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You Can Get Your Weight Under Control SMR124 Rev. 2 10/26/10.

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1 You Can Get Your Weight Under Control SMR124 Rev. 2 10/26/10

2 Evolution of Weight Loss Procedures New Option: Incisionless Procedure
What is Primary Obesity Surgery, Endolumenal (POSE)? Procedure Details Is POSE right for you? SMR134 Rev. 1 10/26/10

3 (Roux en Y Gastric Bypass)
Open Surgery (Roux en Y Gastric Bypass) Up to 1 week 6 weeks+ Laparoscopic Surgery Incisionless Surgery (Gastric Band) (POSE) Scarring Typical Hospitalization 1-3 days 1 day or outpatient Typical Recovery ~3 weeks 1-2 days SMR134 Rev. 1 10/26/10

4 Incisionless Operating Platform (IOP) Innovative Features and Benefits
Endoscopic Access Reach stomach through the mouth Folds stomach tissue from inside Reduces stomach capacity & hunger No abdominal incisions No scars, less pain than other laparoscopic or open procedures Minimally Invasive procedure Faster recovery, potentially reduced risk of infection and other complications Confidential procedure, no bandages & minimal down time Quickly back to work, no one needs to know you have even had a procedure SMR134 Rev. 1 10/26/10

5 Durable Tissue Anchors Secure Folds in Stomach
Stomach Before & After Superimposed View Durable Tissue Anchors Secure Folds in Stomach SMR134 Rev. 1 10/26/10

6 POSE Animation SMR134 Rev. 1 10/26/10

7 POSE Procedure: What to expect
Pre-Op physical & nutritional evaluation Surgery minutes under general anesthesia Overnight hospital stay or outpatient procedure Follow-up appointments with practice to establish & monitor proper diet and exercise activity SMR134 Rev. 1 10/26/10

8 Potential Risks: Complications that may be associated with the procedure include: Sore throat & nausea  Others include: Abrasion Perforation Bleeding Fistula Inflammatory Reaction The procedure is new and long term data is not available yet. SMR134 Rev. 1 10/26/10

9 FAQs Q: How much weight will I lose?
A: Weight loss will vary patient to patient. The POSE procedure has been designed to decrease your sensation of being hungry and increase your sensation of being full. To maximize weight loss results, be sure to ask your doctor about the diet and exercise plan provided. SMR134 Rev. 1 10/26/10

10 The next generation: POSE
SMR134 Rev. 1 10/26/10

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