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ANSWERfoods tm, LLC Presented By: EXTREME HEALTH LLC Independent Food Bank Distributor.

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1 ANSWERfoods tm, LLC Presented By: EXTREME HEALTH LLC Independent Food Bank Distributor


3 The Proof Is In The Pudding (& Shake) 2,200 medical tests and studies done on the ingredients in the products. The compendium of tests and studies were done by up to: 466 Medical Doctors 242 P.H.D.'s and others 382 Nutritional Scientists 1,131 Medical Researchers 23 Clinical Psychologists

4 MEDICAL PROOF OF PRODUCT Up to 27 years of Research and Clinical Testing. Designed by Nutritional Scientists and Medical Doctors Specializing in Bariatrics. Provides up to 300% of the U.S. RDA of Essential Vitamins and Minerals per day.

5 WHY IS IT SO EASY? No Calorie Counting. No Diuretics - No Drugs - No Stimulants. Both the Emotional and Physical Hunger Urges are Satisfied, while dieting. Doctor approved as a Sole Source of Nutrition.

6 RESEARCH HEALTH FACTS 21% decrease of serum cholesterol levels. Triglyceride reduction up to 45%. Serum lipids in hyperlipaemic patients may become normalized. Eliminates bulk Fatty Tissue while maintaining normal Lean Body Mass. Includes all Essential Trace Elements.

7 Vitamins & Minerals Vitamins & Mineral for Overall Health. Up to 18 - 30 gm of Fiber to provide necessary bulk for continual bodily function. Up to 140% of the U.S. RDA level of Protein. Fortified with 300% of the U.S. RDA Requirement of Vitamin C. Megadoses of electrolytes, specifically potassium Up to 1500 mg daily.

8 BENEFITS FOR DIABETICS **First Consult Your Doctor** Weight Loss Controlled Caloric Intake All Natural Fructose High Fiber Low Fat Lessens Cravings For Sweets Increases Energy Sleep Quality Increases

9 BENEFITS FOR CARDIAC HEALTH **First Consult Your Doctor** Weight Loss High Fiber Levels Low Sodium Levels High Potassium Levels Increases Energy

10 BENEFITS FOR CHILDREN Safe for Children to Consume Easy Way to Ingest US RDA Vitamins & Minerals Incredible Taste That Will Have Children Asking For It Again And Again Excellent Tool To Help With Childhood Obesity

11 BENEFITS FOR BUSY LIFESTYLE Quick To Prepare Easy For Those On The Run Ensures Daily US RDA Vitamin & Mineral Intake Decreases Highs And Lows Throughout The Day Curbs Your Temptations To Eat Unhealthy Foods

12 HOW TO USE PRODUCT Program One: 1 shake + 1 pudding daily = 100% USRDA = Fast Fat Loss Program Two: 2 shakes + 2 puddings daily = 200% USRDA = Faster Fat Loss Program Three: 3 shakes + 3 puddings daily = 300% USRDA = Fastest Fat Loss

13 WHY THIS PRODUCT IS BETTER!! Conforms to Kosher Standards Highest Quality Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients Nutrient Dense – More Bang For Your Buck Non Ketogenic – Not Harmful To Muscle Mass Inulin Fiber - # 1 Fiber Product Available No Caffeine in Vanilla – Trace Amount of Caffeine in Chocolate Curb your appetite - Naturally - Without Drugs or Stimulants.

14 SUPPORT Personal Grocers In Your Area To Provide Support 14 Week Behavior Education Course Available

15 HOW TO ORDER EXTREME HEALTH, LLC Chris & Jay Coultes Independent Food Bank Distributor 2526 Indian Reserve Rd. Alpena, MI 49707 (989) 356-0164

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