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FFD Fitness/Wellness Proposal

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1 FFD Fitness/Wellness Proposal
IAFF Local 1426 Safety Committee Commissioned June 5, 1999 Presented July 26, 2004

2 Side Letter of Agreement by and between the Town of Fairfield and the International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 1426 Both parties agree to open the contract specifically and exclusively to make the following language change to “ARTICLE XXXIX – HEALTH”, Section 5 and new Section 6; all existing language shall remain. The Town and the Union agree that both parties will reevaluate this program after a six-month period. Either party may request a reopener of Section 6 at that time. ARTICLE XXXIX – HEALTH

3 NEW LANGUAGE Section 5 The Town shall provide and pay for a complete baseline physical examination deemed acceptable to both the Town and the Union in accordance with AMA standards by a physician selected by the Town. The Town shall pay… Section 6 Effective August 1st, 2004, the Town shall provide and pay for the Fairfield Fitness/Wellness Program as agreed upon with the Union, to include the SHU Wellness Program administering individualized assessments and exercise/wellness prescriptions, as well as reassessment after twelve weeks, for all members of the bargaining unit; said training program shall be mandatory and non-punitive. Prior to the start of the program each member shall receive a complete baseline physical exam deemed acceptable to both the Town and the Union per Section 5 above, and be medically cleared to participate in the program; they will be sent on duty to receive their physical, and the Town shall be notified only of the member’s fitness for duty.

4 Effective September 1st, 2004, each day shift will have time scheduled for physical training; on two of the three days one hour will be set aside for "In House" mandatory physical training, and the remaining day will have a one hour physical training session at the YMCA per Section 2 above. SHU staff will provide periodic evaluations and Fitness/Wellness seminars on an ongoing basis at SHU or the Elias Fire Training Center during scheduled training hours. A department wide evaluation report will be sent to the Chief's office so the progress of the program can be tracked; only the overall program will be evaluated, and no names or individual results will be contained in this report. OLD LANGUAGE Section 5 The Town shall provide and pay for a complete physical examination annually by a physician selected by the Town. The Town shall pay the… Section 6 No existing language.

5 Physical Exams Extensive Exam  “Fit for Duty” Certification
Rehabilitation Plan

6 FFD Annual Physical Exam Checklist
Info: Name, Date, DOB, Age, HazMat Team Member Eval: Medical/Occupational/Exposure History, H/W/BP Exam: Pulse, Resp, Temp, Skin, EENM&T, Systems (Cardio/Resp/Gastro/Genito/Endo/Musc/Skel/Neuro) Diag: Audio, Visual, Urine, Blood (CBC & Chemistry), EKG, Chest X-Ray, Spirometry, Hemocult, TB, PSA Inoculations: Hepatitis A&B, Influenza, Tetanus, Diptheria, Rubella, Measles, Polio, Mumps (Immunity) Stress Test as ordered by MD

7 Fit for Duty Certification
Date_______________ Name_________________ ___ “Fit For Duty” This individual is fit to perform his/her normally assigned duties ___ “Not Fit For Duty” This individual is NOT fit to perform his/her normally assigned duties Doctor, Please initial the proper fitness classification and sign below. Examining Physician_____________________________

8 Rehab Plan FIRE DEPT PHYSICAL Not Fit For Duty Fit For Duty ADM LEAVE

9 Physical Exam Benefits
Ensures Fitness for Duty of All Members Catches Medical Conditions Early Rehabilitation Planned For “Administrative Leave” – Not SL, IL, etc Supports Workers Comp Claims Documents On-Duty Injuries/Exposures Already Working (HazMat Techs) Currently Vulnerable w/No Rehab

10 Physical Exam Risks No OT During Administrative Leave
Difficulty Proving Appeal w/Own MD Discovering Medical Conditions Unwanted Transfer to Admin/DPW/BoE Forced Retirement (v LODD)

11 Fitness/Wellness Program
Assessment Physical Exam Prescription Stress Diet/Body Exercise Wellness Diet & Nutrition Health Counseling Exercise Benefits Stress Management Re-Assessment Prescription 3 Month Followup Evaluation

12 Assessment Tests MD Referral/Physical Exam Informed Consent
Medical History Risk Factors Resting Data: HR & BP Individualized Test Selection

13 Assessment Tests (cont.)
Exercise Tests: Treadmill, Bike or Step Long-jump, Sit-up, Push-up or Wall-sit Flexibility (Sit & Reach) Diet & Body Composition Tests: 3 Day Food Diary Body Mass Index % Body Fat Perceived Stress Test (DUKE Health Profile)

14 Exercise Prescription
Target Heart Rate Target Intensity Type of Program: Aerobic Weight Stretching Tailored to Individual Needs

15 Wellness Program Health & Wellness Counseling 3 Educational Seminars
Interpretation of Diet & Perceived Stress Referral to Dietician/Counselor as Needed 3 Educational Seminars Benefits of Exercise Stress Management Techniques Diet & Nutrition

16 Re-Assessment Assess Outcomes Evaluate Personal Goals
Establish New Goals As Needed Continue to Provide Health & Wellness Education As Needed

17 Fitness Program Conducted By
Director of Program Registered Dietician Stress Management Counselor Qualified Health Care Providers (Exercise, Stress & Diet Seminars) SHU Trainers

18 Fitness Program Benefits
Improved Fitness & Flexibility SHU Trainer Assessment & Evaluation Individually Tailored Fitness Program & Dietary Recommendations Educational Seminars on Exercise, Diet & Stress Ongoing Departmental Fitness Training

19 Fitness Program Risks None (Non-Punitive)

20 1995 Contract Proposals: L1426 Safety Comm
Implementation of NFPA 1500 Annual Medical Exams for All Fire Fighters SCBA Mask/Regulator & Radio for All FF Serious Fitness Program: Facility, Nutrition, Trainer Lieutenant on E4 & L2 OSHA 2 in/2 out: 4 Persons Dispatched to IDLH PC Aide Job Description Max 12-year-old Front Line Apparatus (15 Reserve) FD Safety Committee Chaired by Safety Officer Minimum of 6 Training Days per Year

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