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Flexitarians By: Shelby Miller, Jamie Bahar, Joe Kravetz, Jeremy Myers.

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1 Flexitarians By: Shelby Miller, Jamie Bahar, Joe Kravetz, Jeremy Myers.

2 Definition A flexitarian diet is eating mostly vegetables like a vegetarian but then also eating some meat every now or then. The flexitarian diet is becoming more and more popular to this day.

3 Groups Findings The flexitarian diet is the best of both worlds because one would get the benefits of being a vegetarian but still getting the protein of meat. Low calorie, vegetable based diet where meat is switched out for other plant based proteins. Ex: Cashews, Beans, Tofu, Edemame, Peas, etc. Being a flexitarin can help improve someone's health.

4 Thesis The flexitarian diet is a healthy alternative to eating meat all the time. This is a vegetable- based diet with little meat, where a person gets his or her protein from plant proteins. This diet can be a lead in to vegetarianism or just a healthier lifestyle.

5 Shelbys Thoughts Selected Document: The Flexitarian Diet by Kathleen Zelman Position: Describes the benefits of a Flexitarian Diet Rhetorical Strategies: Rhetorical Question Repetition of Ideas Loaded Words

6 Jamies Opinion Selected Document: Science: Part-Time Vegetarians by Karen Springen Position: The authors position for this article is that being a flexitarian is a healthy alternative to being a vegetarian. Its almost like being a vegetarian, but with the exception that you can eat meat every now and then. Rhetorical Strategies: Appeals to reason Appeals to Emotions Exposition Diction

7 Joes View Selected Document: Flexitarians can have their meat and not eat it too By: Nanci Hellmich Position: She believes that the flexitarian diet is a good idea for people that want to eat meat still while being a vegetarian. Rhetorical Strategies: Connotation Tone Appeals to Reason

8 Jeremys Judgment Selected Document: Should you be a flexitarian By Jennifer Nelson Position: To inform the reader about a flexitarian alternative to a strict vegetarian diet Rhetorical Strategies: Appeal to logic Rhetorical questions Repetition of words Tone Appeal to emotion.

9 Video flexitarian-diet_news flexitarian-diet_news

10 Bibliography o/xfsdv6_how-to-follow-the-flexitarian-diet_news o/xfsdv6_how-to-follow-the-flexitarian-diet_news Hellmich, Nanci. "Flexitarians Can Have Their Meat and Not Eat It, Too." USA Today. Web.. Nelson, Jennifer. "Nutrition and Healthy Eating." Should You Be a Flexitarian? 22 Feb. 2011. Web.. "Meet the 'flexitarians': Meat-eating Vegetarians - Health - Fitness - Diet and Fitness -" - Breaking News, Science and Tech News, World News, US News, Local News- 16 Mar. 2004. Web. 25 Oct. 2011..

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