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Nutrition Webquest Report

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1 Nutrition Webquest Report
By Karen Treacy

2 Introduction I have been asked to give Tom advice on
nutrition & activity. Food types & quantities planning & recording food intake. Based on information CV & resistance facilities he is 29 years has body fat % in the healthy range. I will achieve this by using the information already available researching through the webquest using my own nutrition knowledge Learning through PBL answering tasks and reflections.

3 Carbohydrates Basic fuel for the body 2 types Found in foods like
simple- little digestion,gives burst of energy complex- needs to be broken down, releases energy as required. Found in foods like wheat, oats, rice, potatoes

4 Protein Protein provide cells with materials to grow and maintain structure. There are essential proteins (amino acids) that cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained from a food source Animal Vegetable Combining foods will ensure you get full complements. Meat milk & eggs are a good source.

5 Fats/Lipids Try to reduce fat from your diet.
Eat unsaturated rather than saturated fat. Fat is a very good source of energy so do not remove it from your diet. It aids the body t o function.

6 Vitamins Vitamins are an essential part of nutrition.
If deficient they can hinder the body’s normal function vitamin k is used for blood clotting, without it internal bleeding would be uncontrollable.

7 Minerals & Fibre Minerals can help with the absorption of vitamins
Calcium which ensures bone density Vitamin D absorption Iron which transports oxygen Fibres should be included in the diet. They cannot be digested but can aid the process of digestion. They add bulk to the diet and eliminate waste.

8 Water Your body is made up of 60% water.
Water intake must be increased during activity periods. Water leaves the body when you exhale evaporation through the skin perspiration in activities

9 Training Diet It may be a personal preference when you eat before an activity session if it is a vigorous session time available But you should maintain dietary variety Active people need additional fluid to cover sweat loss fuel physical activity You should be well hydrated before, during and after a training session.

10 Servings Obtaining all the nutrients is not enough, you must also get them in the correct proportion. For loosing weight you should reduce the amount of fat in your diet.

11 Dehydration Drink regularly! DO NOT wait until you are thirsty to drink as this is an early sign of dehydration. By not replacing fluid loss you will be putting a strain on the heart to fulfill oxygen demands.

12 Conclusion I think if Tom listens to my advice he will be able to participate in activity without putting his health at risk. By drawing up a food chart Tom will be able to identify areas in need of change. Tom can use the information given to make adjustments to his own lifestyle where necessary. Eating the right foods in the correct proportion and staying hydrated will enable Tom to successfully participate in activity sessions.

13 My guidelines will lead to a healthy “happy” heart.
THANK YOU! My guidelines will lead to a healthy “happy” heart.

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