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Holladay-Lions Recreation Center Fitness Areas Certification.

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1 Holladay-Lions Recreation Center Fitness Areas Certification

2 Why should I exercise? S o c i a l S c e n e R e l i e v e s t h e m i n d I T S G O O D F O R Y O U ! ! ! !

3 The Social Scene! 1) Great way to make friends 2) Friends are a great way to keep you exercising. 3) Its way more fun when you do it with other people

4 Relieves the Mind! 1)Helps to relax mentally. 2) Relieves stress and tension throughout. 3) Improves Self- Image.

5 Its PHYSICALLY good for you! 1. heart becomes stronger 2. Increased muscle mass 3. Decrease body fat 4. And much much more!

6 WHATS MY BODY DOING? Take a guess, and click once to find out the answers! Lungs Heart Muscles Brain Procures Oxygen Distributes Oxygen Consumes Glucose Consumes Oxygen

7 Whats is this feeling??? B r a i n i s c r e a t i n g e n d o r p h i n s H e a r t r a t e i s i n c r e a s i n g B l o o d i s p u m p i n g M u s c l e s a r e e n g a g i n g

8 What is a Training Program? Everything that makes up a healthy workout and a healthier you! F l e x i b i l i t y A e r o b i c E x e r c i s e R e s i s t a n c e T r a i n i n g H e a l t h y L i f e s t y l e

9 Flexibility Range of motion in a joint

10 But…… Why?...... How? WHY? Stretching Reduces Soreness Allows more movement possibilities Helps circulation Prevents pain and future injury HOW? Stretching Yoga Dance Gymnastics Rock climbing

11 Here are a few stretching and yoga positions that can help you become more flexible.

12 Is it really that important? Lets ask Tony Horton, world class athlete and personal trainer.

13 What if I dont stretch? Serious Injury Muscle Fatigue Lack of overall function and movement.

14 AEROBIC EXERCISE cardiovascular/heart exercise

15 But…… Why?..... How? WHY Stronger heart and lungs Increased bone density Reduced stress Temporary relief from depression and anxiety Better sleep More energy Increased Endurance HOW Run Swim Bike Elliptical Trainer Stairs Snowboarding Rowing Anything that gets a sustained heart rate.

16 What is Endurance? Cardiovascular Endurance is lala. You can increase your endurance by slightly increasing your speed every week or apply interval training.


18 Resistance Training The use of weight systems to develop strength

19 Upper Body Triceps Biceps Back Chest Shoulders Here are just a few!

20 Core AbdominalsLower BackOblique's Here are a few!

21 Lower Body Here are a few! Calves, Quads Hamstrings Hip flexors

22 Do you know what you want? 1) Muscle Mass Use a higher weight with fewer reps Creates strength and a thicker body type Stick to 8-10 reps 2) Muscle Endurance Use a lower weight with more reps Creates a sustained muscle strength and a leaner body type. Stick 12 or more reps

23 Important Terms Recovery Time: The time of rest between each set Resistance: The amount the muscle is resisting. Repetition: The number of times an exercise is performed Sets: A given number of reps with a recovery time between each set. Frequency: Number of exercises per week.

24 Be Careful! Know when to stop, click to hear more.

25 HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Its more than just the gym, its a lifestyle!

26 SLEEP! Increases Energy Improved Memory Retention Prevent overeating and caffeine consumption Speeds up metabolism Increases motivation and mental health

27 NUTRITION! Give you vitality and energy Help you stay at a weight that's right for you Boost your immune system Improve sports performance Keeps you active Help beat tiredness and fatigue

28 BEWARE…… DIET Restricting what you eat either in category or consumption in order to achieve a certain goal. Includes atkins, weight watchers, HCG, the lemonade diet and many many more……. SUPPLEMENTS Additions to your diet and exercise program in order to achieve a certain goal. Includes diet pills, protein supplement, energy drinks, steroids, and more……. **Know the difference between proper nutrition vs. diet/supplementation

29 MENTAL HEALTH! Balance work, rest, and play. Keep the brain active. Stay Social Find a passion Smile

30 There is so much to do!!!!! Kayaking Skiing Rock Climbing Hiking B a s k e t b a l l B a s e b a l l S o c c e r T r a c k a n d F i e l d S w i m m i n g B i k i n g D a n c i n g R u n n i n g R o l l e r b l a d i n g S k a t i n g A e r o b i c s P i l a t e s AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!

31 There is more than just the gym and weights to staying healthy, lets hear what Matthew has to say about it

32 Safe and Effective Workout Heart Rate Warm-up Cool-Down Proper Form

33 Heart Rate: the number of times your heart beats per minute. Target Heart Rate: The number of times your heart beats per minute while exercising to give you the most effective workout. 1)Find your pulse either on your wrist or upper neck 2)Count your pulses while watching 6 seconds pass on a clock. 3)Add a zero to that number. Finding your target heart rate Take 220 and subtract your age. Take that number and subtract your resting heart rate. Multiply by.6 Add your resting heart rate. Finding your resting heart rate

34 Warm-Up/ Cool Down Why? Releases adrenaline Awakens both body and mind Prevents injury Circulates blood Increase muscle temperature Supplies early energy before workout How? Light jog or movement to wake up or slow down muscles Ballistic Shakers Static Stretching Walk while breathing to decrease heart rate Usually 3-5 minutes

35 Proper form: Know the form before you do the exercise. Why? 1.Prevents injury 2.Prevents pain 3.Safer 4.Allows for the right results 5.Prevents soreness

36 Chest Press - Correct Chest Press - Incorrect Examples

37 Bicep Curl - Correct Squat- Correct

38 Tricep Kickback - Correct Tricep Kickback - Incorrect Push up - Correct Push up - Incorrect

39 ON YOUR OWN: Weight resistance using ones own body. Why? How? No need for weights Can do them at anytime See improvement as exercises get easier. Strengthens core Push-ups Yoga Plyometrics Jump Training Squats/Lunges Body Lifts

40 Safety and Rules in a Weight Room Rules are vital almost anywhere. It is extra important in a fitness room because of all the heavy equipment and exercise machines.

41 Weight and Fitness Room Rules 1.No roughhousing 2.No offensive behavior or language 3.Shirts and athletic clothes must be worn at all times. 4.Use correct lifting/operating techniques at all times. 5.Wear a weight belt when necessary 6.ALWAYS use a spotter when using free weights. 7.Return all weights and equipment to their appropriate racks. 8.Return all machines to their lowest position when finished. 9.Wipe down equipment pads after use. 10. Slamming or dropping weights will not be tolerated. 11.ALWAYS use collars or spring clamps on free weights. 12.Only capped, spill proof, non-glass water bottles are allowed in the Fitness Center. No other food or drink. 13.Lifting chalk or powder is not allowed. 14.Machines and equipment should only be used for exercises for which they are designed. 15.The Fitness Staff is here to provide assistance and instructions. Please feel free to ask for help or assistance when operating a new machine or new equipment or if you have any questions.

42 Map of the Body Click the list of body parts to see where they belongs. Abdominals Pectorals Quadriceps Bicep Traps Hamstrings Calves Triceps

43 Theres even more to it!

44 Remember, exercise and overall fitness is an essential way to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Do to the best of your ability the kind of workout that fits into your day and your personality and in the end it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make

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