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2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010.

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1 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010

2 jlnieto Echoing the concern of the Ministry of Education by the issue of NUTRITION in Basic Education, prevention of OBESITY and DIABETES as a result of it, I would like to provide the students and their parents some information about the issue of adolescent nutrition; obesity, which generates diabetes; the importance of a good diet and mainly BREAKFAST when studying ; as well as, how the human body works with FAST Finally, a brieaf breakfast menu which will give them, the necessary energy for the proper performance of their daily activities

3 jlnieto Every machine needs energy or fuel to operate. Our body which is The perfect Machine, is not the exception and it also needs the energy provided by fuel, in this case, the food we consume daily; if the fuel is a good one, it will give us better performance and a higher mileage. The human body needs fuel every 6-8 hours to work correctly.

4 jlnieto Can you image to a student who had dinner at 9 pm last night and skipped breakfast in the morning ? In the classroom he does not have energy, he feels tired, he falls asleep, he is not concentrated, he is inattentive, he is gazing into the horizon, on the floor or through the window, he is scratching his book without realizing it, he does not hear any explanation, etc. He does not even listen! Neither his body nor his mind react, until a loud noise take him out of his morass. Neither his body nor his brain are performing what they should; besides, he got a troublesome halitosis. However, these attitudes change after taking some food at recess. He comes back from recess eager to work.

5 jlnieto In each group of forty students, there are about 12-15 cases with such attitudes. Unfortunately, this happens daily in each classroom, causing the distraction of their peers when teacher asks them for paying attention, which implies that there is no proper monitoring of the job, and bringing, as a consequence, a poor performance or academic achievement.

6 jlnieto If a student had dinner at 9 pm, skipped breakfast and he takes some food until recess, he spent 13 hours without fuel; at that time, the only thing that he brought in his stomach were gastric juices, mere acids, and if he only eats chips with lots of hot sauce and then a spicy lollipop in recess, he is getting more acid, so, his stomach hurts and he takes a tablet containing acetyl salicylic acid, Can you realize how he is treating his body? Nowadays, it is very common to see kids of 11-13 years or less, that have gastritis or colitis; that did not happen a few years ago. Today, there are at least, four or five students in each classroom with these diseases. So, we need to learn to lead a balanced diet and exercising for a better quality of life.

7 How healthy and beautiful will be to go out the whole family, to take a walk at the park or plaza for 20-30 minutes, so everyone will exercise and you, as parents, have a much better approach with your sons. They could communicate you, their feelings, fears, thoughts, ideas, and plans. They need to be heard !!!!! On the other hand, life and technology have made us sedentery people. We spend many hours sitting at the computer, if this is unavoidable, then give a break yourself every 30 minutes, walk 10 minutes to make the accumulated blood in your legs to circulate; as well move your arms making them to spin; do the same with your hands by opening and closing them, and rotating your neck loose, to rest. jlnieto

8 Speaking of gastritis, I would like to share a remedy which is pretty effective and checked by my mother, some friends of my family and myself, it is as follows; Take in fasting, the juice of ½ large potato, 1 stick of celery, and 2 carrots. (use a juicer) Take it during three months, and you are cured!!! If you have gastritis, do it. It is so simple and so tasty. jlnieto


10 Those who skip breakfast arguing that they cant stand taking some food early in the morning, have to take a look to this!!!! It is not the same taking breakfast at 7.00 am, than taking it at 10.30 jlnieto

11 WHY TO TAKE BREAKFAST? A good reason for taking breakfast, is the intellectual benefit we receive from it. Another reason is the damage the morning fasting causes us.

12 Imagine the process: The alarm clock rings and the brain begins to worry about. ¨We have to get up and we already consumed all fuel¨ It calls the first neuron at hand, and sends a message to know how much glucose is available in blood. jlnieto

13 From the blood it responds: Herein, there is sugar only for 20 minutes. The brain makes a gesture of doubt and tells the messenger neuron, Okay, go and talk to liver for seeing how much sugar in stock it has. In the liver, it consults the savings account and responses at most, funds reach for about 25 minutes. jlnieto

14 In total, there are only 290 grams of glucose, i.e., enough for only 45 minutes; at this time, brain starts praying to all Saints, asking for we to have breakfast. If we are in a hurry or we cant stand eating at morning, our body wont have enough energy for working well all morning. So, brain says to all organs, RED ALERT!!!, and continues; jlnieto

15 Cortisone, daughter, remove as much as you can from the muscle cells, from the bones ligaments and from the collagen of the skin. Cortisone will start working on its mechanisms by which cells are opened as if they were Moms wallet buying clothes and shoes, and let Proteins go out. They will spent to the liver for converting them into blood glucose. The process will continue until we eat some food again. jlnieto

16 As you can see, who believes that if he skips breakfast will lose weight, he is deceiving himself. What really happens is that he is eating his own muscles, he is self-devouring. The consequence of this, is the loss of muscle tone. Brain, instead of dealing with its intellectual functions, is spending all the morning activating its emergency system for getting fuel. jlnieto

17 How does it affect our weight? As we begin the day fasting, it starts an energy saving strategy, so the metabolism works slower. Brain doesnt know if fasting will last for a few hours or for a few days. So, it takes the most restrictive and severe measures. But, if the person decides to have breakfast a little later, the food will be accepted as surplus and it will be diverted to the reserve fat warehouse and the person will gain weight. jlnieto

18 The reason of why muscles are the first used as backup fuel in the fast morning, is that in the morning hours, the predominant hormona is the Cortisol, which stimulates the destruction of muscular proteins and its conversión into glucose. Resource: Daniela Jakubowicz (Endocrinology) jlnieto

19 PRESENTS Understanding Diabetes Diabetes

20 The first one is the sugar, which within the organism is called, glucose. The body is fed by itself mainly by two substances : It comes in food! Copyright © RHVIDA S/C Ltda.

21 The second substance is oxygen. oxygen. It is in the air we breathe! Copyright © RHVIDA S/C Ltda.

22 Sugar (glucose) and oxigen are transported by the blood and distributed to all organs and body cells. Copyright © RHVIDA S/C Ltda.

23 Cells transform sugar and oxygen into E N E R G Y

24 Energy for what? For living!!! For taking decisions! (right or wrong; we are human beings) For walking,loving,having children, feeling hungry, happy or sad, working, etc. We need energy for everything ; For beginning, ending, and starting over.

25 Copyright © RHVIDA S/C Ltda. glucose sugar glicose Insulin Ltd. Ltd. Glucosetransport For all of this happen, sugar which is in the blood needs to go inside the cells. Because of sugar can not move by itself, the body uses a transporter called INSULIN.

26 Copyright © RHVIDA S/C Ltda. energy glucose O2O2O2O2 blood G G G G cell InsulinLtd.

27 Insulin is a substance produced by the body and its purpose is to put the glucose into cells, so they can produce the necessary energy for life. Copyright © RHVIDA S/C Ltda. Insulin Ltd. Ltd. Glucosetransport And what is Insulin ?

28 And what is Diabetes ? It is a disease which occurs when the body produces little or no insulin. Without insulin the glucose can not enter to cells. As cells die from lack of sugar and energy, blood becomes into a molasses, filled with glucose and it can not enter to cells. And the whole body gets sick!!! And the whole body gets sick!!!

29 Copyright © RHVIDA S/C Ltda. pancreas intestine vesicle Pancreas is the responsible organ for insulin production. The more sugar people eat, the more pancreas has to work! The amount of insulin will depend on the amount of sugar consumed.

30 Copyright © RHVIDA S/C Ltda. pancreas intestine vesicula And dont fool yourself!!!!! Inside your body, potatoes,rice,bread,cake,flour,pizza,candy, ice cream,wine, beer, all of this... and more, is the same as sugar!!

31 And why does the pancreas stop producing insulin? Because it gets tired!!!

32 ¡We have to trust people to do exercise to help consuming glucose! Copyright © RHVIDA S/C Ltda.

33 As people are getting fatter, larger amounts of insulin are needed to place glucose into cells. But it comes a moment in which pancreas cant produce so much insulin anymore, and pancreas fails! To hope that people dont get fat!! To hope that people dont get fat!!

34 Diabetes begins many years before sugar rises in blood.

35 It starts at any age, when people makes the worst three choices: to get fat dont do exercise and to feed inadequately.

36 Through the years and errors, insulin is increasing on blood. But its ability to place the glucose into cells is decreasing, until it doesnt work anymore!

37 At this time, glucose increases until it exceeds the maximun limit allowed in blood. And diabetes,which has been lurking us for many years, pups up.

38 People were creating a monster without realizing it! Copyright © RHVIDA S/C Ltda.

39 Can I avoid it ? How? How? DIABETES Tape measure

40 Of course you can!!! Doing exercise Eating more vegetables MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS!!!

41 Diabetes is also becoming in a children disease, because they dont do exercise, they are eating lots of processed and junk food and getting fatter. Diabetes is also becoming in a children disease, because they dont do exercise, they are eating lots of processed and junk food and getting fatter. Copyright © RHVIDA S/C Ltda. ¡Even for kids!


43 This stage of life is very important because the body is in a process of accelerated growth as in early years of life, eating habits are still in training and they will have great influence on health in the adult stage. The teens caloric requirement will depend on their age, weight, as well as play, social, academic, sporting and cultural activities.

44 In general terms, it can be taken between 2,000 and 3,000 kcal for an age range between 13 and 18 years, this contribution is sufficient so that the boy dont need any type of food supplement. There is no food that covers by itself all needs of the human body, therefore, it is advisable to follow a balanced diet in quality and quantity in order to no affect growth and performance in adolescent; hence, it is very important that boy is well fed at this stage of life.

45 Even though all meal times (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are important, it has been seen that today, the bad habit of not eating any food in the morning, is very ingrained which is harmful to people heath and welfare. Deficiency or excess of dietary requirements during adolescence, when youth are more vulnerable, can lead them to metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, as well as eating disorders as; bulimiaoranorexia

46 Based on the foregoing grounds, we can conclude that for prevention obesity and diabetes we should only have a balanced diet of quality exercising regularly A daily task for all students attending this school, is to have breakfast before coming, and to do exercise during 30 minutes daily, which should be attested by their parents. or walking 30 minutes a day at least

47 1.- A bowl of rice pudding and a banana. 2.- A bowl of yogurt with fruit and granola. 3.- A sandwich of three slices, ham, fresh cheese and green salad, lemonade. 4.- 1 ½ cup of fruit milk shake and a biscuit with jelly. 5.- 4 flour tacos with shredded meat, and fruit water. 6.- 3 slices of toast with beans and fresh cheese, salsa and lemonade. 7.- 1 ½ cup of milk, I sweet bread and fruit. 8.- Melon with cottage cheese and crackers, fruit water. 9.- 3 toasts with avocado, fresh cheese, and lettuce, a glass of orangeade. 10.- Natural fruit jelly and cubes of fresh cheese, fruit water. 11.- Omelet (2 eggs) and salsa, fruit water. (For adolescent without overweight and normal physical activity for their age)

48 Breakfast suggestions herein are in overall terms because, as we discussed above, the requirements vary from one person to another, and by taking in account parameters such as age, weight, height, physical and intellectual activities. For a particular diet and further information contact to: Mrs. Hernandez, who has extensive experience in such matters, as well as in alternative therapies such as ACUPUNTURE, BACH FLOWERS, NEURAL THERAPY, MAGNETIC THERAPY, ETC, and who gently share with us her knowledge, and to whom I have to thank for her huge cooperation. Mrs. Maricela Hernández (Nutritionist) Monterrey, N.L. May 2012

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