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Integrated Marketing Solutions Inc. Anthony Camp, Alexander Negle, Jamie Mencer, Curt Shaffer.

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1 Integrated Marketing Solutions Inc. Anthony Camp, Alexander Negle, Jamie Mencer, Curt Shaffer

2 Wieden and Kennedy 150 Varick St. New York, NY $36 million campaign Dodge, Kraft, Nike, Old Spice



5 Rank Response Count Affordable Price (2.8) 28.8% (15) 19.2% (10) 13.5% (7) 19.2% (10) 52 Taste (3.67) 26.9% (14) 3.8% (2)1.9% (1)9.6% (5) 57.7% (30) 52 Availability (2.57) 28.8% (15) 17.3% (9) 28.8% (15) 17.3% (9)7.7% (4)52 Low Calories (2.86) 32.7% (17) 9.6% (5)17.3% (9) 19.2% (10) 21.2% (11) 52 Brand (2.63) 28.8% (15) 19.2% (10) 25.0% (13) 13.5% (7) 52 * Top 2 category Motivators are Taste and Low Calories

6 TasteLow Calorie Diet A&W Root Beer Diet Coke Diet Dr. Pepper Diet Mountain Dew Diet Pepsi

7 High Calories Zero Calories Good Taste Bad Taste

8 Women ages Health conscience Frame of reference Diet Pepsi, Diet Mountain Dew, etc. Water, flavored water, juices, etc. Point of Difference Coke is the most recognized brand in the world

9 Commercials Online media Print/ Outdoor ads

10 Old Diet Coke Can New Diet Coke Can The coke can was designed in the early 1980s We feel the old can is boring/brand Doesnt crab the consumers attention More sophisticated and savvy Grabs your attention

11 We believe the Stay Extraordinary campaign commercials can be improved We feel that they are promoting Diet Coke as a breakfast drink Unhealthy We feel it should not be a substitute for breakfast drinks We find the commercials boring Lack of energy or heart felt messages

12 Diet Cokes Webpage They are consistent with diet coke colors Style of the website is bland The First look is liking them on Facebook More focus should be put on the new design itself They need to update their 12oz new cans They do have direct links to their online and Facebook.

13 Facebook Not integrated at all Weak Only display one ad on front page They do have updated pictures on the new can They dont have a separate tab about the Stay Extraordinary Campaign We feel due to the number of likes on the page it is a missed opportunity for the Diet Coke brand

14 Twitter More integrated with their website Better integrated than Facebook They dont tweet any deals They tweet random stuff People do #extraordinary

15 The outdoor/print ads are very integrated with the new campaign Somewhat integrated with the commercials for the new campaign. Big city atmospheres Displayed at bus stations, metro stations and billboards along buildings and walls Stay Extraordinary slogan is on every ad (all print/outdoor ads are from their Facebook page under photos )

16 Target Response Before The Message: Diet Coke has great taste and low calories. Key Benefit: Diet Coke really does taste great, and fits my active lifestyle.

17 Reasons Why: Our quantitative research showed that out of 50 people surveyed Diet Coke was regarded as the best tasting soft drink. Also, the current Extraordinary campaign is focused on Diet Coke being a part of the consumers lifestyle in a large way.

18 Target Response after the Message: I prefer Diet Coke as my daily diet soft drink.

19 Hope Solo will be standing in a soccer field casually playing with a soccer ball. (kicking it in the air while alternating feet with each kick)

20 Lionel Messi walks up to Hope Solo with an unopened can of Diet Coke and makes bet Lionel Messi: "Nice skills, but I bet you this Diet Coke you can't do what I can... Hope Solo: "Oh yeah? What's that?"

21 Camera shows the Diet Coke cans on the goal line, then on the corner of the field


23 Messi kicks the ball… Lionel Messi: "Watch and learn"

24 …and hits the can on the goal line

25 Solo kicks the ball…

26 … and hits the can on the goal line Hope Solo: "I believe that's a GOALLL!"

27 Messi kicks the ball…

28 …and hits the can on the corner Lionel Messi: "Got it!"

29 Solo kicks the ball…

30 …but misses the can on the corner Lionel Messi: "Looks like a win for me!"


32 Messi opens the Diet Coke and begins drinking Once the top of the can opens Lupe Fiasco's "The show goes on" plays (:15 seconds into the song)

33 Screen fades to black then the words "Stay Extraordinary appear in red with the new Diet Coke can to the right of the text Song continues playing throughout commercial





38 New Diet Coke Website


40 Reach Goal 80% of Target Audience Frequency Goal Cable TV = Internet = 34 National Magazine = 1.1 Outdoor =.45 Spot Radio = 5.7 Total: 55.1

41 Media Mix Percentages Cable TV: 40%$ 40 Million Internet: 35%$35 Million National Magazine: 15%$15 Million Outdoor: 5%$5 Million Spot Radio: 5%$5 Million

42 Media Weight Cable TV = 40,000,000/36,100 = 1,108 Internet = 35,000,000/12,858 = 2,722 Magazine = 15,000,000/165,700 = 90 Outdoor = 5,000,000/139,740 = 36 Spot Radio = 5,000,000/10,933 = 457 Total: 4,413

43 Estimated Overall Cost Efficiencies Total CPP = 100,000,000/4,413 = 22,660 (Total Budget/Total GRPs) Total CPM = 100,000,000 x 1,000 = 100,000,000,000/50,119,957 = 1, (Total Cost of Plan x 1,000/Total Number in Target Audience) (Target Audience from

44 BudgetFrequencyGRPsCirculationCostCPPCPM Cable TV40,000, ,108 MTV 44,730,000550,000CPP = 36,100CPM = VH1 50,050,000550,000CPP = 36,100CPM = Comedy Central 550,000CPP = 36,101CPM = E! 550,000CPP = 36,102CPM = Internet35,000,000342,722 Facebook CPP = 12,858 Twitter CPP = 12,859 Website CPP = 12,860 Magazine15,000, Cosmopolitan 3,046,000237,000CPP = 165,700CPM = 7.78 Sports Illustrated 3,227,409238,000CPP = 165,701CPM = 7.37 Outdoor5,000, CPP = 46,580 Radio5,000, CPP = 10,933

45 Nov.Dec.Jan.Feb.Mar.Apr.MayJun.Jul.Aug.Sep.Oct. Cable TV MTV VH1 Comedy Central E! Internet Facebook Twitter Website Magazine Cosmopolitan Sports Illustrated Outdoor Radio




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