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National Wellness Conference July 17, 2013 Elaine Corwin, MS Professor, Health & Wellness Corning Community College The Mindfull Diet: A Fresh, Integrative.

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1 National Wellness Conference July 17, 2013 Elaine Corwin, MS Professor, Health & Wellness Corning Community College The Mindfull Diet: A Fresh, Integrative Approach to Nutrition Curricula © Elaine Corwin 2013

2 A WELLNESS APPROACH Accurate, Scientific Nutrition Research Bioindividual not Prescriptive Mindfulness Practices Food Psychology Research Concepts of Positive Psychology Joyful Movement & Activity Body Awareness & Acceptance © Elaine Corwin 2013

3 The Four Noble Truths of Healthy Weight 1.Being overweight or obese is suffering. 2.You can identify the roots of your weight problem. 3.Reaching a healthy weight is possible. 4.You can follow a mindful path to a healthy weight. Simply by consistently paying attention to what you are eating, you will naturally eat less, and over time this should result in effortless weight loss. Some of the practices recommended include honoring your food, engaging all six senses, serving modest portions, savoring small bites, chewing slowly and eating regular meals. Thich Nhat Hanh- Savor

4 Susan Albers Psy.D Cleveland Clinic Family Health Center who specializes in eating issues, weight loss, body image concerns and mindfulness. After obtaining a masters and doctorate degree from the University of Denver, Dr. Albers completed an APA internship at the University of Notre Dame and a post- doctoral fellowship at Stanford /

5 The Mindful Diet offers different mindfulness approaches developed by the Institute for Mindfulness Studies to work with people interested in dieting. While no particular diet is endorsed, the mindfulness methods are generally applicable to most. IMS has developed mindfulness approaches for four primary domains associated with diet -- eating, fitness, body image, and weight loss. The Mindful Diet Scott Rogers

6 The Mindfulness Diet begins with the premise that every body naturally contains the wisdom it needs to maintain its optimal health and weight. Unfortunately, in people who struggle with eating, this wisdom is typically hidden under layers of bodily stress and tension, mental activity and emotional reactivity. Doug Hanvey, MS

7 Food Psychology Bottoms Up! The Influence of Elongation on Pouring and Consumption Volume Beware of the shape of the glass you use. You could drink much more than you think. Studies show that visual illusions unknowingly cause us to pour an average of 34% more into short wide glasses than tall narrow ones.

8 Brian Wansink Cornell Food Lab

9 The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME) is a forum for professionals across all disciplines interested in developing, deepening and understanding the value and importance of mindful eating.

10 Current Nutrition Related Courses Introduction to Wellness (1 cr) Eating Well (1 cr) Vegetarian Adventure (1 cr) Nourishing Mind- Body Spirit (3 cr- 2 cr WELL 1 & 1 cr RECC) Introduction to Nutrition (3 cr)

11 …Professional Gone Personal Reshape your mind and rethink your body. Transform negative body image through meditation, guided imagery, cognitive reframing and positive-self talk. Develop healthier attitudes around food and return the pleasure in eating by saying no-no to the dieting yo-yo. Finally, explore a variety of fun ways to move your body toward wholeness. July 2006 April 2013

12 …a fresh, inspired way of living

13 Spring 2013…Launched into the Community Eight (8) Weeks Individual Intakes & Initial coaching session Eight (8) Weekly sessions 1 ½ - 2 hours Weekly Structures & Intentions Pre & Post Evaluations Ongoing Support Guiding Principles & Intentions © Elaine Corwin 2013

14 Location, Location, Location Schools, community centers, churches, local restaurants (off hours); senior centers, nature centers, hospitals, medical spas, peoples homes What is needed: – A kitchen/dining area (for prep & eating) – Enough space for a circle with chairs & for some movement Community Resources & Support Access to Healthy Foods/groceries

15 The Mindful Diet combines the most current scientific nutritional information with your natural, innate wisdom about what works best for you to create an inspired body and more fulfilling life. Where ever you are is the best and only place to begin! © Elaine Corwin 2013

16 Integrative Approach Basic Knowledge & Information Meditations & Affirmations Cognitive Restructuring Developing Skills (shopping, cooking, etc) Practical Application; Recipes to try, demos EATING!!! Tasting/trying on new foods…. Fun & Interactive- Games, activities, with prizes Creating Structures & Intentions Sequenced and Layered Creating Social Support & Ritual Assessment & Evaluation © Elaine Corwin 2013

17 WEEK 1 Breakfast from Nothing to Poptarts to Quinoa Mindfull Mornings Exploring AVBs & Practices Breakfast Basics-Research Oats & Cereal Demo Mindfulness Practices Eating Structures & Intentions ~ Right where you are is the best and only place to start. ~ © Elaine Corwin 2013

18 WEEK 2- Luscious Lunch WEEK 3- Delicious Dinner WEEK 4- Scrumptious Snacks WEEK 5- Shaking the Sugar Blues-Juicing WEEK 6-Spice it Up…Shaking the Salt Shaker WEEK 7-Sleeping Soundly WEEK 8- Pleasure & Celebration Joyful Movement…5 minute play Every Week © Elaine Corwin 2013

19 Contact Information: Elaine Corwin, M.S. Professor of Health & Wellness 607.962.9395 Handouts & materials, including this power point presentation are located under the More tab on the website Mindfull Eating in Aruba January 2013

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