and give basic understanding of corn silk as preventive method in VHD. Benefit For future research on providing deeper knowledge for effectiveness of corn silk.

8 Data Synthesis Discussion &

9 Jurnal Jurnal Jurnal Searching engine Searching engine Keywords : Data Synthesis Jurnal Corn Silk Contain Hypertension Etiology

10 Corn Silk Hypertension

11 1. Taxonomy and Nomenclature of Zea Mays L. 2012; Available from: ttp:// ttp:// 2. Maksimovic, Z., Malencic, D. and Kovacevic, N. (2005) Polyphenol contents and antioxidant activity of Maydis stigma extracts. Bioresource Technology 96, 873-877. Zea m ays Zea mays or known as corn. From genus Zea L.. Species Zea mays L. (1) LEAF EAR STALK TASSEL Corn Silk (maydis Stigma) COB (kernels) ??? Treatment of Cystits, gout, nephritis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (2)

12 Corn Silk Hypertension

13 [25] (10/3/2012) Definition Hypertension is high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of arteries as it flows through them [25]. Hypertension which is unknown cause called primary hypertension (also called essential and idiopathic hypertension), and hypertension which is known cause called secondary hypertension.

14 [26] Fauci, Anthony., Kasper, Denis., Harrisons Internal Medicine.Ed.18.USA:McGraw-Hills.2009 Classification of Hypertension [26] No.Blood Pressure Classification SystolicDiastolic 1.Normal<120<80 2.Prehypertension (PH)120-139or 80-89 3.Stage 1 hypertension140-159or 90-99 4.Stage 2 hypertension160100 5.Isolated systolic hypertension 140<90

15 [29,30] Moser, Marvin. Heart Book. USA : Yale University. Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. (16/03/2012) Criteria of People in High Risk of Hypertension Obesity Improper diet Smoking Lain-lain

16 Non-pharmacologic [31] [ 31] Crawford, Michael. CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment in CARDIOLOGY. Ed.2. USA: Mac Graw Hill. [32] Antonello, Michele., Montemuro, Domenico., Bolognesi, Massimo., Pasoli, Di Marco., Piva, Anna., Grego, Franco., Sticchi, Danielle., Giuliani, Luisa., Garbisa, Spiridro. and Rossi, Gian Paolo. 2007. Prevention of Hypertension, Cardiovascular Damage & Endothelial Dysfunction with Green Tea Extracts.Italy. [15] Hu Q-L, Deng Z-H. Protective effects of flavonoid from corn silk on oxidative stress induced by exhaustive exercise in mice. African Journal of Biotechnology. 2011;10(16):3163-7. Non-pharmaco & Pharmacologic [31] Green Tea [32] Corn Silk [15] Treatments Pharmacologic [31] Back

17 High Risk Obese Improper Diet Diabetes Smoking, etc. High blood glucose adipogenesis High LDL High cholesterol Atherosclerosis Hypertension Water & Na retention Flavonoid Tannic Acid Fe + chelating Flavonoid & Sapponin Minerals Discussion

18 Conclusion It has several compound and activity as anti-oxidant agent, anti-inflammation, and anti-hyperlipidemia, that plays as hypertensive agent. Comparing to current preventive method e.g. green tea that works as anti-oxidant, corn silk is more effective to work. It is low-cost, and easy-found. Further research is considerably recommended in Indonesia. Also, the research in effectiveness of corn silk should be held in future.

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