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Sajid Manzoor Tahir Mahmmod Abdul Hasseeb Qasim Farooq.

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2 Sajid Manzoor Tahir Mahmmod Abdul Hasseeb Qasim Farooq

3 What is Stress? What is Stressor? Models of Stress Environmental factors Organizational factors Personal factors Individual differences Consequences Physiological symptoms Psychological symptoms Behavioral symptoms Managing Stress Individual Approaches Organizational Approaches Stress Managing Techniques

4 Stress is the pattern of responses, an organism makes to stimulus events that disturb its equilibrium.

5 Stressor is a stimulus event that place demand on an organism for some kind of adaptive response.

6 Stressors associated with work load pressure to complete tasks, and time urgency Stressor that keep you from reaching your goals (red tape, office politics, confusion Over job responsibility). Responsibilities, pressures, obligation, and even uncertainties that individuals face in the workplace





11 To determine your best strategy for a given situation incorporate the following outline in your decision process – assess what is important, determine what areas render you vulnerable to stress, and be clear about your expectations. 1.Assess Your Priorities – 2.Expectations – 3.Incorporate Healthy Practices Into Your Daily Schedule – 4.Start believing in yourself - 5.Accept change as a part of life-

12 Change your thinking Change your behavior Change your lifestyle

13 Re-framing Positive thinking

14 Be assertive Get organised Ventilation Humour Diversion and distraction

15 Diet Smoking & Alcohol Exercise Sleep Leisure Relaxation



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