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Arctic Animals Arctic Animals By: The Arctic Rulers ;Arnav Kashyap

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1 Arctic Animals Arctic Animals By: The Arctic Rulers ;Arnav Kashyap
Artic Fox Polar Bear Penguin Arctic Animals By: The Arctic Rulers ;Arnav Kashyap Jacob Paek, Alysa Merchant, and Prerna Singh

2 Polar Bear/Ice Bear Body covering: It’s fur keeps them warm.
It has large front legs which provides webbed feet for the strong swimmers. Fat: Blubber is a warming layer of fat keep it warm. Camouflages: The polar bear camouflages to the white snow. Instincts : Homing; it is a how polar bears know where their home is. Mating Time; it is when they give birth to children. Diet is also an instinct. Diet : Mainly seals, if the adult bears are really hungry, they will eat their cubs. They are carnivores.

3 Penguin Body Covering : Like Polar Bears blubber keeps penguins warm. They have webbed feet for swimming also like the polar bear. They do the matinee dance. Penguins are fast swimmers. Tobogganing is when penguins lay on their stomachs and slide. Diet: fish and squid Predators include sharks, and the leopard seal Fun Fact: Penguins can dive to a depth of 1,000 feet

4 Arctic Fox Instincts : are breathing, coat changing color, and hunting. Body Covering : An arctic fox has short ears and a short muzzle for the cold climate. In the winter, their fur turns white and in the summer brown fur. It’s short ears hold heat. It uses it’s tail for balance. The summer coat which is brown blends with the Arctic's rocky grass.

5 Climate Information In April, the average temperature is 30°F.
It is a desert. For animals it is warm.

6 Plant Life There is very limited vegetation in the arctic.
In the summer though, wildflowers burst out of the green and brown grass. Red Foxes are fighting for the artic fox’s full of plant territory. Approximately 1,700 plants live in the arctic tundra. The arctic willow, pasque flower, bearberry, purple saxifrage, arctic poppy, and cottongrass are some examples. Arctic Poppy

7 Water Sources The Ocean is the main source of water.
Sometimes arctic foxes and polar bears dig the ice with their feet to get water

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