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Terry Fox Summative Assignment

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1 Terry Fox Summative Assignment
Food and Nutrition

2 What do I need to do? Complete ONE WEEK on (a minimum of FOUR days) Print your weekly planner and include it in your submission Analyze what you have eaten throughout this week. Talk about the strengths of your diet. Talk about the weaknesses of your diet. And set one goal for yourself in your diet.

3 Weekly Planner Does it have a minimum of four days?
Does it have a submission of all foods and drinks the person consumed? Ex: pop, juices, milks included in your daily consumption.

4 Strength REMEIDAL One strength in my diet is that I have consumed enough calories each day, except for Monday. How many calories are you suppose to consume? What does this tell me about your diet? What are you eating? What does this tell me that you have learned through the lessons on carbohydrates, proteins and fats etc.?

5 Level One (50%) Level One One strength in my diet is that a large part of my diet is found in the grains and alternative section. I am consuming enough fruits and vegetables on most days and the lowest is the meat section. You know most of your diet should come from carbs, with less from the protein section. No specific reference to how much you are suppose to consume and how much you are consuming. No specific reference to your actual food consumption and to Canada’s food guide.

6 Level 2 (60%) One strength is that each day in my diet, I have been consuming the required amount of servings of grains as well as meats. This has allowed me to consume most of my diet in carbohydrates and the least of my diet in the protein section. Make reference that you are getting the right amount of servings. Demonstrate that you know you should be getting the most from carbohydrates, and the least from proteins. Be specific on the amount of servings you should be getting that is telling me you know Canada’s food guide. No reference to how many calories you should be getting in the carbs and protein section.

7 Level 4 (80-100%) Being an extremely active 17 year old female, my diet requires me to consume 2500 calories a day. One strength in my diet is that each day I was able to consume the required amount of servings of grains (minimum of 8), as well as the required amount of proteins ( maximum of 3). This is a strength because, this allows 60% of my diet to come from carbohydrates, and you will notice that most of them are complex (bread, rice, pasta). This is important so that I am able to maintain my energy throughout the day. In the “other” category you will notice that I have stayed within my healthy range, this is important because this will allow me to consume fats, but not in excess which would ensure that the fat I am consuming is being transferred into energy and not stored.

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