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Diet to Prevent and Manage chronic deseases

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1 Diet to Prevent and Manage chronic deseases
Dr. Nadia Saadat.

2 Outline Food choices Chronic diseases. Metabolic syndrome.
Guidelines for Diabetic patients(calorie counting food label, glycemic index). Guidelines for managing Hypertension(Dash diet plan). Diet plan to reduce heart disease risk(Types of fat and how to choose). Cancer prevention with diet( fiber, Phytochemicals vitamins) Obesity


4 Our Source of Nutrients
FOOD Fortified Food and Enriched Food- examples enriched flour and boxed cereal Dietary Supplements – first find out if you need one

5 Functions of Nutrients
Provides Energy Forming Structures Regulating body Processes Metabolism Homeostasis

6 Principles of Choosing a Healthy Diet


8 Chronic Diseases Chronic Diseases Two types of diseases
Infectious and chronic Chronic Diseases Diabeties (high blood glucose level) Hypertension (high blood pressure) Cardiovascular diseases Some time present as Metabolic syndrome


10 The Ten Leading Causes of Death in the United States


12 Guidelines for Diabetic patients
Manage your blood glucose level near normal range. Test blood glucose levels before meal and or before going to bed. Count your calories-use exchange list, food label or go to to calculate your calorie intake.


14 Guidelines for Diabetic patients
Choose foods to reduce blood cholesterol. Take snacks and avoid consuming large meals. Use whole grain products – low glycemic index

15 Glycemic response A measure of how quickly (rate/magnitude and duration) blood sugar rises after a meal


17 In our cultural foods avoid
Guidelines for Diabetic patients In our cultural foods avoid  Coconut in cooking.  Deep fried dishes like puri, paratha, samosa, etc.  Vegetables like potato, sweet potato, beetroot, yam, arbi, etc.  Sweets, cakes, pastries,Baklava, ice creams, jam, jelly, marmalade and soft drinks.  Fruits like grapes, mango, chiku and sugarcane  Use only unsaturated oils, like canola, sunflower, olive oil etc.


19 Managing Hypertension with DASH Diet plan
Key point of DASH Diet Plan Reduce sodium intake Vegetables 4-5 servings /day If canned take low sodium variety. Whole grains 6-8 servings /day Whole wheat roti, begal brown rice Fruits 4-5 servings /day

20 Managing Hypertension with DASH Diet plan
Dairy servings / day- low fat variety Incorporate poultry and fish Nuts, seeds and legumes 4-5 servings/day Use oils instead of solid fats Limit intake of fats to less than 30% Reduce intake of refined sugars

21 Risk Factors for CVD Increased risk due to: 1. High total fat
2. High saturated fat 3. High cholesterol intake 4. Low intake of omega-3 fatty acids 5. High trans-fatty acids 6. Low intake of fiber, fruits, vegetables 7. Low intake of antioxidants, vitamin E


23 Trans Fatty acids- Double Sided Sword
Decrease HDL – Good Cholesterol Increase LDL- Bad cholesterol VS Saturated fat- Increase LDL but no effect on HDL






29 Soluble-Reduce Dietary cholesterol absorption-decrease cardiovascular risk.

30 Preventing Cancer Through Diet
Energy intake Obesity Depends on site of cancer & other factors Physical activity Alcohol Fat and fatty acids Omega-3, MUFA-in Mediterranean: protective Trans-fatty acid: increased risk for breast cancer Animal fat: correlation with colon cancer and prostrate cancer.

31 Which Diet Factors Affect Cancer Risk?
Red meats and processed meats Smoking Fiber-rich foods Folate and antioxidant vitamins Calcium and vitamin D Food phytochemicals


33 Fiber Two types- InSoluble _Decrease colon cancer risk- block absorbtion toxins, Provide bulk, low glycemic load Soluble-Reduce Dietary cholesterol absorbtion-decrease cardiovascular risk. Ways fiber works against cancer Dilution Folate Resident bacteria Butyrate


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